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Banjo Chords
This handy book shows all of the basic banjo chords in photo and diagram form. The first section of the book presents bluegrass G-tuning chords and the remainder contains C-tuning chords.
Ref 18653: Price 6,20 EUR

Banjo Method Book 1 - Mac Robertoson, Robbie Clement and Will Schmid
5-String Bluegrass Style, Tablature. Easy Chord strums for the beginner, tablature, right-hand rolls characteristic of bluegrass, techniques such as hammer-on, slide and pull-off. 63 pages. Book and CD.
Ref 8712: Price 18,59 EUR

Banjo Player's Songbook - Tim Jumper
Over 200 songs of every description! In 'The Banjo Player's Songbook' you will find songs and tunes from every style of music. The easy-to-play tablature arrangements are perfect for beginners as well as for advanced players who want to create their own arrangements. The wide vqriety of selections makes this the perfect collection to take with you to any sing-along, party, camp or church gathering, school assembly, or festival.
Ref 8713: Price 27,76 EUR

Banjo Picker's Fakebook, The - David Brody
The ultimate sourcebook for the traditional banjo player. Contains over 230 jigs, reels, rags, hornpipes, and breakdowns all the major traditional instrumental styles. Special introductory materials on regional styles, interpretation, and clawhammer and bluegrass techniques. Includes an extensive discography. By David Brody/ Tablature arranged by Bob Carlin, Marty Cutler, Ken Perlman, and Henry Sapoznik.
Ref 10428: Price 31,61 EUR

Banjo Scales in Tab - Janet Davis
The major scales for the 5-string banjo. Book and CD.
Ref 15440: Price 28,09 EUR

Banjo Solo Dial, 5 String - Ron Greene
Learn to jam & play along like a pro! Featuring Jam Tracks with stereo separation. CD inside, over 70 min. The dial instantly shows you 4 popular scales in each key! For all styles: Bluegrass, Pop, Country, Traditional, Jazz, ...
Ref 11975: Price 17,71 EUR

Chords for Mandolin, Irish Banjo, Bouzouki, Tenor Mandola, Mandocello
Easy chords in all keys, with sections on tunings, capos and chord-relations.
Ref 10321: Price 7,93 EUR

Complete Bluegrass Banjo Method - Neil Griffin
One of the best G-tuning 5-string bleugrass banjo methods available. Contents include note and tablature reading, chord background styles, three-finger picking, and more. Spiral bound book, 240pp. CD available see nr. 16258.
Book & CD Ref 17639: Price 32,95 EUR
CD only Ref 16258: Price 19,97 EUR

Complete Book of Irish & Celtic 5-String Banjo - Tom Hanway
For banjo, only in tablature notation, titles are: Planxty Irwin, Far from Home, The Irish Washerwoman, Blackberry Blossom, Sally Gardens, Brian Boru's March, Eunyssagh Vona,Turkey in The Straw, Gavotte de Skrignag, Onen Hag Oll, 8 Beat Laridenn, Red Haired Boy, Garryowen, Nyth y Gwew, Nyth Y Gog, The Cookoo's Nest, Pen-rhaw, Teetoler's Fancy, Highlander's Jig, The Flowers Of Edinburgh, Anthony Payne of Stratton, The Belfast Hornpipe, 6 Beat Laridenn, An Dro: Crios Bride Ceremony Tunes, Munster Buttermilk, Kesh jig, Banis Misfortune, The Road To Lisdoonvarna, The Connaughtman's Rambles, Out On The Ocean, Morrison's Jig, Trip to The Cottage, The First Night in America, The Humors Of Ballyloughin, The Cliffs Of Moher, Ballydesmond Polka, The Boys Of Ballysadare, The Fochunter' Jig, The Kid On the Mountain, The Silver Spear, The Wind That Shakes The Barley, Drowsy Maggie, The Mountain Road, The Musical Priest, The Scholar, The Star Of Munster, The Tarbolton, The Longford Collector, The Sailor's Bonnet, The Mason's Apron, Joe Cooley's Reel, Ship Are Sailing, Pigeon On The Gate, The Salamanca, Kitty's Wedding, and many more. Book with CD.
Ref 16259: Price 37,40 EUR

Complete Tenor Banjo Method - Mel Bay
The finest tenor banjo method available. Easy to understand and thorough in its approach. Spiral bound and only written in standard notation. 101pp.
Ref 18652: Price 13,70 EUR

Duelling Banjos - form Deliverance - Arthur Smith
Banjo & Guitar edition, with tabs. Based on "Feuin' Banjos' from the film 'Deliverance'.
Ref 28536: Price 6,45 EUR

Fishin' Creek Blues - Dick Kimmel
17 Clawhammer Banjo Tunes, titles are: Fishin' Creek Blues, Double File, Turkey in the Straw, Little Betty Brown, Pretty little Dog, Sullivan's Hollow, Waterbound, Chattanooga, Hornpipe Medley, Rufus Rastus, Just walkin' and Talkin', West Fork Gals, Greenback Dolly-o, Blue Ribbon Waltz, Satan You Kingdom Must Come down, Ian Charles, Dickie's Discovery.
Ref 15273: Price 11,20 EUR

