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Title - Group / Composer
3 Tangos - Kirschner, Michel
Violin with guitar (also suitable for flute), titles are: Passion Tango, La Méprise, Tinto Tango. Book with CD, intermediate level.
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Antony Steve - The Seasons (Violin)
Violin with piano and optional Cello, titles are: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Easy level.
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At the Circus For Violin and Piano - Cofalik, Antoni/ Twardowski, Romuald
Violin and Piano, in this book pupils learn about new forms of articulation (spiccato) and special rhythms (e.g. Hungarian rhythm). Pupils also become acquainted with harmonis, chromatics runs, difficult double-stops, chords and frequent changes of position. Titles are: The Circus is coming, The Equestrienne, Trapeze Artists, The Clown, The Brisk Bear, Dwarf Poodles, The Illusionist, The Wire Dances, The Bored Tiger, The Snake Charmer, The Dancing Elephant, Dolls March. Easy to early intermediate level.
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Bach - Sonaten und Partiten
Violin solo, With introductory text, bowings and fingerings. 108 pages. Contains facsimile of the autograph manuscript. Arr. by Galmamian.
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Barton Pine Rachel - The Rachel Barton Pine Collection: Original Compositions, Arrangements, Cadenzas and Editions
World-famous violinist Rachel Barton Pine compiled a collection of 19 pieces, mainly for unaccompanied violin, ranging from her original compositions and cadenzas to new arrangements of existing violin staples. Pine was inspired to create it when she was asked to write a cadenza for Meude-Monpas’ Concerto No. 1 in D Major, a rediscovered concerto that had not been played since the composer’s lifetime in the eighteenth century. Highlights include an original cadenza for Paganini’s Violin Concerto No. 2 in B Minor, a new arrangement of The Star-Spangled Banner, and many others. The book also contains a lengthy introduction discussing her love of composition and arrangements. Fans and budding virtuosos alike will delight in this unique and personal collection.Advanced level.
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Beethoven - Romanzen Op. 40 and Op. 50
Violin and piano, titles are: Romanze G-dur op. 40, Romanze F-dur Op. 50.
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Benda F. - 28 Studies Op. post.
28 studies for Violin.
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Cafehaus Musik
Violin I/II with Piano, titles are: Wiener Blut (Strauss), Amboß Polka (Albert Parlow), Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 6 (Brahms), Blue Tango (Leroy Anderson), Classic Modern, Narcissus (Nevin), Melodie in F (Rubinstein), Zwei Guitarren (Ferraris), Der Rosenkranz (Nevin).
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Classical Pieces for Violin and Piano - Van Rompaey Gunter
Classical Pieces bevat prachtige stukjes van bekende componisten zoals Georg Philipp Telemann, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert en Edvard Grieg.
De pianobegeleidingen zijn meegeleverd. Op de cd zijn de pianobegeleidingen voor dit klassieke boek uiteraard live opgenomen op een echte vleugel.
Inhoud: Long, Long Ago / Traditional, Can Can / Offenbach, Jacques, Espana / Chabrier, Emmanuel, Lied / Brahms, Johannes, Capriccio / Paganini, Nicolò, Theme from Akademische Festouvertüre / Brahms, Johannes, Ode an die Freude / van Beethoven, Ludwig, Jupiter Theme / Holst, Gustav, Norwegian Dance / Grieg, Edvard, Theme from Kaiserquartett /Haydn, Franz Joseph, Kleine Melodie / Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, See, the Conqu'ring Hero Comes / Händel, Georg Friedrich, Ländler / Schubert, Franz, Theme from Sinfonnie Nr. 1 in C / Brahms, Johannes, Rigaudon / Purcell, Henry, Theme from Sinfonie mit dem Paukenschlag / Haydn, Franz Joseph, Minuet II from Music for the Royal Fireworks / Händel, Georg Friedrich, Deutscher Tanz Nr. 4 / Haydn, Franz Joseph, Capriccio italien / Tchaikovsky, Pjotr Iljitsj, Der Vogelfänger bin ich ja / Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, Theme from Souvenir de Moscou / Wieniawski, Henryk, La donna è mobile / Verdi, Giuseppe, Militärmarsch / Schubert, Franz, Vite / Telemann, Georg Philipp, Pathétique / Tchaikovsky, Pjotr Iljitsj, The Young Prince and the Young Princess / Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai A., Barcrolle / Offenbach, Jacques, Andantino / Elgar, Edward William, The Dargason / Holst, Gustav, Land of Hope and Glory / Elgar, Edward William, Allegretto / Elgar, Edward William, Country Dance / Smetana, Bedrich, The Great Gate of Kiev / Mussorgsky, Modest, Auf Flügeln des Gesanges (On Wings of Song) / Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix.
