Classical Mixed Repertory


Classical Mixed Repertory A - L


Magic Piano, The
For young pianists accompanied by teachers. Contents: Yankee doodle, Old McDonald had a farm, The hymn to joy, London bridge, Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, Minuet, Alouette, Oh Susanna, When the saints go marchin' in, Musette.
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Marches Past
Contents: Alford: Colonel Bogey, The thin red line, The voice of the guns; Bidgood: Sons of the brave; Blankenburg: The gladiators; farewell; Coates: The dam busters; Davies: RAF march past; Elgar: Land of hope and glory; Fucik: Entry of the gladiators; Grafulla: Washington grays; Holzmann: Blaze away; Javaloyes: El Abanico; Lincke: Father Rhine, Folis-Bergere; Safroni: Imperial echoes; Schrammel: Les gardes nobles; Sousa: Liberty bell, Stars and stripes, The Washington post; Starke: With sword and lance; Teike: Old comrades; Wagner: Under the double eagle; Zehle: Viscount Nelson.
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Masquerade - G.P. Reverberi/I. Pavesi
Titles are: Costellazioni, Venti D'Oriente, Luci ƒE Colori Di Venezia, Ultimo Incontro, Accademia, Visioni Di Venezia, Oltremare, Le Muse, Note Veneziani, Floralis.
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Masterpieces With Flair Book 1
Early intermediate to intermediate, titles are: Short Prelude in C Major BWV 939 (Bach), Country Dance in D Major WoO11 No.7, Country Dance in D Major WoO 15 No.1 (Beethoven), King William's March (Clarke), Bagatelle (Diabelli), Trumpet Tune (Duncombe), Allegro scherzando in F Major Hob.III:75/4, German Dance in D Major Hob.IX:22/2, German Dance in E Major, Hob.IX:22/9 (Haydn), Spinning Song Op.14 No.4 (Ellmenreich), Allegro non troppo Op.82 No.65, The Fair Op.101 No.8, The Mill Op.117 No.33, Storm and Stress Op.140 No.20 (Gurlitt), The Avalanche Op.45 No.2 (Heller), Spanish Dance Op.61 No.10 (Oesten), Gypsy Song Op.39 No.13, Hungarian Dance Op.39 No.9 (Reinhold), The Happy Farmer Op.68 No.10, The Wild River Op.68 No.8 (Schumann), Play Song, Rhythmic Dance (Bartok), Holidays Op.119 No.17 (Gretchaninoff), A Merry Tune Op.89 No.26, Toccatina Op.27 No.12 (Kabalevsky), The Butterfly Op.28 No.12, In the Garden Op.28 No.1, The Music Box Op.28 No.13, Prelude No.1 (Maykapar).
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Mein Volksliederbuch - Wilhelm Lutz
Piano, with lyrics.
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Merry Peasants
PF. A series of six simple peasant dances. Intermediate, titles are: From Russia, From Brittany, From Bavaria, From Holland, From France, From Sicily.
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Minuetto : Musica per il Balletto
Piano Solo. Contents: Minuetto (Boccherini), Habanera (Bizet), Celebre Can Can (Offenbach), Il Cigno (Saint-Saens), Valzer dei Fiori (Cajkovski), Ballabile (Verdi), Barcarda (Offenbach), Danza araba (Cajkovskij), Tema dalle danze Polovosiane (Borodin), Valse lente (Delibes), Danza delle ore (Ponchielli), Tema (Cajkovskij).
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Music For Piano
Titles are: Sarabande (Corelli), Trumpet Tune (Purcell), Les Tambourins (Couperin), Menuet (Clarke), Versetto (Zipoli), Fantasia (Telemann), Menuet (Bach), Gigue (Bach), Preludio (Scarlatti), Marcia (Haendel), Allegro (Ph.E.Bach), Allegretto (Haydn), Sonatina (Haydn), Country Dance (Hook), Marcia (Mozart), Sonatina (Mozart), Walzer (Beethoven), Lustig und Traurig (Beethoven), Romanze (Hummel), Allegretto (Schubert), Kinderstück (Mendelssohn), Prélude (Chopin), Mazurka (Chopin), Andantino (Liszt), Thema mit variationen (Schumann), Zigeunertanz (Schumann), Walzer (Brahms), Sarabande (Brahms), Der Jüngling (Grieg), Norwegische Weise (Grieg), Allegro deciso (Bartók), Menuet (Bartók), A Woman's Smile (Szabo), Toccatina (Horusitzky), DrinKing song (Farkas), Imitation (Sugár), Games on the keys (Sárai), The Naughty Princess (Szonyi), Tom Thumb (Szokolay), Arabesque (Károlyi), Fughetta (Papp). (ed. EMB)
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Nation's Favourite Classical Music, The
Arranged for intermediate piano, titles are: Adagio In G minor (Albinoni), Adagio for Strings (Barber), Symphony No.6 "Pastoral "-1st movement, Synphony No.9 "Choral " - final movement, Piano Concerto No.5 "Emperor " - 2nd movement (Beethoven), Enigma Variations W.N./ Nimrod (Elgar), Cello Concerto in E minor -1 st movement (Elgar), Pie Jesu from Requiem (Fauré), Hallelujah Chorus from " Messiah", Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity from the Planets (Holst), Symphony No.5 - Adagietto (Mahler), Clarinet Concerto in A - 2nd movement (Mozart), Canon in D (Pachelbel), Piano Concerto No.2 in C Minor -2nd movement (Rachmaninov), The Sea and Sinbad's Ship from Sheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov), Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves from "Nabuccco" (Verdi), Spring Concerto No.1 in E from "The Four Seasons" (Vivaldi).
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Opern und Operetten - R. Krentzlin
PS, titles are: Vader Mutter, Schwestern Brüder (Lortzing), Barkarole (Offenbach), Letzte Rose (Flotow), Sonst spielt' ich mit Szepter (Lortzing), Faust-walzer (Gounod), Kennst du das Land (Flotow), Ach ich war ein Jüngling (Lortzing), Durch die Wälder durch die Augen (Weber), Lodern zum Himmel (Verdi), Marsch (Bizet), Walthers Preislied (Wagner), Treulich geführt (Wagner), Da streiten sich die Leut' herum (Kreutzer), Leise leise fromme Weise (Weber), Bruderchen komm tanz' mit mir (Humperdich), Krönungsmarsch (Meyerbeer), Freunde vernehmet die Geschichte (Adam), Walzer (Tschaikowsky), Schon die Abendglocken klangen (Kreutzer), Glücklich ist wer vergißt (Strauß), Er soll dein Herr sein (Millöcker), Grüß euch Gott (Zeller), Walzer (Suppé), Nur Für Natur (Strauß), Marsch -Couplet (Stuaß), Ich knüpfte manche zarte Bande (Millöcker), Ich bin die Christel von der Post (Zeller), Komm in die Gondel (Struaß), Cancan (Offenbach), Der Schlummersaft (Strauß), Einzugmarsch (Strauß).
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Original Piano pour s'Amuser: Latin - Michel Le Coz
Piano solo. Titles: Mini samba, Melody reggae, Salsa kid, Cool bossa, Rhumba Lou', O' Mambo, Tango Charlie, Ostinato cha cha, Melo' Rhumba, Le retour du mambo.
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Original Piano pour s'Amuser: Marches - Michel Le Coz
Piano solo. Contents: Vienne reste Vienne, Marche de radetzky, The Washington post, Colonel Bogey, Marche des trompettes (Aïda), Entrée des gladiateurs, Marche militaire (Op. 51 No. 1 de Schubert), Chant du toréador (Carmen).
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Original Pianoforte Pieces Book II
Easy Piano Solo, titles are: Haymaker's Dance (Swinstead), All Forlorn (Alwyn), The Lonely Cottage (Foster), At Sundown (Dunhill), Over The Border (Furze), Minuet in G (Pilling), Summer Rain (Wood), Valse-Lullaby (Askew), Study in F (Dyson), A Sea Song (Stuart Duncan), Cello Solo (Lang), The Desolate Farmhouse (Johnson), Lullaby for A Chinese Infant (Jacob), Marching Song (Jones), April Dance (Richardson), A Study In Time (Reed), Tristesse (Greaves), The Shepherd Plays his Pipe (Branson), Waltz (Thyne), A Little Pastoral (Morrison), Little Habanera (Mackie), Saying Goodbye (Baxter), Festivity (Clark). Grades 1 and 2.
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Palindromes / semordnilaP - Gail Smith
A musical palindrome is a piece which sounds the same when played forwards as it does backwards. Practicing these pieces regualarly can make you a better sight reader while increasing your dexterity. 20pp. Contents: Foreword, Six palindromes, Do geese see God?, Gail Smith's palindrome excercise, Malayalam, Palindrome, Palindrome party, Radar.
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Party Time On Holiday
PS, easy, titles are: Holiday Fanfare, Tennis Match, On the Beach, Woodland Walk, Relaxing by the Pool, Seaside Rock, On the Swings, Rainy Day, End of the Pier, Beneath the Sea, Picnic Lunch, Mountain Climbing, Fairground, Dodgems, Ice-Skating.
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Piano Adagios
PF, 56 pages. Titles are: Haydn: Sonata No.22 in E major (2nd movement), Sonata No.6 in G major (3rd movement), Sonata No.23 in F major (2nd movement); Clementi: Sonata in C Op.36 No.1 (2nd movement); Mozart: Sonata in B flat major K.750 (2nd movement), Sonata in C major K.545 (2nd movement); Beethoven: Sonata in G major Op.79 (2nd movement), Moonlight Sonata in C sharp minor (1st movement), Pathetique Sonata in C minor (2nd movement); Field: Nocturne No.15 in D minor, Nocturne No.5 in B flat major; Schubert: Moments Musicaux No.2 in A flat major Op.94/D.780; Mendelssohn: Kinderstucke No.2 Op.72, Regrets, Song Without Words No.2 Op.19; Chopin: Prelude in B minor Op.28, No.6, Prelude in E minor Op.28, No.4; Schumann: No.3 Warum? from Fantasiestucke Op.12, Traumerei from Kinderscenen; Liszt: Consolation No.4 in D flat major; Tchaikovsky: March (Song Of The Lark) from The Seasons Op.37a; Grieg: Elegy, No.7 from Lyric Pieces Op.47; MacDowell: To A Wild Rose from Woodland Sketches Op.51; Scriabin: Prelude in D flat major No.15 Op.11; Diabelli: Sonatina in G Op.151 No.1 (1st movement).
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Piano Duet Collection Book One, The - Edited by Alan Ridout
1P4H, titles are: Allegro Molto From Sonata Op.6 (Ludwig Van Beethoven), Andante from Sonata In D (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), Marche Militaire (Franz Schubert), Slavonic Dance Op.46 No.4 (Antonin Dvorak), The Merry-go-round (Georges Bizet), Waltz in B Major (Johannes Brahms).
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Piano Duet Music For Beginners
Contents: Bach: Final Chorus; Bizet: Humming-top; Diabelli: Rondo; Doppler: Czardas; Grieg: Suitors' song; Handel: 'Xerxes' largo; Haydn: Two menuets; Jardanyi: Hungarian folk song; Kadosa: May song; Kohler: Allegretto moderato; Patachich: Gay song; Poldini: Clown; Ranki: Recruiting dance from Kapuvar; Soproni: Barcarola; Svervanszky: Hungarian folk song. (Ed. EMB).
Ref 611: Price 13,30 EUR