Folk Giants
Schirmer's Easy Five String Banjo Book. Famous contemporary folk songs by Oscar Brand, Alan and John Lomax, Jessie Fuller, Woodie Guthrie, Huddie Ledbetter, John Jacob Niles, Pete Seeger and others. Contents: The black dress, Black is the color of my true love's hair, Carol of the birds, Cotton fields (The cotton song), Gambler don't you lose your place, Gambler's song of the big sandy river, Goodnight Irene, Go 'way from my window, Hard travelin', I wonder as I wander, If I had a hammer, I'm just a country boy, Jesus Jesus rest your head, Kisses sweeter than wine, Lass from the low countree, Last night I had the strangest dream, The rovin' gambler, San Francisco bay blues, So long, This land is your land, Those were the days, Tom Dooley, Turn Turn Turn!, The unicorn, Waist deep in the big muddy, We shall overcome, When I first came to this land.
Ref 9189: Price 11,16 EUR

Fun With The Banjo - Mel Bay
This popular beginner's text, written in C tuning, presents basic chords with fun songs. Includes instructions for tuning and positioning and contains many fun songs with lyrics included for singing and strumming. Book with CD.
Ref 16257: Price 18,50 EUR

Fun With The Tenor Banjo - Mel Bay
This beginner's book for the four-string banjo shows tuning, basic chords, and songs to sing and strum. Written in standard tenor banjo tuning (CGDA) in standard notation only with chord symbols and lyrics, also suitable for tenor Mandola. Book with CD.
Ref 16260: Price 18,70 EUR

Irish Tenor Banjo - Gerry O'Connor
The complete guide to learning the Irish Tenor Banjo. Book and CD.
Ref 11434: Price 29,62 EUR

Master Anthology of Banje Solos Vol. 1
Banjo Tablature. A generous collection of challenging pieces, titles are: Sing Banjo Sing (Adcock), How's That (Bailey), Dizzy Fingers (Barnett), Bugle Call Rag (Barnett), Josie Girl (Boosinger), Prelude from Partita #3 (Bullard), Sally Johnson (Cloud), Wild Bill Jones (Erbsen), Corey's Slide (Evans), My Way Home (Foxworthy), Jenny's Wedding (Furtado), Dust on The Roses (Gitlin), Morgaine's Hornpipe (Hanway), Foggy Mountain Landscape (Hartford), Dancer (Hatfield), The Lost Girl (Hermann), Cider (Leftwich), Midnight at Black Mountain (Levenson), Suite for The Americas (Miles), Charley Horse Stomp (Mills), Adoring Ashley (Morton), Great American Banjo Tune (Alan Munde), Bay of Fundy (Perlman), Windermere Polka (Sands), Movin' Out (Schatz), Sandy Boys (Schmitz), Smokey Mokes (Sokolow), St. Louis Tickle (Sokolow), The Fly (Vestal), Sittin' by The Dock At Mel Bay (Weissman), Huckling the Berries (Wernock). Book with 2 CD's.
Ref 18655: Price 37,40 EUR

More Easy Banjo Solos
TAB. Including: Jambalaya, A roving gambler, Katy daly, Dooley, I'm so lonesome I could cry, Take this hammer, Abilene, Freight train, Old home place, Doug's tune, Redwing, Down yonder, Blue moon of Kentucky, Salty dog blues, Foggy mountain breakdown, Temperence reel.
Ref 9420: Price 9,42 EUR

Munde Alan - Festival Favorites Revisited
Banjo, tablature, book and CD. Contents: Hot burrito breakdown, Molly bloom, Clinch mountain backstep, Doug's tune, Shenandoah breakdown, Santa Claus, Buffalo gals, Liberty, John Hardy, Salt Creek, Sally Goodin', The girl left behind me, Cripple creek, Bill Cheatham, Devil's dream, Little rock getaway, Dusty miller, No titel yet blues, Earl's breakdown, Billy boy.
Ref 15441: Price 28,69 EUR

National Banjo Champions, The - Winfield Winners
TAB, titles are: Jalapeno Flashback, Jalapeno Flashback (Second Break), Jalapeno Flashback (Third Break) (Jeff Scroggings), Jenny's Wedding/Rakish Paddy (Tony Furtado), Red Eyed Bennyhin (Randy Lucas), Brilliance (S.O. Hanson), Bell cove breakdown (Jonathan Jones), Late Harvest (Ira Gitlin), Fisher's Hornpipe (Eric Welty), Grey Eagle (Randal Morton), Shanandoah Breakdown, Concept of court (Rick Bentley). Book & CD.
Ref 8372: Price 37,16 EUR

O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Banjo TAB, titles are: The Big Rock Candy Mountain, You Are My Sunshine, Down The River To Pray, I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow, Keep On The Sunny Side, I'll Fly Away, Didn't Leave Nobody But The Baby, In The Highways, I am Weary, In The Jailhouse Now, I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow, Angel Band.
Ref 16957: Price 14,80 EUR

Texas Fiddle Favorites for Banjo - Alan Munde
Banjo, tablature, book and CD. Contents: Red apple rag, Duran's hornpipe, Tom and Jerry, Billy in the lowground, Jesse polka, Bitter creek, Dusty miller, Twinkle little star, Sopping the gravy, Ace of spades, Dill pickle rag.
Ref 16256: Price 22,50 EUR

You Can Teach Yourself Banjo - Janet Davis
Written in tablature, this straight-forward easy-to-understand method teaches rolls, chords, bluegrass banjo techniques, playing up the neck, licks, endings and other basic information needed to play bleugrass and melodic style banjo. Book with CD.
Ref 18654: Price 24,95 EUR

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