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Concert Collection for Violin - Norton Christopher
15 original pieces for violin and piano with play.
Take the stage with The Christopher Norton Concert Collection for Violin!
Stunning music for violin and piano for intermediate to advanced-level players, from the creator of Microjazz.
15 entertaining and inventive pieces based on well-known American folk tunes, Christmas carols and nursery rhymes.
Spectacular playalong CD featuring backing tracks and performances.
Content: American folk tunes: Turkey in the straw, Swanee river, Polly Wolly Doodle, Carry me back, Dixie.
Christmas: King Boogie, We wish, Good Christian men, Camel stomp, I saw three ships.
Nursery rhymes: Put it all together, Hush little baby, Twinkle, Black sheep.
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The Concertmaster: Symphonic Classics for Violin & Orchestra - Applegate Geoffrey
Performed by Geoffrey Applegate, violin
Accompaniment: Stuttgart Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Emil Kahn
Here is a collection of symphonic excerpts showcasing the solo violinist in ensemble situations. This album provides a necessary introduction to the experience of soloing in an orchestral ensemble and will give you a thrilling environment in which to do it. Great music from the world’s master composers. American virtuoso Geoffrey Applegate performs these works and then you take his place alongside the Stuttgart Symphony Orchestra conducted by Emil Kahn.
Includes a high-quality printed music score and a compact disc containing a complete version with soloist, in split-channel stereo (soloist on the right channel); then a second version in full stereo of the orchestral accompaniment, minus the soloist.

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Creatures left behind the Ark (VLN) - Rory Boyle
7 Easy pieces (all first position) for Violin and Piano, titles are: Two-legged Pony, Golden Unicorn, Ele-flea, Mole-fish, Winged Hamster, Rhinosaur, Six-humped Camel.
Ref 7378 Price:
Dancla - 6 Airs Varies Op. 89 (LB785)
With piano, titles are: No.1 On A Theme by Pacini, No.2 On A Theme By rossini, No.3 On A theme By Bellini, No.4 On A Theme By Donizetti, No.5 On A Theme By Weigl, No.6 On A theme By Mercante.
Ref 6090 Price:
Dejonghe Koen - Dizzy Waltz
Violin, flute, clarinet Bb and piano, score and parts.
Ref 48588 Price:
Der Kleine Paganini - Bornemann Christiane
Violin with piano, 15 studies for young children aged from four to ten.Titles are: Der kleine Paganini, Die Schlange, Der Reitersmann, Taler Variationen, Clowns, Zwergentanz, Regentropfen, Der Tanzbär, Echo-Etüde, Drei und eins, Variationen über das Lied "Brüderchen., komm tanz mit mir", Die Fliege, Scherzo, Burlesque.
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Elgar, Edward - Elgar Treasures
Violin with piano, position 1-3, titles are: Chanson de Nuit, Op. 15 no. 1, Pleading, Op. 48 no. 1, Speak, Music!, Op. 41 no. 2, My Moonlight, Canto Populare from In the South (Alassio) Op. 50, Salut d'amour, Op. 12, Chanson de Matin, Op. 15 no. 2, In Heaven (Capri) from Sea Pictures Op. 38, Nimrod from the Enigma Variations Op. 36. Book with CD (Full performance and Play-along), intermediate level.
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English Consort Music
Accompaniment: New York Consort of Viols: Fortunato Arico, bass viols; Lucy Bardo, treble viol; Judith Davidoff, treble viol; Grace Feldman, tenor viol; Alison Fowle, tenor viol; Ben Harms, percussion; Edward Smith, harpsichord.
This beautiful album of English Consort pieces contains a rich collection of fantasias, dances and suites from the 16th and 17th centuries. A delight!
Contains printed music score, and compact disc (with accompaniments only) in stereo. Book & 2 CD's.
Contents: Coperario: Fantasia in C major; Downland: Semper downland semper Dolens, The king of Denmark's galiard, The earl of Essex galiard, M. Henry Noel his galiard, M. Giles hobbies galiard, M. Nicholas Gryffith his galiard, M. Thomas Collier his galiard, Captain Digorie Piper his galiard, M. Bucton's galiard, Mrs. Nichols almand, M. George Whitehead his galiard; Brade: Canzon; Lawes: Consort suite in G minor, Fantasia on the plainsong, Air; Schein: Suite No. 3, Pavane, Gagliarde, Courante (Allemande and Tripla); Byrd: The leaves be green; Woodcock: Browning Fantasy.
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Ernst W.H. - 6 Mehrstimmige Etüden
Violin Solo, titles are: Der Erlköning (Schubert) grand Caprice Op. 26 Rondo Papageno, Etüde 1 nach Laub, Etüde 2 nach Saintom, Etüde 3 nach Joachim, Etüde 4 nach Vieuxtemps, Etüde 1 nach Hellmesberger, Etüde 6 nach Bazzini (Die Letzte Rose). Advanced level.