Piano Kids Im Duett - Hans-Günter Heumann
Easy piano duets arranged so that both parts are of equal difficulty, titles are; Musikalischer Kinderfreund op.87 Nr.1 (Wolfhart), One o'clock Rock (Heumann), Melodisches Übungsstück (Diabelli), Go Down Moses (Trad.), Sinfonie mit dem Paukenschlag (Haydn), Swanee River (Foster), Alla Turca (Diabelli), Prélude aus dem te Deum (Charpentier), Ländler (Schubert), Dancing Kids (Pütz), Die Maus, titlemusik der "Sending mit der Maus" (Posegga), Tanz der Zuckerfee aus der Nußknacker (Tschaikowsky), Big Bulldog Boogie (Heumann), Deutscher Tanz (Haydn), Moll und Dur (Türk), The Easy Winners (Joplin), Das klinget so herrlich (Mozart), Bauerntanz (Gurlitt), Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka (Strauß).
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Piano Music For Beginners
Music for beginners, titles are: Rigadaun (Babell), Lied (Bach C.P.E.), Menuett (Bach C.), Aria,lied, menuett (Bach J.S.), Menuett (Bach W.Fr.), German Dance (Beethoven), Menuett (Benda), The Cuckoo (Couperin), Menuett, sherzo( Haydn), Passepied, menuett (Händel), Allegro (Hässler ), Ecossaise (Hummel), Menuett (Lully), Menuett, Polonaise (Mozart L.), Menuett ( Mozart), Minuet, Prelude (Purcell), Tanz (Rameau), Ecossaise, Länder , Waltzer (Schubert), Choral, Sing-Song (Schumann), Phantasie (Telemann), The New Doll, At Church (Tchaikovsky), Gaiety, Merriment (Türk), Ballett (Weber), Etude, Hungarian Folksong, Waltz (Bartók), Old Hungarian dance (Farkas), Hungarian Christmas Carol (Gárdonyi ), Bagpipe, Change of Parts (Hajdu0, Hoppity-Hop (Járdányi) , Hommage à Bartók (Kadosa), Gigue (Kalmár), Hungarian Folk Song (Kókai), Ringing Rhythms (Láng), Variationen (Papp), Song of the blacksmith, Monolog of the Hen (Ránki), Bear's Dance (Sárai), Etude, lullaby (Sugár), Andante (Szabó), Sort of Folksong (Szelényi). (Ed. EMB).
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Piano Music for One Hand - Raymond Lewenthal
Either for students who have temporarily or permanently lost the use of one hand, or for pianists of all levels (above approx Grade 5-6) who believe their left-hand playing is not as accomplished as their right (which may well include every pianist!).
These pieces vary in difficulty. Some are technical studies can be considered part of a programme of study, yet they are not just exercises; many of these pieces are extremely interesting and well-written and eminantly suitable for recital. The book includes some very useful notes about the history of left-hand music and practice techniques.Titles are: Gavotte (Bach), Fantasy In A Flat,Op76#1(Alkan), Klavierstuck (C.P.E.Bach), Etude For L.H. (Bartok), 9 Etudes For L.H. (Berens, Etude For L.H. (Berger), Etude Op.36 (Blumenfeld), Etude No. 3,Op.273 (Bonimici), Etude In E Flat Minor,Op.10#6, Etude For One Hand (Czerny), Capriccio In E Flat Op.26#2, Elegy (Godowsky), Meditation (Godowsky), Etude For L.H.(Op.19) Greulich, Four-Voiced Fugue (Kalkbrenner) Exercise In Arpeggio (Kohler), Melody(Weber's Freischutz) (Kohler), Rhythmic Studies (Kohler), 3 Folk Songs For L.H. (Kohler), Hungary's God (Liszt), La Ricordanza (Marxsen), Etude,Op.92,#4 (Moskowski), Scherzo (Reger), Humoreske (Reger), Romanze (Reger), Prelude And Fugue (Reger), Finale (Son.For L.H.) Reinecke, Moto Perpetuo (Saint-Saens), Nocturne, Op.9,#2 (Scriabin), Prelude,Op.9#1 (Scriabin), Exercises For L.H.(22,45)(Tappert), Viennese Pranks (Zichy).
Ref 29412: Price 16,50 EUR

Piano Solos for All Occasions
The Complete Resource for every pianist. 65 songs for piano solo.
Contents: Reverie, Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring, Rondeau, Angel, Bridal Chorus, Ain't Misbehavin', Memory, Ave Maria, All Blues, All I Ask Of You, The Lord's Prayer, I Love You, My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From 'Titanic'), Fur Elise, Once I Loved (Amor Em Paz) (Love In Peace), The Star Spangled Banner, The Anniversary Waltz, Auld Lang Syne, Butterflies In Space, Canon In D, A Day In The Life Of A Fool (Manha De Carnaval), Don't Get Around Much Anymore, Edelweiss, (Everything I Do) I Do It For You, Georgia On My Mind, The Girl From Ipanema (Garota De Ipanema), The Godfather (Love Theme), Have You Met Miss Jones?, The Herere And Everywhere, How Insensitive (Insensatez), In A Sentimental Mood, It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing), It's A Grand Night For Singing, Just The Way You Are, Longer, Love Story, Meditation (Meditacao), Misty, Moon River, Moonlight In Vermont, People Will Say We're In Love, The Rainbow Connection, Route 66, Shall We Dance?, So Nice (Summer Samba), Some Enchanted Evening, Sophisticated Lady, Stella By Starlight, Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All The Time), Tears In Heaven, The Velocity Of Love, Watch What Happens, The Way We Were, When I Fall In Love, You'll Never Walk Alone, Sonata In A Major, L. 483, Waltz in C# Minor, Purple Mountain, Touch Of Promise, In The Hall Of The Mountain King, Romeo And Juliet (Love Theme), Tales From The Vienna Woods, Beauty And The Beast, Auld Lang Syne, Havah Nagilah, Solfeggietto, Here, There and Everywhere.
Ref 28480: Price 21,95 EUR

Piano Souvenirs, Easy Listening Volume 1
Contents: My way, Dunkelrote Rosen, The second time (from 'Bilitis'), Fascination, Greensleves, Summertime, Theme from Piano Concerto No. 1, Amazing Grace, Whispering hope, The last rose of summer, Somewhere my love (Lara's theme from 'Dr. Zhivago'), Le gygne (The swan), Guantanamera, Edelweis (from 'The sound of music'), Theme from the 5th symphony, Ballade pour Adeline, Home on the range, Liebesfreude, Only love, Aura Lee, Liebestraum, The entertainer, Morning mood, Melody of love, Yesterday, Les patineurs (Skaters waltz), Love story, Jesu meine freude, Memory (from the musical 'Cats').
Ref 586: Price 12,99 EUR

Piano Souvenirs, Easy Listening Volume 2
Piano solo. Titles are: Romance anonyme, Abends in Salzburg, Beautiful dreamer, Jesoro mio, The house of the rising sun, Dance of the hours, True love, Just a simple love song, Bolero, Reminiscing, Bright eyes, Theme of the 40th symphony, After the ball, Plaisir d'amour, Swan lake, Feelings, Music box dancer, The windmills of your mind, The holy city, O sole mio, Souvenir d'humoresque, Molly malone, Fur Elise, Scarborough fair, Adagio, La vie en rose, Love is here to stay, Daydream, Over the rainbow, Michelle.
Ref 587: Price 12,99 EUR

Piano Souvenirs, Easy Listening Volume 3
Contents: Moon river, Les feuilles mortes, Danny boy, Aloha oe, Petite fleur, Wiegenlied, Dark eyes, My favorite things, Blumenlied, The veleta, Silver threads among the gold, Strangers in the night, Land of hope and glory, The band played on, Habanera (From Carmen), Goede tijden slechte tijden, Vilja lied, Abide with me, Prelude (A-majeur), Barcarolle, Oh what a beautifull mornin', Call me, Imagine, Charlie is my darling, Der Moldau, Some day my prince will come, Die forelle, Eine kleine nachtmusik, I feel pretty, Coppelia.
Ref 588: Price 12,99 EUR

Piano Souvenirs, Easy Listening Volume 4
Contents: Swing low sweet chariot, Valse sentimentale, Tico tico, Le petit carnaval, Elizabethan serenade, Deep river, Laura Walzer, Spanish flea, Peacherine rag, What a wonderfull world, Etude Opus 10 No. 3, Tanz, I know him so well, Wheels, The second waltz (Andre Rieu), A swingin' safari, Maria Elena, Faust waltzer, Jerusalem, Elite syncopation rag, Maple leaf rag, Blos ye winds, Spanish eyes, Funiculi funicula, Gavotte, I'd like to teach the world to sing, Adio's muchachos, Walzer, Raindrops keep fallin' on my head.
Ref 589: Price 12,99 EUR

Piano Time Opera - Pauline Hall
PS, easy, titles are: Arietta from Romeo and Juliet (Gounod), 'Libiamo' from la Traviata (Verdi), Dove Sono from The Marriage of Figaro (Mozart), One fine day from Madame Butterfly (Puccini), Overture from The Barber Of Sevilli (Rossini), Waltz from Eugene Onegin (Tchaikovsky), La ci darem la mano from Don Giovanni (Mozart), O mio babbino from Gianni Schicchi (Puccini), The Flowers that Bloom in the spring from Mikado (Sullivan), Dance from The Bartered Bride (Smetana), Gavotte from Iphigenia in Aulis (Gluck), Chorus of wedding guests from Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti), Bei Männern from the Magic Flute (Mozart), Gavotte from The Gondoliers (Sullivan), Pilgrim's chorus from Tannhäuser (Wagner), Laughing song from die Fledermaus (Strauss), March From Rinaldo (Handel), My Heart was so free from the BeggarsOpera (Pepusch), Minuet from Bernice (Handel), Prayer from Der Freischütz (Von Weber), Voi che sapete from the Marriage of Figaro (Mozart), Barcarolle from Tales Of Hoffmann (Offenbach), Where'er you walk from Semele (Handel), Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves from Nabucco (Verdi), Bird-catcher's Song from the Magic Flute (Mozart), Fairest Isle from King Arthur (Purcell), Intermezzo from Cavalleria Rusticana (Mascagni), Soldiers Chorus from Faust (Gounod), Habanera from Carmen (Bizet).
Ref 14320: Price 11,77 EUR

Plaisirs du Piano à 4 Mains, Les
1P4H, intermediate level, titles are: Finale de la Sonate KV 381 (Mozart), Contredanse (Beethoven), Polonaise Op.40 No.1 (Chopin), 5e Danse Hongroise (Brahms), Danse Slave Op.72 No.2 (Dvorak), Danse Espagnole Op.12 No.1 (Moszkowski), La Danse D'Anitra (Grieg), Csángó Forgós (Ligeti), 1re Épigraphe Antique (Debussy), Preludio (Blet), Ragtime Op.2 No.8 (Guillard), Boogie Liguily (Masson).
Ref 19819: Price 15,95 EUR

Plaisirs de la Musique Volume 4A. Les
PS, early intermediate level, titles are; Adagio (Albinoni), Valse (Chopin), Romance Vénitienne (Mendelssohn), Rondo Turc (Steibelt), Petite Valse (Goedicke), Etude (Kabalevski), sacre-Monte (Turina), 3e Romance sans Paroles (fgauré), Barbar le Petit Éléphant (Poulenc), Balançoire, La Barbe à Papa (Siniavine), The Mad Rock (Charles-Henry), Valse Op.39 Nr.15 1P4H (Brahms), Le Clown 1P4H (Poulenc).
Ref 22166: Price 13,90 EUR

Play Romantic Italy
Contents: Vivaldi: Autumn first movement, Winter slow movement, Autumn last movement; Bocherini: Minuet from strin quintet; Paganini: Caprice No. 24; Rossini: Overture (William Tell), Overture (The barber of Seville), Overture (The Italian girl in Algiers); Verdi: Soldiers' Chorus (Il trovatore), Triumphal March (Aida), Drinking song (La traviata), La donna e mobile (Rigoletto), Theme from prelude (La traviata), Ouverture (La wally); Catalani: Ne androo lontana (La Wally); Leoncavallo: On with the motley (Pagliacci); Di Capua: O sole mio; Puccini: Your tiny hand is frozen (La boheme), Musetta's waltz song (La boheme), El lucevan le stelle (Tosca), Humming chorus (Madama Butterfly), One fine day (Madama Butterfly), Vissi d'arte (Tosca), None shall sleep (Turandot), O my beloved father (Gianni Schicchi).
Ref 5094: Price 11,16 EUR

Play Romantic Paris
Arranged for easy keyboard by Daniel Scott. Contents: Berlioz: Theme from Harold en Italie, Theme from overture Le Corsair, Theme from overture Le carnaval romain; Chopin: Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2; Bizet: Habanera from Carmen, Farandole from L'Arlesienne, Toreador's song from Carmen; Adam: Entrée from Giselle; Gounod: Soldiers' Chorus from Faust, Waltz from Faust; Delibes: Mazurka from Coppelia, Waltz from Coppelia; Offenbach: Barcarolle from Les contes d'Hoffmann, Galop from Orphee aux enfers, Gendarmes' duet from Genevieve de Brabant; Massenet: Meditation from Thais; Saint-Saens: Dance Macabre, The swan from Le carnival des animaux; Satie: Je te veux (Waltz), Ragtime from Parade; Faure: Pavane, Berceuse from 'Dolly Suite'; Debussy: Clair de lune, La fille aux cheveux de lin; Ravel: Pavane, Bolero.
Ref 5093: Price 7.93 EUR

Play Romantic Russia
Arranged for easy keyboard by David Mather and Daniel Scott. Contents: Traditional: Song of the Volga Boatmen; Anton Rubestein: Melody in F; Alexander Borodin: Nocturne from string quartet No. 2, Polovtsian dance (Prince Igor); Mikhail Glinka: Overture (Rusan and Lyudmila); Modest Mussorgsky: Pictures at an exhibition; Tchaikowsky: Waltz (The sleeping beauty), Waltz of the flowers (The Nutcracker), Dance of the reed pipes (The Nutcracker), Dance of the suger plum fairy (The Nutcracker), Dance of the little swans (Swan Lake), Theme from Swan Lake, Theme from piano concerto No. 1, Slow movement from piano concerto No. 1, Slow movement form symphony No. 4, Theme form symphony No.. 5, Theme frome symphony No. 6 (Pathetique),, Waltz from serenade for strings, Theme from Romeo and Juliet, Canzonetta from violin concerto, A l'eglise, 2 themes from 1812 Overture; Nikolay Rimsky-Korsakov: Theme form Sheherazade, Theme from Spanish Caprice; Vasily Kalinnikov: The from symphony No. 1; Serge Rakhmaninov: Slow movement from piano concerto No. 2; Aram Khachaturian: Theme from Spartacus; Sergey Prokofiev: Theme from Peter and the Wolf.
Ref 5095: Price 7.93 EUR