Ref 35141 Price:
Famous Tunes for Violin - Van Rompaey Gunter
De 44 bekende liedjes vanuit zowat de hele wereld staan in technisch opzicht exact de juiste volgorde zoals die ook in Speel viool! voorkomt. Extra speelmateriaal dus dat naadloos aansluit bij de vioolmethode Speel viool! Vanaf les 8 van deel 1 kan je spelen uit dit boek. Je begint met heel eenvoudige liedjes, allemaal in 1ste positie en op het eind heb je de eerste 3 vingerstanden nodig.
De pianobegeleiding is eveneens meegeleverd voor uitvoeringen en examens en op de cd vind je leuke en soms grappige begeleidingen. Elk liedje wordt ook voorgespeeld.
Inhoud: Hot Cross Buns, Au clair de la lune, Bile Them Cabbage Down, Chicken Cheeps, May Song, Issie Dissie Dou, Folk Song, Pease Pudding, Tik Tak, Antrim Hills, Zagen, zagen, Hänschen klein, Wulle, Wulle, Gänschen, Frère Jacques - Vader Jacob, Summ, summ, summ, Jingle Bells, Lullaby, Der Kuckuck und der Esel, Shalom Chaverim, Long, Long Ago - Roodborstje tikt tegen 't raam, Muss I denn, Portsmouth, Elsje Fiederelsje, Als unser Mops ein Möpschen war - Toen onze mop een mopje was, Dong Bell, Wel Annemarieke, Al die willen te kaap'ren varen, Happy Birthday, Yankee Doodle, Fauler Sammy, Pridi ty su hajko, Reel, Santa Lucia, The Trumpet Hornpipe, Esik esö, The Plaughman, Bobby Shaftoe, Eia Popeia, Londonderry Air (Danny Boy), Can Can, Laurentia, Twee violen en een bas, Amazing Grace, Sailor's Hornpipe
Ref 45984 Price:
Fijnbesnaarde Streken - Violin & Piano - Buckinx Boudewijn
Voordrachtstukjes voor beginnende violisten. Viool en piano.
Ref 45812 Price:
Fun time violin
Violin with Piano, titles are: Tomorrow (Strouse), Paloma Blanca (Bouwens), The Entertainer (Joplin), Snowbird (MacLellan), Sing (Raposo), Puppet On A String ( Coulter), Cavatina (Myers), For Once In My Life (Murden), Theme From M.A.S.H. (Mandel), I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing (Backer), Chitty Chitty Bang BAng (Sherman), Son Sung Blue (Diamond), Streets Of London (McTell), when A Child IS Born (Baldan), Birdie Song (Thomas).
Ref 2098 Price:
Große Meister für Kleine Geiger - Nagy Istvan
Violin with piano, 15 easy pieces, titles are: Bourrée (Purcell), Réjouissance aus 'Klingende Geographie' (Telemann), Musette aus 'Alcina' (Huandel), Lied aus 'Bauernkantate' (J.S. Bach), Moderato aus 'Séniramide' (Gluck), Thema mit Variationen aus Barytontrio Nr. 2 (Haydn), Kontratanz (Mozart), Menuetto aus Serenade Nr. 1 (Beethoven), Allegramente aus einem Rondo für Klavier zu 4 Händen (Weber), 'Abschied vom Wald' aus 'Sechs Lieder op. 59' (Mendelssohn Bartoldy), Romanze aus 'Die Zauberharfe' (Schubert), Arie aus 'Il Corsaro' (Verdi), Marsch aus 'Don Procopio' (Bizet), 'Vergebliches Hoffen' aus 'Vier Duette op. 3' (Dvorak), Lied ohne Worte op. 40 (Tschaikowsky).f
Ref 60779 Price:
Janacek - Works for Violin and Piano
Violin and piano, titles are: Romance, Dumka, Sonata (Con Moto, Ballade, Allegretto, Adagio), Allegro. Urtext edition.
Ref 41491 Price:
Janschinow - Concertino in Russian Style Op. 35
Violin with paino, 1st position. Book with CD, easy level.
Ref 31014 Price:
Magic Carpet For Violin (Concert Pieces For The Youngest Beginners) - Joanne Martin
Magic Carpet is a collection of audience-pleasing concert pieces for the youngest beginners. These pieces can be used in either a reading-based or Suzuki teaching environment, and teachers can choose whether the children learn them by reading or by ear. Magic Carpet is available for violin, viola, and cello students, with a separate book (with CD) and piano accompaniment for each instrument.