Playing Andre Rieu
Music as performed by André Rieu & The Johann Strauß Orchestra, titles are: Twinkle twinkle little star (Mozart), Second Waltz (Shostakovich), Feuerfest Polka (Josef Strauss), Plaisir d'Amour (Martini), Schlittschuhläufer (Waldteufel), Méditation (Massenet), Einzugs Marsch (Johann Strauss), Romance Beethoven (Beethoven), The Last Rose (Friedrich von Flotow), Ave Maria (Schubert), Serenade (Haydn), Moulinet Polka ( Josef Strauss), Schlafe mein Prinzchen (Mozart), Étude d'Amour (Chopin), Serenade Toselli (Toselli), Fliegermarsch (Hermann Dostal).
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Quiet Classics - Arr. by Keith Snell
PIANO SOLO, Titles are: Adagio Cantabile From Sonata Op.13 'Pathetique' (Beethoven), Adagio Sostenuto From Sonata Op.27 No.2 'Moonlight' (Beethoven), Andante From Sonata In G Minor Op.79 (Beethoven), Andante Op.105 No.4 (Burgmuller), Arabesque No.1 (Debussy), Arietta Op.12 No.1 (Grieg), Clair De Lune (Debussy), Consolation (Liszt), Fantasy-impromptu Excerpt (Chopin), Fur Elise (Beethoven), Gymnopedie No.1 (Satie), Mazurka In A Minor Op.67 No.4 (Chopin), Nocturne In E Flat Op.9 No.2 (Chopin), Notturno Op.54 No.4 (Grieg), Of Foreign Lands And People (Schumann), Prelude In A Major Op.28 No.7 (Chopin), Prelude In B Minor Op.28 No.6 (Chopin), Prelude In C Major (Js Bach), Prelude In E Minor Op.28 No.4 (Chopin), Remembrance Op.68 No.28 (Schumann), Reverie (Debussy), Song Without Words Op.19 No.1 'Sweet Remembrance' (Mendelssohn), Spring Song Op.62 No.5 (Mendelssohn), To A Wild Rose (Macdowell), Traumerei Op.15 No.7 (Schumann), Valse Sentimentale (Schubert), Venetian Boat Song Op.19 No.6 (Mendelssohn), Venetian Boat Song Op.30 No.6 (Mendelssohn), Waltz In A Flat Op.39 No.15(Johannes Brahms), Waltz In A Minor Op.Posthumous (Chopin), Waltz In F Sharp Minor (Rebikov), Wedding Day At Troldhaugen Excerpt (Grieg).
Ref 23217: Price 12,50 EUR

Le Répertoire Du Pianiste: Mezzo Forte
Piano Solo, titles are: Marche (Bach), Capricietto Op. 77 No. 4 (Bator), Trois Danses villageoises (Beethoven), L'Ane apricieux (Berthomieu), Menuet (Buttstedt), Baby Song, Entre Classique et Jazz (Charles-Henry), Petite Danse (Schostakovitsch), Bagatelle Hongroise (Chovan), Tom et Tom (Clerque), Sérénade espagnole (Ferrer), Prélude en Sol Majeur (Haendel), Freeway (Houghton), Menuet en Sol Majeur , Rondo (Haydn), Mélodie Op. 77 No. 5 (Hofmann), Sonatine en Sib Majeur (Hook), Chant Populaire Russe Op. 51, Danse (Kabalevski), Marche Miniature (Mayer), Valse Op. 28 no. 5 (Maykapar), Romance (mendelssohn), Marche de la Poupée (Nielsen), Get in Step, Mechanics Rag (Norton), Variations (Papp), Jazz Minuet No. 7 (Peterson), Promenade (Prokofiev), Gavotte (Reinecke), Folies D' Espagne (Scarlatti), Le Cavalier Sauvage (Schumann), Lento (Stravinsky) Scherzo (Weber). Easy level, spiral bound book.
Ref 31841: Price
18,80 EUR

Le Répertoire Du Pianiste: Pianissimo
Piano Solo, titles are: Mélodie (Adam), Mini-Rag, Ripstic, Tyrolean Rag (Barratt), Jeu Électrique (Bastien), Blue C (Berwin), Adagio (Corelli), Bagatelle (Diabelli), Les Pingouins (Enright), À la meternelle, Avan tle Deepart, Chris's Song, la Cloche, Petit Grenouilles (Garscia), Rigaudon (Goedike), Bourrée (Graupner), Etude, Gavotte, Mazurka, Petit Marche, Petite Pièce (Gurlitt), Menuet (Hässler), Quadrille (Haydn), Gavotte (Hook), Valse (Hummel), Histoire de grenouilles, La valse de la poupée (Ishii), Berceuse (Kirnberger), Petite Etude (Köhler), Menuet (Krieger), Pour un rose sauvage (MacDowell), La Danse de la Poupée (Meunier), Menuet Mélancholique, Quatre Piéces (Müller), Scherzo (Neefe), Le Prince (Papp), Petites Mains (Pasterwitz), Jazz Exercise No. 7 (Peterson), Menuet (Purcell), Elégie (Reinecke), Petite Marche (Reissiger), Chansons Sans Paroles (Spindler), Quatre Petites Pièces (Türk), Mélodie (Türk), Mélodie (Varlamov), Vaillant chevalier (Vogel), Scherzo (Wohlfahrt). Beginning level, spiral bound book.
Ref 31840: Price
15,80 EUR

Repertoire for Music Schools 1
Titles are: Gavotte (Telemann), Trumpet Minuet (Duncombe), Minuet (Mozart), Allegretto (Telemann), Minuet (Hässler), Allegro (Telemann), Bourrée (Krieger), Cuckoo (Couperin), Minuet, Moderato, Andante, Bourrée, Minuet (Bach), Sarabande (Pachelbel) , Musette, March (Bach), allegro (Witthauer), Ecossaise (Hässler), March (Clarke), Minuet (Krieger), Sonatine (Vanhal), Sonatine (VanHal), Sonatine (Attwood), Sonatine (Haslinger), Minuet (Haydn), Minuet (Mozart), andante (Mozart), Allegretto (Neefe), Minuet (Mozart),German Dance (Beethoven), Adagio (Steibelt), Minuet (Neefe), Country dance (Mozart), Scherzo (Neefe), Andante (Diabelli), Sonatine (Benda), Sonatina (Clementi), Hymn (Gurlitt), Little Story (Kabalevsky), Old French Tune (Tchaikovsky), Clown (Kabalevsky), con Moto (Gurlitt), Little Song (Kabalevsky), Bulgarian Folk Dance (Stoyanov), Little Story (Maykapar), Vision (Maykapar), Soldier's March (Schumann), The Little Commander (Maykapar), The Accordionist (Grechaninov), In the GArden (Maykapar), The Wild Horseman (Schumann), Two little Pieces (Pal), Mocking Song (Sandor), Children's Song (Weiner), Hungarian Folksong (Pal), To The Memory of The Unknown Composer (Lajos), The Little Barel (Lorant), Folksong (Endre), The Queen (Weiner), Washing Song (Weiner), Crunchy Cherries (Weiner), The Three Clowns, The Narrow Chain, In My Courtyard, The Farm-Labourer, The Lost Handkerchief (Weiner), On The Outskirts Of The cirty (Borsody).
Ref 13430: Price 18,70 EUR

Repertoire for Music Schools 2
Titles are: Two Sarabandes (Händel), Polonaise, March (Bach), Solfeggio (Bach), Minuet (Bach), Sonatine (Beethoven), Sonatine (Camidge), two ecossaises (Beethoven), Country Dance (Mozart), Pantomime (Mozart), German Dance (Beethoven), Merrily (Beethoven), Diabelli (Allegretto), Sonatina (Kuhlau), Sonatina (Clementi), Sonata (Cimarosa), Sonatina (Haslinger), Sonatina (Pleyel), Fancy Dance (Schumann), Study (Kabalevsky), Mazurka (Grechaninov), First Loss (Schumann), Reaper's Song (Schumann), Siciliano (Schumann), Minuet (Schubert), Dance (Kabalevsky), Grandmother tells A Ghost Story (Kullak), Minuet (Schubert), Valse sentimaentale (Schubert), Martial Dance (Kabalevsky), Waltz (Grieg), Furiant (Fibich), On the Field (Grechaninov), game Of Ball (Kabalevsky), Children's Piece (Mayakapar), The Merry Peasant (Schumann), Toccatina (Kabalevsky), Reminiscenes of the Theatre (Schumann), The Little Negro (Debussy), Toccatina (Mezo), Hommage a Bartok (Kadosa), The spring Wind (Weiner), The bride (Weiner), Study (Kadosa), My daughter (Weiner), toccatina (Kadosa), Tom Thumb (Szokolay).
Ref 13431: Price 17,10 EUR