Ref 45328 Price:
Magical Moments - Jos van den Dungen
Violin solo, 20 adventurous pieces in the first position but some piecesmakes also a start with the third position, titles are: The String Hopper, Everbody Loves Mo, Just Dreaming, Please Don't Break No Strings, The Bagpiper, Ghost in a Bottle, Balkan Blues, Son Of A Wizard, Klezmer, Movie Tune, Yellow Light, Romanian Girls, Across The Border, No Mango So Tango, Bianca's Ballad, Don't Shoot The Fiddler, Lions, Circus, Granada. Book wit CD (full performance and play-along). Easy to intermediate level.
Ref 37640 Price:
Martinu - 7 arabesques
Violin or cello with piano, intermediate level.
Ref 50907 Price:
Martinu Bohuslav - 5 Madrigal Stanzas
Violin and piano.
Ref 46372 Price:
Master Pieces For Violin
A massive collection (piano score-208 pages, violin part-96 pages), Masterpieces for Violin includes some of the most beloved performance pieces for the violin, many of which have been out of print for years. With 30 renowned works for violin and piano, the book features transcriptions and compositions by renowned violinists such as August Wilhelmj, Leopold Auer, Mischa Elman, Gustav Saenger, Joseph Joachim and Fritz Kreisler, among others. This is the first time such a remarkable collection of violin repertoire has been available in one publication. The titles in Masterpieces for Violin are concert level and will be outstanding repertoire for the serious violinist. Titles are: Air on The G-String (Bach), Dance Of The Globins Op. 25 (Bazzini), Turkisch March (Beethoven), Nigun (Bloch), Hungarian Dance No.1 and 5 (Brahms), Nocturne No. 27 No. 2 (Chopin), Souvenir (Drdla), Valse Bluette (Drigo), La Capricieuse Op.17, Salut d'Amour Op. 12 (Elgar), Après un Rêve (Fauré), Méditation (Glazunov), Hejre Kati Op.32 No.4, Zephyr Op. 30 No. 5 (Hubay), Preludium and Allegro in the style of Pugnani, Liebeslied, Sicilienne and Rigaudon in the style of Francoeur (Kreisler), Méditation from Thais (Massenet), Csárdás (Monti), Perpetuum Mobile (Novacek), Habanera No. 2 Op. 21, Introduction and Tarantelle Op. 43 (de Sarasate), Ave Maria (Schubert), The Bee Op. 13 No.9 (Schubert), Aus Der Heimat No. 2 (Smetana), Mélodie in Eb Op. 42 No. 3, Valse Scherzo Op. 34 (Tchaikovsky), Rondino Op. 32 No. 2 (Vieuxtemps), Scherzo-tarantelle Op. 16 (Wieniawski).
Ref 33914 Price:
Medieval Music for Violin - Allan Alexander
Medieval Music for Violin by Allan Alexander contains 34 pieces for violin which can be played solo or with a chord instrument. This great collection includes tunes from the Medieval times. Most of the pieces have been extended with variations, which make the tunes a more suitable length for performances and are a lot of fun for the violinist to play.
Every tune in the book is included on the digitally mastered CD. Though the tunes are very effective as solo material, Allan chose to record them with violinist Melanie De Bonneville. Melanie has given a skillful, charming Medieval performance of the music and Allan has rendered the chords artfully. The result is a really lovely CD which is a pleasure to listen to.
For the player who is new to Medieval music, the recording will give insights into the melodies, and it will allow the violinist who has no access to a chord instrument to hear and play along with the guitar as the violin part can be turned down by fading one channel. For those who know and love these wonderful tunes, it will be a joy to hear them played by two musicians who obviously love to play this music together. The CD which comes with the book has all 34 of the tunes in the same order in which they appear in the book.
The CD will give you insights into the music, and it will be enjoyable to listen to on its own merit. For additional information, be sure to check out Allan's web site.
The Pieces are as follows Winder wie ist, Out in the Meadow, Come With Me My Giselle, Medieval Dance, Ay, Deus, se sab' ora meu amigo, A Bransle, Under der linden, Song of the Ass, Ungaresca, Medieval Dance, Wach auff, mein, Medieval Dance, Edi beo thu hevene queene, O Virgo Splendens, Quant je voi yver retorner, Villanella, Da Que Deus Mamo, Ond Aveo, Lamento de Tristano, La Rotta, Adieu mes amours, Loibere risen, Saltarello, Saltarello, A Virgen, que de Deus, En Todo Nos Faz Mercee, Quen a Deus e a Sa Madra, Cantiga Two, Leitões Dançando de Santa Maria, Muito De Mostra a Virgen, Quen a Omagen da Virgen, A Virgen En Que, Acorrer Nos Pode, Medieval Song Number Five, Saltarello.
Ref 43680 Price:
Mendelsshon Bartholdy - Sonatas for Violin And Pianoforte
Violin and piano. Urtext and prepared parts enclosed. Two books.
Contents: Vorwort / Preface, Faksimiles / Facsimiles, Sonata in F / in F major, 1820, Sonata in f / in F minor op. 4, 1823, Sonata in F (Erste Fassung) / in F major (First Version), 1838, Sonata in F (Zweite Fassung) / in F major (Second Version), 1839, Critical Commentary.
Ref 51554 Price:
Mozart W.A. - Single Movements for Violin and Orchestra KV 261, 269, 273
Violin with piano, Urtext edition and performing with cadenzas and 'Eingänge' by Martin Wulfhorst. Titles are: Adagio KV 261, Rondeaux KV 269, Rondo KV 373.
Ref 38004 Price:
Mozart W.A. - Sonates for violin and piano band 1
Violin with piano, titles are: Kurfürstin- sonaten Op. 1 G KV 301 (293a), es KV 302 (293b), C KV 303 (293c), e KV 304 (300c), A KV 305 (293d), D KV 306 (300). 23060
Ref 23065 Price:
Music From The Romantic Era: Recital Pieces For Violin & Piano.
Violin and piano, titles are: Gypsies' March (Rieding), Pastorale (Rieding), Adoration (Borowski), Bolero (ten Have), Fiddle Polka (Rixner), Tarantella (papini), Midnight Bells (Kreisler), Souvenir (Drdla), Madrigale (Drdla). Intermediate to advanced level.
Ref 10136 Price:
The Orchestral Violinist book 1 - Rodney Friend
Violin solo, this is just more than a collection of difficult passages for the aspiring orchestral pro, these extracts from the classical, romantic and twentieth-century concert repertoire reveal the tricks of the trade. Rodney Friend has over 40 years’ experience as leader (concert-master) of some of the world's leading orchestras, including the New York Philharmonic, London Philharmonic and BBC Symphony, and has thus performed with leading maestri such as Haitink, Mehta, Barenboim, Solti, Giulini and Bernstein. The Orchestral Violinist distils Rodney Friend's expertise by assembling extracts from each work as self-contained studies. Detailed fingerings have been applied, and workable bowings are reproduced in red, solving all of the technical problems faced by the player. Especially important is the commentary peppering the music, and reproduced in green for clarity. These instructions explain how to negotiate phrasing, articulation and projection of the music through technique: you are shown exactly which portion of the bow to use and the optimum speed of bow at given points; the importance of complementarity of left- and right-hand action is emphasised. Particularly noteworthy is the detailed commentary on one of the most taxing passages in the repertoire, the Sacrificial Dance from Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring. This new approach forms an indispensable resource for those preparing for auditions. Titles are: Beethoven: Leonora Overture No. 3, Britten: The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, R. Strauss: Don Juan, Weber: Overture "Oberon", Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 4, Rossini: Overture "The Thieving Magpie", Mendelssohn: Overture "A Midsummer Night's Dream", Mozart: Symphony No. 41 "Jupiter", Stravinsky: Sacrificial Dance from "The Rite of Spring", Tchaikovsky: Fantasy Overture "Romeo and Juliet", Symphony No. 5 (Shostakovich), Symphony No. 10 (Shostakovich), Variations on a theme of Haydn (Brahms), Symphony No. 104 "London" (Haydn), Serenade op. 22 (Dvorak), Symphony No. 7 (Beethoven), Capriccio espagnol (Rimsky-Korsakoff), Overture "Roman Carnival" (Berlioz), Concerto for Orchestra (Bartok), Symphony No. 1 "Classical" (Prokofieff), Symphony No. 35 "Haffner" (Mozart), Háry János Suite (Kodaly) Symphonie fantastique (Berlioz), Overture "Der Freischütz" (Weber), Symphony No. 39 (Mozart), Variations on an Original Theme "Enigma" (Elgar).
Ref 37841 Price:
Paganini - Concerto No. 1 in D Op. 6
The grand old man of the violin, Nicolò Paganini, did more for the instrument and the nascent Romantic concerto form than any other composer-performer in history. And this original version of his First Concerto is nothing short of dazzling. It showcases the instrument to the maximum, and this MMO edition offers you a stunning orchestral backdrop for your own pyrotechnics! This deluxe 2CD set includes a slow-tempo practice version to help you as you learn this masterwork. Performed by Mario Hossen, violin, Accompaniment: Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor: Nayden Todorov
Includes a newly-engraved edition of the concerto on high-quality ivory paper, edited complete with performance notes by Mr. Hossen; and a digital stereo compact disc featuring a complete performance of the concerto with orchestra and soloist; then a second performance minus you, the soloist; and a second compact disc containing a -20% reduced-tempo version of the accompaniment for practice purposes. The concerto is voluminously indexed for your practice and performance convenience.