Repertoire for Music Schools book 3
Titles are: The Pipes (Dandrieu), The Cuckoo (Daquin), Courante HWV 488 (Händel), Sarabande HWV 437/IV (Händel), Sonatine HWV 584 (Händel), Sonata K 415 (Scarlatti), Sonate K 95 (Scarlatti), Praeludium BWV 938, BWV 924, BWV 937 (Bach), Presto (Grazioli), Menuet KV 94 (Mozart), Rondo KV15d (Mozart), Sonate XVI 8 (Haydn), Rondo (Hummel), Bagatell Op. 119 No 1 (Beethoven), Six easy variations on a Swiss song (Beethoven), Sonatine Op. 55 no. 3 (Kuhlau), Minuet D41/21 (Schubert), Three ecossaises D529 nos. 5 3 8 (Schubert), Two Ländlers D 679 No. 2 (Schubert), Three waltzes D 365 nos. 11 12 3 (Schubert), Knight Rupert Op. 68 no 12 (Schumann), Without title Opl 68 no. 26 (Schumann), A little romance Op. 68 no. 19 (Schumann), Waltz B 150 (Chopin), Polonaise B1 (Chopin), Popular melody Op. 12 no. 5 (Grieg), Children's piece Op. 72 no. 2 (Menderlssohn-Bartholdy), Two small pieces (Kocsar), Harmonies (Soproni), Snapping Threads (Soproni), Burlesca I (Papp), Burlesca II (Papp).
Ref 13432: Price 15,87 EUR

Repertoire for Music Schools book 4
PS, titles are: Fantasia TW 33:1 (Telemann), Courante HWV 448/III (Handel), Praeludium BWV 937, Inventio BWV772, Inventio BWV 784, Inventio BWV 779, Fughetta BWV 961, Sonata (Scarlatti), Toccata (Paradies), Rondo KV 15hh (Mozart), Andante KV 15ii (Mozart), Adagio Hob. XIX:9 (Haydn), Sonate Hob. XVI:12 (Haydn), Bagatelle Op.33 No.3 (Beethoven), Six Ecossaisen (Beethoven), Sonate Op.49 No.2 (Beethoven), Atzenbrugger Deutche D 365 No.3 (Schubert), Allegretto D 915 (Schubert), Moment Musical D780 No.3 (Schubert ), On Foreign Lands And People (Schumann), Reverie (Schumann), Mazurka Op.68 No.2 (Chopin), Venetian Gondola Song (Mendelssohn), Song without words Op.30 No.3 (Mendelssohn), Arietta Op.12 No.1 (grieg), Neapolitan song (Tchaikovsky), The Little Shepherd (debussy), Romance (Fauré), God My God (Mezo), At The Market Of Kazar (Mezo), Fox Dance (Weiner).
Ref 13433: Price 15,87 EUR

Rhapsody in Blue Plus 12 Masterpieces - Compiled and edited by Robert Schultz
Classical Piano Solos in Their Original form and Advanced Piano Transcriptions, titles are: Air (Bach), Arabesque no.1 (Debussy), Dance of The Blessed Spirits (Glück), The Entertainer (Joplin), Funeral March (Chopin), Intermezzo (Mascagni), Raindrop Prelude (Chopin), Rhapsody In Blue (Gerswin), Rondo Alla Turca (Mozart), The Swan (Saint-Saëns), Un Bel Di (Puccini), Waltz from the Sleeping Beauty (Tchaikovsky).
Ref 12122: Price 20,33 EUR

Romantic Impressions Book 1 - Martha Mier
9 solos in Romantic Style for Early Intermediate to Intermediate Pianists. Titles are: A Carousel Ride, Happy Heart, Hold My Hand, Moonlight Waltz, Morning Glories, Sand Castles, Tahitian Sunset, The Whispering Wind, Windflower Waltz.
Ref 9764: Price 7,50 EUR

Romantic Impressions Book 2 - Martha Mier
8 Solos in Romantic Style for Intermediate to late Intermediate Pianists. Titles are: At a Sidewalk Café, Dreams Bright and Beautiful, Frosted Windowpanes, Glowing Embers, Nocturne, October Morning, Song Of Seville, Starlight.
Ref 9763: Price 6,50 EUR

Romantic Pictures - Paul Chatrou
10 Pieces for Piano by Paul Chatrou. Contents: Sophie's song, Long ago, A last farewell, Total Eclipse, Weeping willow, Leaves are falling, North wind, Irish meadowns, Fading dreams, A great day.
Ref 12099: Price 11,50 EUR

Romantic Real Repertoire for Piano
Piano Solo, titles are: Waltz in B minor (Brahms), Mazurka in G minor, Prelude in B minor, Waltz in C sharp minor (Chopin), Romance sans paroles (Fauré), Nocturne in B flat (Field), Butterfly, Puck, Poetic Tone Picture No.1 (Grieg), Berceuse (Ilynsky), Musical Sketch No.2, Venetian Gondola Song (Mendelssohn), Fantasy Dance, Solitary flowers, Warum (Schumann), Song Of The Lark (Tchaikovsky). Intermediate level.
Ref 33002: Price
15,90 EUR

Romantic Sketchbook For Piano Book I, A - Selected by Alan Jones
PS, 50 easy pieces composed c.1830-c.1950, titles are: Study in C (Mayer), Lesson in C (Diabelli), Lesson In F (Brunner), Lesson In D (Brunner), Study in d (Czerny), Pastorale (Burgmüller), study in F (Duvernoy), The Wild Horseman (Schumann), Melody (Le Couppey), Dedication (Heller), Study In C (Loeschhorn), Study in G (Loeschhorn), Study in G (Gutlitt), Serenade (Gurlitt), On the Playground (Köhler), Piano Piece for The Young (Henkel), New Scene From Childhood (Kirchner), Simplicity (Reinecke), To Begin with (Wilm), The Industrious Student (Bischoff), Cuckoo (Breslaur), Water Music (Breslaur), Waltz (Breslaur),Child's Song (Guilmant), Scherzino (Horak), Go to Sleep (Sandré), Sad at Heart (Fuchs), Study in D (Vogel), Roundelay (Förster), Who is There (Sartorio), Study in D (Vogel), Roundelay (Förster), Who is There (Sartorio), Two Frogs (Sartorio), On Tip-Toe (Sartorio), Catch Ball (Matthay), The Echo (Albanesi), A Jolly Moment (Ladukhin), Farewell (Grechaninov), wandering (Zilcher), Chinese Statuette (Rebikov), Tiresome Prank (Satie), Piano Piece For Young and Old (Nielsen), Plaintive Waltz (Somervell), A Quiet Morning (Maikapar), On reflection (Gedike), Lullaby (Gedike), Study in G (Dunhill), Sailor's Song (Swinstead), A Sad Tale (Kabalevsky), Country Dance (kabalevsky), Galloping (Kabalevsky), Melody (Dyson).
Ref 13620: Price 9,89 EUR

Romantic Sketchbook For Piano Book II, A - Selected by Alan Jones
PS, titles are: 37 moderately easy pieces composed c.1825-c.1950, titles are: Study in A minor (Mayer), Waltz in A flat (Schubert), Study in A (Lemoine), The clear Stream (Burgmüller), Study in C minor (Heller), Reaper's Song (Schumann), Christmas Bells (Gade), Miniature (Kirchner), The Clock on The Wall (Kullak), Study in F (Loeschhorn), Little Flower (Gurlitt), Little Piece in E Flat (Franck), Scherzo (Reinecke), Cradle Song (Grieg), Waltz in E (Brahms), First Bunch of Flowers (Sandré), Alla Siciliania (Guilmant), Winter Morning (Tchaikovsky), On the Lake (Hofmann), Impression (Fibich), Soldier's March (Fuchs), The Gossip (Zilcher), See-Saw (Godard), The Cat (Albanesi), Village Merriment (Schütt), A Puzzle (Karganov), The Sailor (Somervell), Pastoral Scene), A Little Slow Waltz (Nielsen), At the Smithy (Maikapar), Study in G (Gedike), Study In G Minor (Dunhill), Prayer (Glière), Miniature Pastoral No.2 (Bridge), Donkey Ride (Swinstead), Clowns (Kabalevsky), The Lost Lamb (Alwyn).
Ref 13632: Price 9,89 EUR

Romantic Sketchbook for Piano Book III, A - Ed. by Alan Jones
PS, intermediate level, titles are: Study in B op.51 No.47 (Lemoine), Kinderstuck Op.72 no.3 (Mendelssohn), Mazurka in F Op.68 No.3 (Chopin), Study in e minor Op.29 No.14 (Bertini), ***Op.68 No.3 (Schumann), Study in A Op.22 No.22 ( Le Couppey), Romanza Op.19 No.7 (Gade), Prelude In G Sharp minor Op.81 No.12 (Heller), Waltz in B Flat Op.39 No.8 (Brahms), Little Piece In C Sharp Minor (Franck), Folksong Op.73 No.4 (Grieg), Sonnenschein in Flur und Hain Op.270 N0.7 (Kirchner), Prelude in D minor Op.40 No.3 (Lyadov), Lied Op.85 no.2 (Hofmann), Nalada Op.41 No.54 (Fibich), Russian dance Op.25 No.8 (Karganov), Prelude In C minor Op.8 No.1 (Pachulski), Jaglied Op.39 No.1 (Macdowell), Berceuse Op.8 No.6 (Maikapar), Recit Naif Op.8 No.15 (Rebikov), Esquisse (Glière), Schlummerlied (Wolf), Study in E op.74 BkIII No.6 (Dunhill), Build A Nest (O'Neill), Miniature Pastoral No.5 (Bridge), Song Of The Cavalry Op.27 No.29 (Kabalevsky), Frohsinn Op.17 No.6 (Reger), Midsummer Magic (Alwyn).
Ref 15081: Price 9,89 EUR

Romantic Sketchbook for Piano Book IV, A - Ed. by Alan Jones
PS , moderately difficult level, titles are: Mai, lieber Mai Op.38 no.13 (Schumann), Lied Ohne Worte Op.19 No.4 (Mendelssohn), Le Premier Billet Doux Op.63 No.46 (Alkan), Cloche des Matin op.109 No.9 (Burgmüller), Prelude in C sharp Minor Op.81 No.10 (Heller), Danse Lente (Franck), Prélude Op.59 No.1 (Haberbier), Une Larme (Musorgsky), Widmung Op.33 No.1 (Jenssen), Le Petit Cavalier Op.39 No.3 (Tchaikovsky), Bagatelle Italienne Op.22 No.2 (Cui), Klavierstück No.2 Op.12 No.2 (Bruch), Zur Laute Op.37 No.1 (Hofmann), Vöglein Op.43 No.4 (Grieg), Prelude In E minor Op. 163 No.10 (Stanford), Bagatelle 0p.94 No.7 (Moszowski), Mazurka Op.57 No.3 (Lyadov), Le Petit nègre (Debussy), Mignon Op.3 No.4 (Nielsen), Moment Musical Op.22 No.1 (Pachulski), Gymnopédie No.1 (Satie), Prélude Op.43 No.1 (Glière), Prelude Op.13 No.3 (Skyabin).
Ref 15083: Price 9,89 EUR

Romantic Sketchbook for Piano Book V, A - Arr. by Alan Jones
PS, titles are: Lied Ohne Worte Op.19 No.2 (Mendelssohn), Mazurka in B Flat Op.17 No.1 (Chopin), Kleines Klavierstück No.2 (Liszt), Winterseit II Op.68 No.38/2 (Schumann), La Voix de L'Instrument Op.70 No.4 (Alkan), Study In e Op.45 No.9 (Heller), Humoreske Op.19 No.4 (Gade), Nevinnost (Smetana), Méditation (Musorgsky), Waltz in B Op.39 No.1 (Brahms), Solfager og Ormekongen Op.17 No.12 (Grieg), Octobre; Chant d'Automne Op.37a No.10 (Tchaikovsky), Come with us! (Janacek), Pensée Fugitive Op.94 No.9 (Moszkowski), Prélude pastorale (Lyadow), Prélude Op.29 No.1 (Pachulski), The Crystal Spring (Sharp), Danza de la rosa (Granados), Invocation à Schumann (Séverac), Moment Musical Op.44 No.5 (Reger), Intermezzo Op.39 No.9 (MacDowell), Mélodie Op.34 No.13 (Glière), Prélude Op.16 No.5 (Skryabin).
Ref 15084: Price 9,89 EUR

Romeo and Juliet Album For Piano
Titles are: From Tschaikowsky: Ouverture-Fantasy. From Prokofjev: Scene, National Dance, Menuet, Juliet, Masqueraders, Montaques and Capulets, Father Lorenzo, Mercutio, Lily-Dance, Romeo and Juliet. From Gounod: Arietta, Juliet's Dream. From Berlioz: Romeo in the Family, Invocation, Juliet's Awaking,Delirious Joy, Anguish and Death of both Lovers.
Ref 10412: Price 14,13 EUR

Russian Piano Music - Edited by Linde Großmann
Piano Solo, 24 original piano pieces, titles are; Invention Nr. 16 (Mylnikow), Etude Op. 27 Nr. 3, Scherzo Op. 27 Nr.14, Fantastic Dance No.1 (Schostakowitsch), Tchastushka (Gawrilin), Forest Musicians (Gubajdulina), Rain Op. 15 Nr. 14 (Kossenko), Fughetta (Majkapar), Miniature (Glasunow), Chordal Inventions (Schtschedrin), Mazurka (Glinka), Variations on The Russian Folksong "In Tranquil Valleys", A Tear (Mussorgskij), Waltz Op.31 Nr. 2 (Cui), Hallali (Rubinstein), Prélude- Impromptu Op.38 (Rimskij-Korsakow), Romance Op.15 Nr. 2 (Rimskij-Korsakow), Lullaby Op.3 Nr.2 (Spendiarow), Prélude Op.46 Nr. 2 (Ljadow), Prélude Op.11 Nr.2, Chanson Triste Op.40 Nr. 2, Chanson Sans Paroles Op.40 Nr. 6, Valse Op.40 Nr. 9 (Tschaikowsky).
Ref 24093: Price 15,95 EUR

Schiremer's Album Of Organ And Piano Duets
Organ and piano duets, with Hammond registration. Arranged by William Stickles. Contents: Alleluia from Motet: 'Exsultate Jubilate' (Themes) (Mozart), Arioso (Bach), Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod), Bridal Chorus from 'Lohengrin' (Theme, Wagner), Christmas Night (Medley): Silent Night (Gruber), It came upon the midnight clear (Willis), O come all ye faithfull (Reading); The swan (Saint-Saens), Theme from Fantaisie-Impromptu (Chopin), Theme from Kamenoi Ostrow (Rubinstein), Theme from Largo from the 'New World' symphony (Dvorak), March of the priests from 'Athalie' (Theme, Mendelssohn), Meditation from 'Thais' (Massenet), Piano concerto in Bb minor (theme, Tchaikowsky), Pomp and circumstance (Elgar), Sr. Anthony Chorale from Brahms' variations on a theme by Haydn (Brahms), Salut d'amour (Elgar), Wedding march from 'A midsummer night's dream' (Theme, Mendelssohn).
Ref 4618: Price 14.75 EUR

Shakespeare's World
PF, includes music from the classic feature films: Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet and Henry V. Titles are: from Romeo & Juliet: The First Kiss (Nellie Hooper), Fantasy Overture (Tchaikovsky), from Much Ado About Nothing: Sigh no More, Ladies ( Patrick Doyle), from Henry V: Opening Titles (Patrick Doyle), Death of Falstaff (William Walton), from The Winter's Tale: Amor est in Pectore (Nigel Hess), from Othello: Willow Song (Nigel Hess), from A Midsummer Night's Dream : Wedding March ( Felix Mendelssohn), from Hamlet: Death of Hamlet (Patrik Doyle), End Titles (Franco Zeffirelli), from the Tempest: Where the Bee Sucks (Stephen Warbeck), from the Twelfth Night; Drinking Scene (Richard Harris), from McBeth: Banquo's Ghost Appears at th Banquet (Richard Harris), from King Lear: Storm Scene (Richard Harris).
Ref 7243: Price 14.75 EUR

Sint Nicolaas Liederen - Folk Dean
Samengesteld en bewerkt door Folk Dean. Piano met zang. Inhoud: Zie ginds komt de stoomboot, Daar wordt aan de deur geklopt, Sinterklaas goed heilig man, Zie de maan schijnt door de bomen, Sinterklaas is jarig, O kom eens kijken, Sinterklaas kapoentje, Jongens heb je 't al vernomen?, Sinterklaas die goede heer, Hoor de wind waait door de bomen, De zak van Sinterklaas, Sinterklaasje bonne bonne bonne, Wie komt er alle jaren?, Sint Niklaasje kom maar binnen.
Ref 204: Price 7,93 EUR