About Music Minus One Editions
Ref 36324 Price:
Pièces Contemporaines - Violon 20-21 Volume 1 - Maryvonne Le Dizès
Violin, titles are: Mélo-Mélo (s) (violon solo) (Bonnet Alain), Course des lutins (violon solo) - Dans la forêt, la nuit (violon solo) - La Sauterelle (Schoeller Philippe), Danse des flocons I (2 violons) - Danse des flocons II (2 violons) (Saariaho Kaija), Petit thème varié (1 ou 2 violons) (Amy Gilbert), Tirés, Pincés, … pêle-mêle ! (2 violons) (Singier Jean- Marc), Les Etoiles de Rimbaud I (2 violons) (Fraisse Isabelle), Libertysurf (violon / piano) (Canat de Chizy Edith), Dizz'n Jazz (violon / piano) (Richard Gaël). Book with CD (full performance). Progressive easy to intermediate level.
Ref 36807 Price:
Pracht - Neue etuduen 3 Op. 15
Violin studies in the first, second and third position.
Ref 22588 Price:
Team Strings - Violin - Christoher Bull, Olive Goodborn & Richard Duckett
For everyone who wants to play strings. Is ideal for individual, group and class tuition. Allows violin and viola, or cello and bass to be taught in the same lesson. Integrates with Team Brass, Woodwind, Recorder and Percussion to provide mixed instrumental ensembles. Contains carefully-graded music in a wide variety of styles, from Baroque and classical to folk, film and jazz. Develops instrument-related aural skills, improvisation and composition. Offers helpful notes for the teacher, together with piano accompaniments, ensemble scores, and parts for wind, brass, and percussion.
Ref 2094 Price:
37 Violin Pieces you like to play
Violin and piano, titles are: Canzonetta (D'Ambrosio) • Air on the G String (Bach) • Menuet from Quintet in E (Boccherini) • La Serenata (Braga) • Cradle-Song (Brahms) • Kol Nidrei (Bruch) • Beau Soir (Debussy) • Souvenir (Drdla) • Valse-Bluette (Drigo)• Aurore (Fauré) • Chanson (Friml) • La Cinquantaine (Gabriel-Marie) • Loin du Bal (Gillet) • Berceuse from Jocelyn (Godard) • Largo (Handel) • Serenade (Haydn) • Canzonetta (Herbert) • Hejre Kati (Jubay) • The Son of the Puszta (Kéler-Béla) • Mazurka (Mlynarski) • Serenata (Moszkowski) • Belle Nuit (Offenbach) • Melody (Paderewski) • Sérénade (Pierné) • Spanish Dance (Rehfeld) • Le Cygne (Saint-Saëns) • L'Abeille (Schubert, François) • Ave Maria, Serenade (Schubert, Franz) • Madrigale (Simonetti) • Romance (Svendsen) • Canzonetta (Tchaikovsky) • Réverie (Vieuxtemps) • Träume (Wagner) • Walther's Prize-Song (Wagner) • Obertass (Wieniawski). Intermediate level.
Ref 35372 Price:
Fiorillo - 36 etuden
Violin Studies.
Ref 11425 Price:
French Violin Concertante Works
Violin and Piano, titles are: Saint-Saens, Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso Op. 28 (Saint-Saëns), Morceau de Concert Op. 62 (Saint-Saëns), Caprice en La mineur (Guirad), Havanaise Op. 83 (Saint-Saëns), Poème Op. 25 (Chausson), Tzigane (Ravel).
Ref 35642 Price:
Gaviniès - 24 Studies for Violin
Violin Studies. Arr. by Ivan Galamian.
Ref 7607 Price:
Just Beautiful
Twenty-five sumptuous slow violin solos chosen by Kevin Mayhew. Contents: Air from suite no.3 in D - Bach, Arioso - Bach, Ave verum corpus - Mozart, Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves from ‘Nabusso’- Verdi, Einsame Blumen (Woodland Flowers) - Schumann, Gymnopedie 1 - Satie, I know that my Redeemer liveth - Handel, Jesu, joy of man's desiring - Bach, Largo from ‘Serse’ - Handel, Meditation from Thais - Massenet, Nimrod from Enigma Variations - Elgar, O for the wings of a dove - Mendelssohn, Panis angelicus - Franck, Pie Jesu from requiem - Fauré, Prelude in A - Chopin, Prelude in B minor - Chopin, Prelude in E minor - Chopin, Salut D'amour - Elgar, Second movement Symphony No. 9 ‘From the New World’  - Dvorák, Sheherazade - Schumann, To a wild rose - MacDowell, Trämerei (Dreaming) - Schumann, Valse Lente - Merikanto, Waltz in A - Schubert, Waltz in A (Lullaby) - Brahms.