Sinterklaas Kapoentje...
24 van de meest bekende Sint Nicolaas liedjes, arrangement: Jos Vranken. Zang en piano. Inhoud: Zie de maan schijnt…, Sinterklaasje bonne, O kom eens kijken, Zie ginds komt de stoomboot, Hoor de wind waait…, Sinterklaas kapoentje, De zak van Sinterklaas, Sinterklaas goed heilig man, Daar wordt aan de deur geklopt, Sinterklaas is jarig, Wie komt er al die jaren…, Sint Niklaas die goeie lieve heer, Hoor ik daar geen paardevoetjes?, Welkomstliedje, Van twee kleuters, Sinterklaas op het dak, Sinterklaas die goeie heer, Liesje bij de schoorsteen, Strooiliedje, Hop hop hop we zitten rechtop, Eerlijk deelen, Sint Niklaasje kom maar binnen, Sinterklaas zegt moe, Jongens heb je't al vernomen.
Ref 5362: Price 6.82 EUR

Sonatinas For Piano Book one - David Carr Glover & Maurice Hinson
Early intermediate level, titles are: Sonatina in C (Albert Biehl), Sonatina in G (Thomas Attwood), Sonatina in C (Tobias Haslinger), Sonatina in F (Johann Baptist Wanhal), Sonate in C (Jean Latour), Sonatina in G (Ludwig Van Beethoven), Sonatina in G (Jean Latour), Rondo (Louis Koehler), Mineut (Joseph Haydn), Sonatina in C (Johann Baptist Wanhal), Sonatina in G (Cornelius Gurlitt), Sonatina in C (Charles H. Wilton), Sonatina in D (George A. Benda), Sonatina in F (Ludwig Van Beethoven), Sonatina in D (Jacob Schmitt), Sonatina in C, (Cornelius Gurlitt), Sonatina in D (James Hook).
Ref 4352: Price 9,42 EUR

Sonatinen Album: 20 Sonatinas for Piano - Arr. by Emile Bosquet
PS, titles are: Sonatine Op.36 No.1 (Clementi), Sonatine Gmajor (Beethoven), Sonatine Op.300 (Köhler), Sonatine Op.36 No.2 (Clementi), Sonatine Op.168 No.2 (Diabelli), Sonatine D Majeur (Wagenseil), Sonatine Op.76 No.1 (Gutlitt), Sonatine F major (Beethoven), Sonatine Op. 55 No,1 (Kuhlau), Sonatine Op.168 No.3 (Diabelli), Sonatine G Major (Steibelt), Sonatine Op.151 No.1 (Diabelli), Sonatine G Major (Haydn), Sonatine Op.168 No.1 (Diabelli), Sonatine Op.20 No. 1 (Kuhlau), Sonatine Op.55 No.2 (Kuhlau), Sonatine B Flat Majeur (Steibelt), Sonatine Op.37 No.2 (Clementi), Sonatine Op.88 No.2 (Kuhlau), Sonatine Op.49 No.2 (Beethoven).
Ref 16820: Price 14,25 EUR

Sonaten Album II - Arr. by Louis Köhler and Adolf Ruthhardt
Titles are: from Haydn: Allegretto innocente Hob. XVI: 40, Allegro Hob.XVI: 49, allegro moderato Hob. XVI:28. From Mozart: Assai Allegro KV 280, Allegro KV 333, Allegro KV 533, Allegro maestoso KV 310. From Beethoven: Grave (pathétique) Op.13, Allegro Op.2 nr.1, Adagio sostenuto (Mondschein-S.) Op.27 Nr.2, Andante con Variaziono Op.26.
Ref 10196: Price 18,59 EUR

Sonatinen Album Band 1
Titles are: Sonatine in G-dur (Thomas Attwood), Klavierstücke Es-dur (Krebs), Zwei Allegros (Häßler), Zwei Menuette aus KV 315a (Mozart), Sonatine C-dur Op.36/1 (Clementi), Sonatine G-dur Op. 36/2 (Clementi), Andante aus der Sonatine F-dur Op.2/5 (Vanhal), Sonatine G-dur Kinsky-Halm Anh.5 (Beethoven), Sonatine d-moll (Benda), Sonatine F-dur (Benda), Marsch G-dur (J.C.F Bach), Sonatine aus Kinderstücke op.27 (Kabalewski), Passepied E-dur (Kirnberger), Sonatine C-dur op.36/3 (Clementine), Sonatine F-dur Kinsky-Halm Anh.5 (beethoven), Fünf Preludes pour Mlle Lili aus op.119 (Heller), Menuett A-dur (Myslivecek), Sonatina g-moll (Benda), Sonatine G-dur op.55/2 (Kuhlau), Andantino F-dur (Türk), Scherzo F-dur aus der Sonate F-dur Hob.XVI:9 (Haydn), Sonate D-dur Hob. XVI:4 (Haydn).
Ref 9851: Price 11.65 EUR