Ref 35532 Price:
Kleine Melodien Schule 1 Band 3 - Dancla
Violin and piano, titles are: Petiteetude mélodique, Petite Polonaise, Petit Rondo, Fragment de Sonate, Barcarolle, Petit Air Varié, Polka, Menuet.
Ref 35366 Price:
Paganini, Nicolo - 24 Capricci opus 1
Violin solo, seperate Urtext edition and seperate edition with annotations on interpretation, fingering and bowing by Renato de Barbieri.
Ref 21294 Price:
Paganini - Four Posthumous Compositions
Violin and Piano, titles are: Moto Perpetuo, Suonata con Variazioni (Variations on a theme by Joseph Weigl), MS 47, Cantabile e Valtz, MS 45, Cantabile, MS 109.
Ref 39680 Price:
Paganini/ Van Rompaey - Easy Paganini
Violin (1st-3th position) with piano, titles are:La Campanella from Concerto No. 2, I Palpiti, Cantabile, Op. 17, Carnevale di Venezia, Mosé-Fantasia, Le Streghe, Op. 8, Sonata in mi minore, no. 12, Variazione sul Barucaba, Capriccio no. 22, Op. 1, Capriccio no. 9, Op. 1, Capriccio no. 20, Op. 1, Capriccio no. 24, Op. 1. Book with CD (Full demonstration and play-along). Intermediate to advanced level.
Ref 48510 Price:
Perlman George/ Van Rompaey Gunter - Israeli Concerto (1-3 Position)
Violin with piano, titles are: Hora-Hatikvah, Nocturne, Fantasie-Recitative. Book with CD (Full Performance and Play-along). Easy To Intermediate level.
Ref 42620 Price:
Prokofieff - Concerto No.1 D major Op. 19
Violin and Piano. Arr. by Oistrakh.
Ref 37436 Price:
The really easy violin book - Huws Jones Edward
Violin with piano, titles are: Boogie, Bugle-Call Bop, Dinosaur Plod, Hen-Party, Javanese Gongs, Pipe And Tabor, Skye, Snakes And Ladders, Spanish Galleon, Spine-Chiller, Tap-Dance, The Chaffinch, Tortoise Tango, Troika, Waves. Very easy level.
Ref 733 Price:
Rode - 24 Capricen
Violin solo.
Ref 18136 Price:
Rode P. / Galamian - 24 Capricen
Violin solo.
Ref 24343 Price:
Scaley Monsters - Cohen, Mary
These volumes of pieces help students to focus on specific aspects of playing and really consolidate technique in their given area. Each book is filled with tips on playing and pushes students to get the best out of their instrument. All of these techniques, be it shifting, tuning or tackling scales, bring with them their own challenges and the studies within these books will help players to overcome them in a fun and interesting way.
Ref 37025 Price:
Scarlatti - 5 Sonate
Violin and basso continuo, titles are: Sonata No. 1 (K.77), Sonata No. 2 (K.81), Sonata no. 3 (K.89), Sonata No. 4 (K.90), Sonata No. 5 (K.91). Urtext edition.
Ref 37845 Price:
Schostakowitsch - Albumstücke
Violin and piano, titles are: Marsch, Drehorgel-Polka Op.39, Puppentanz Op. 69, Romanze C-Dur Op.97. Tanz, Elegie, Fruehlingswalzer. Easy to intermediate level.
Ref 31797 Price:
Three Sonatas for Violin and Piano Op. 137 1-3 - Schubert Franz
Violin and piano. Contents: Sonate in D für Violine und Klavier op. post. 137,1 - D 384, Sonate in a für Violine und KLavier op. post. 137,2 - D 385, Sonate in g für Violine und Klavier op. post. 137,3 - D 408.
Ref 38006 Price:
Spohr L./ Call-Kaufman - Sonata Concertante Op. 115
For Harp (or Piano) and Violin.
Ref 24321 Price:
De Streken van Rembrandt - A Bow for Rembrandt - Koning, Jos
Vervolg in de reeks 'Twee violen en een bas'. Preface in Dutch and English. Two violins and bass instrument. Contents: Brande graeff Mauits, Vadertjelief, Giga voor vader, 't Loose Bakkertje, Courante bourbon, Galliarde du comte de solms, Orainge, Malle Symen, Soet soet Robbertgen, Wel Jan wat drommel, De Bruyds dans, Catte kop, St. Tuenis poort, Rigodon voor looris Langbeen, Marche van de Kloppermannen, Het gesight, Air langhsaam, Mijn ooghsken weenen, Die nieuwe keijsers kroon, Les veules, Brande Hoboken.