Sonatinen Album Band 1 Neue Folge
Titles are; Präludium C Dur, Bourrée F dur (Fischer), Fanfare D dur (Couperin), Menuett F dur, Menuett G dur (Bach0, Allegro A dur (W.F. Bach), Allegro F dur (Haydn), Sonatine C dur, Sonatine F dur (Wanhal0, Sonatine D dur (Clementi), Menuett G dur, Andantino Es dur, Sonatine C dur, Sonatine G dur (Mozart), Sonatine D dur (Pleyel), Sonatine G dur (Dussek), Allegretto con Variazioni F dur (Müller), Ländler D dur, Fünf Deitsche Tänze, Sonatine G dur, Sonatine F dur (Beethoven), Sonatine C dur (Kuhlau0, Sonatine C dur, Sonatine C dur (Haslinger), Deutsches Lied C dur, Sonatine C dur (Czerny), Zwei Deutsche Tänze f moll-As dur (Schubert), Kinderstück Es dur (Mendelssohn), Stücken C dur, Walzer a moll (Schumann), Drei Präludien für Lili C dur-e moll-F dur (Heller), Sonatine G dur (Gurlitt), Kleines Stück F dur, Duett F dur (Kirshner), Mazurka d moll, Russisches Lied F dur, Walzer fis moll (Tschaikowsky), Ranveig a moll (Grieg), Rondinetto C dur, Rondinetto B dur, Präludium C dur (Niemann), Zwei Rumänische Volkstänze d moll-D dur (Bartok), Marsch C dur (Prokofjew), Impromptu D dur (Rowley), Lebfafter Tanz e moll ( Weyrauch).
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Sonatinen Album II - Arr. by Volger
Titles are: Sonatina B dur (Händel), Sonata in E moll (Pastorale) (Scarlatti), Divertimento C dur (Haydn), Sonatine Es dur Op.37 Nr.1 (Clementi), Sonatine A dur (Mozart), Sonatine C dur Op.20 Nr.2 (Dussek),Sonatine f moll (Beethoven), Sonatine a moll Op.88 Nr.3 (Kuhlau), Jugend-Sonate G dur Op.118 Nr.1 (Schumann), Sonatine B dur Op.70 Nr.5 (Kirchner), Sonatine F dur Op.8 (Goetz), Sonatine G dur Op.152 Nr.2 (Ländliche musik) (Niemann), Sonatine g moll (Grabner), Sonatine in d Op.40 Nr.4 (Der Winter) (Rowley), Sonatine in d (Hübschmann).
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Sonatinas Preparatives - Franz Prisching
Titles are: Sonatine C Dur (Haslinger), Sonatine C Dur Op. 41 nr. 1 ( Wanhal), Sonatine F Dur Op. 41 Nr. 2 (Wandal), Sonatine C dur Op.83 (Schmitt), Sonatine G Dur (Beethoven), Sonatine D Dur Op.207 Nr.1 (Schmitt), Sonatine A Dur Op.207 Nr.2 (Schmitt), Sonatine In F Dur (Beethoven), Sonatine D Dur (Pleyel), Sonatine C Dur (Haslinger), Soantine G Dur Op.34 (André), Sonatine C Dur (Pleyel), Sonatine C Dur Op.163 (Czerny), Sonatine C Dur (Mozart), Sonatine G Dur (Mozart).
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Songs & Arias, The Library Of
PV, 240pp, a compendium of world's finest classical vocal music from the Renaissance to the 20th Century. Titles are: Lo so che pria mi moro (Aniello), Under the Greenwood Tree (Arne), My heart ever faithful (Bach), The Glory Of The Lord (Beethoven), In the Woods (Bizet), The Sleeping Princess (Borordin), May Night (Brahms), Serenade (Brahms), My Songs (Brahms), Lovesong (Brahms0, La vezzosa pastorella (Bruni) , Amarilli, mia bella (Caccini), Come raggio di sol (Caldara), O sole mio (Di Capua), Vittoria mio core! (Carissimi), looking Glass River (Carpenter), Les Papillons (Chausson), Zwei Leichen (Chopin), Romance (Debussy), Beau soir (Debussy), Les Cloches (Debussy), Il Pleure dans mon coeur (Debussy), Jours passés (Delibes), Come again, sweet Love (Dowland), Danza, danza, fancilla gentile (Durante), Biblical Song (Dvorak), Sea Shell (Engel), Les Rameaux (Fauré), Lied (Franck), Für Musik (Franz), Caro Mio Ben (Giordani), O del mio dolce ardor (Gluck), Ave Maria (Bach/ Gounod), Ein Schwan (Grieg), Ich liebe dich (Grieg), I Know That My Redeemer Liveth (Handel), Love Ye the Lord (Handel), He Shall Feed His Flock (Handel), Piercing Eyes (Haydn), Madrigal (D'Indy), L'Esclave (Lalo), Che Fiero costume (Legrenzi), Wanderers Nachtlied (Liszt), The Sea (MacDowell), Élégie (Massenet), O Rest The Lord (Mendelssohn), Lasciatemi morire! (Monteverdi), It Was A Lover and His LAss (Morley), Das Veilchen (Mozart), Ave Verum Corpus (Mozart), Belle Nuit (Offenbach), Nel cor piu non mi sento (Pasiello), Se tu M'ami (Perlogesi), Passing By (E. Purcell), Nymphs and Shepherds (H.Purcell), Chanson indoue (Rimsky- Korsakov), Le Lever de la lune (Saint-Saëns), O cessate di piagarmi (Scarlatti), Der Tod und das Mädchen (Schubert), Morgenständchen (Schubert), Ständchen (Schubert), Ave Maria (Schubert), Ich grolle nicht (Schumann), Widmung (Schumann), Seperazione (Sgambati), Zueignung (Strauss), Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt (Tchaikovsky), Träume (Wagner), Zur Ruh zur Ruh! (Wolf), La paloma (Yradier).
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Sparkling Ragtime for Easy Piano
Piano, book & CD. These 15 famous sparkling ragtime classics, arranged for easy piano, capture the magic of the Scott Joplin era. Contents: The entertainer, Mississippi rag, The Chrysanthemum, The maple leaf rag, Reflection rag, A breeze from Alabama, Weeping willow, Smoky mokes, The black and white rag, The cascades, Original rags, Eugenia, Rag-time dance, Elite syncopations, Raggy rag.
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Sprookjestuin - Folk Dean
8 eenvoudige piano werkjes voor 4-handen, titels zijn: Dansende elfjes, Dans ven de dwergen, Moeder de Gans, Doornroosje's droom, Feest in Sprookjesland, Zachtjes, zachtjes.. Sneeuwwitje slaapt, Thuiskomst van de kabouters, Dans van de Sneeuwkoningin.
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Three Russian Songs
PS. Includes: Do not awake her at dawn (Varmaloy), The skylark (Glinka), At the ball (Tchaikowsky). Intermediate level.
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Toll in Moll
24 Orginal Pieces For Piano, titles are: Fuga (Telemann), Prélude (Bach), Solfeggietto (Bach), Sonatina (Benda), Menuetto (Haydn), Shepherd's Lament (Reichardt), Für Elise (Beethoven), Waltz (Schubert), Valse Noble (Schubert), Etude (Mayer), Thunderstorm (Burgmuller), Venetian Gondola Song (Mendelssohn), Valse (Chopin), Knecht Ruprecht (Schumann), Fantasy Dance (Schumann), A Tear (Mussorgskij), Goblin (Grieg), Etude (Chatschaturjan), Toccatina (Kabalewskij), The Horseman (Kabalewskij), Autumn Sketch (Gillock), Blue Mood (Gillock), Melancholy Reflections (Schenmehl), Disco Visit (Schoenmehl).
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Top Twenty Sacred Melodies for Piano, A
Contents: Alleluia from 'Exultate Jubilate' (W.A. Mozart), Ave Maria (J.S. Bach), Ave Maria (Schubert), Ave verum corpus (W.A. Mozart), Cantique de Jean Racine (Fauré), Crucifixus from Mass in B minor (J.S. Bach), Cujus animam (Rossini), Hallelujah Chorus from 'Messiah' (Handel), I know that my redeemer liveth from 'Messiah' (Handel), Jerusalem (Parry), Jesu joy of man's desiring (J.S. Bach), Largo from 'Serse' (Handel), Miserere (Allegri), O for the wings of a dove (Mendelssohn), Panis angelicus (Franck), Pie Jesu from 'Requiem' (Faure), Prelude from 'Te Deum ' (Charpentier), The heavens are telling (Haydn), The lost chord (Sullivan), Trumpet voluntary (Clarke).
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Treize Danses
PS, Advanced Level, titles are: Danse (Conrad Beck), Rigaudon (Marcel Delannoy), The Becchante (P.O.Ferroud), Fox-Trot (Tibor Harsanyi), Valse (Jacques Larmanjat), Gavotte (Nikolai Lopatnikoff), La Danse (Bohuslav Martinu), La Sègue (Georges Migot), Chindia (Marcel Mihalovici), Valse Des Pecheurs A La Ligne (Manuel Rosenthal),Boston (Erwin Schulhoff), Burlesque (Alexandre Tansman), Rêve (Jean Wiener).
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Tussendoortjes Voor Piano
Easy, titles are: After the Ball, Al is ons Prinsje, Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere, Bill Bailey, Cielito Lindo, Daisy, Daydream, For He's a Jolly Good Fellow, Katjuscha, La Paloma, Marine Hymn, Meet me in St, Louis, Midnight Special, On top Of Old Smokey, Plaisir d'Amour, Swing Low Sweet Chariot, The Entertainer, The Star and Stripes, Ueber Den Wellen, Waltzing Matilda.
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Two At The Piano
PF. 50 duets for the young pianist to play with a teacher or more advanced player, titles are: Two at the piano, Climbing up, Come and play with me, Mother's day, Sunshine, Little John, If I were a shepherd, A sad memory, Country revels, Never give up, Folksong, In the sulks, Springtime, In a happy mood, The showman, In the garden, Waltz, Greetings, Happy and sad, Carefree, The lively rascal, O to be home again, Gossip, At the blacksmith, With abandon, Speech is silver-silence is gold, Waltz, The skylark, The little horseman, A song is good company, Andante from Haydn's symphony No.94, Thoughts from the past, By the stream, In a gondola, The two folksingers, Full of fun, To my brother, A short story, Evening song, High spirits, In joy and in sorrow, Saying goodbye, Mazurka, Let's have a party,Coming home, Flirting, The huntsmen, The little drummer, Bubbling over, Song of the mermaid from Weber's Oberon. (ED. FABER)
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Unsterbliche Walzer 2 - Von Strauss bis Lehar
Piano Solo, titles are: Die Schlittschuhläufer (Waldteufel), Estudiantina (Waldteufel), Sirenzauber (Waldteufel), Kuß-Walzer (Johann Struaß (Sohn)), Schatz-Walzer Johann Struaß (Sohn)), Lagunen-Walzer (Johann Struaß (Sohn)), Dorfschwalben aus Österreich (Josef Strauß), Hofball-Tänze (Josef Lanner), Schubert-Walzer (Schubert), Weaner Mad'ln (Carl Michael Ziehrer), Laura- Walzer (Joseph Ivanovici), Liebestraum nach dem Balle (Alphons Czibulka).
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Waltz Book, The
Solo piano album for the young student. Contents: Black hawk waltz (Walsh), Brahms' waltz, Ice carnaval (Schaum), Junior prom waltz (Waldteufel), Merry widom waltz (Lehar), Over the waves (Rosas), Poet and peasant waltz (vonSuppe), Queen of the sea (Sousa), Schubert's waltz, Waves of the danube (Ivanovici), Life is a dance (Johann Strauss Sr.), Emperor waltz (Johann Strauss Jr.), Spring breezes (Jozef Strauss), Dashing spirits (Eduard Strauss).
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Twice As Nice - Ed. by Weekley & Arganbright
Original duets for 1 piano, 4 hands, titles are: Three Little Pieces (Bruckner), The Tin Soldiers Op.98 No.3, In The Woods Op.98 No.6, Playing Grown-up op.98 No.15, On the Green Meadow Op.99 No.1, Ballade Op.99 No.3, Serenade Op.99 No.10 (Gretchaninoff), Evening Hymn Op.178 No.13, Playfulness Op.178 No.14 (Gurlitt), Minuet (Mozart), Six Landler (Schubert), Bithday March Op.85 No.1, Waltz Op.130 No.2 (Schumann), Sonatina (Spindler), The Storm (Turk).
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