Ref 33430 Price:
Suk Josef - 4 Stücke op. 17 Band 2
Violin with Piano, titles are: Un poco triste, Burleske.
Ref 44961 Price:
Swinging Baroque Play-Along Series - Violin
Rediscover 12 masterworks from the Baroque era with these fun jazzy arrangements. Easy arrangements by Alexander L'Estrange give an exciting new angle on Handel, Purcell, J. S. Bach and other composers. Complete with accompanying CD containing demonstration versions and live jazz trio backing tracks, plus piano accompaniments in PDF form.
Content: Albinoni: Adagio, Corelli: Allegro (from "Christmas Concerto"), Handel: The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Vivaldi: Allegro (from "The Four Seasons, Autumn"), Vivaldi: Allegro (from "The Four Seasons Spring"), Pachelbel: Canon, J.S. Bach: Double Violin Concerto, Handel: Hallelujah Chorus (from "Messiah"), Telemann: Les Plaisirs (from Recorder Suite in A minor), Purcell: Rondo (from "Abdelazer"), J.S. Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D minor, J.S. Bach: Violin Concerto in A minor (1st movt.).
Ref 41181 Price:
Theodorakis - Three Pieces for December
Violin and piano.
Mikis Theodorakis schrieb seine Drei Stücke für Dezember - parallel zu einem weiteren Werk für Klavier und Gesang mit dem Titel Die Kundgebung am 3. Dezember (1944) - am Jahreswechsel 1945/46. Ihr thematisches Material ist inspiriert durch die tragischen Ereignisse während der politischen Unruhen im Griechenland der Nachkriegszeit, an denen sich der Komponist aktiv beteiligte. Diese Thematik, die hier zum ersten Mal in Theodorakis' Werk erscheint, sollte in seinen späteren symphonischen Werken eine tragende Rolle spielen. Die vorliegenden Stücke wurden im Frühjahr 1946 während einer Veranstaltung des Griechisch-Sowjetischen Vereins uraufgeführt und gerieten daraufhin, wie viele weitere Werke dieser außergewöhnlich produktiven Phase des Komponisten, 60 Jahre lang in Vergessenheit. Ihre Unmittelbarkeit und der Mut des Komponisten, sich den Einengungen der in diesen Jahren geforderten Moderismen zu entziehen, machen diese Stücke zu einem wervollen Beitrag zum griechischen wie auch internationalen Repertoire.
Content: March through the Night to Makrigiannis, Prayer, The Partisan's Death.
Ref 56510 Price:
Tune Up the Fiddle - Jeremy Barlow
Sixteen easy to intermediate pieces from 18th-century Sweden. The collection, for violin (flute or oboe), keyboard and optional cello (bassoon), includes airs and dances by Roman, Agrell, Kraus, Wikmanson, Bellman.J. H. Roman: Allegro, Aria, Untitled, Vivace (Rondo), H. P. Johnsen: The temple of friendship, Sweet dream, J. J. Agrell: Trio Sonata in G (Allegro, Andante, Allegro),A. Wesström: Variations on a Swedish Polonaise, F. Müller: Andante Grazioso, J. Wikmanson: Menuetto, C. M. Bellman: If fate should send me, Sing my sons, all twelve!, Sleep to my music, Tune up the fiddle!.
Ref 40077 Price:
Twardowski Romuald - Introduction & Allegro
For violin and piano. intermediate level.
Ref 58659 Price:
Twardowski Romuald - Pastorale E Danza
For violin and piano, a post-modern classicism piece characterised by simplicity of composition both in harmony and melody. Romuald Twardowski also stresses the fact that the title of the work quite accurately reflects its mood and character: a passionate dance (Danza) combining various folk themes is preceded by Pastorale – a kind of idyll with a varying mood. Advanced level.
Ref 58660 Price:
Van Dorsselaer Willy - The Best Of Willy Van Dorsselaer
Violin and piano, titles are: Lilliput Parade, Little Romance, Royal Dance, Morning Spring, Cache-Cache Minuet, Habanera, Pastorale. Intermediate level.
Ref 37191 Price:
Vivaldi - 12 Sonatas Op. 2
Violin with Basso Continuo, cello ad libitum, titles are: Sonata I g-Moll (RV 27), Sonata II A-Dur (RV 31), Sonata III d-Moll (RV 14), Sonata IV F-Dur (RV 20), Sonata V h-Moll (RV 36), Sonata VI C-Dur (RV 1).
Ref 35957 Price:
The Violin Collection: Easy to Intermediate Level
An ideal collection for a student performing in a contest or recital for the first time. All of the pieces can be played comfortably in first position. Contents: Country Gardens (Anonymous) • Bourrée from the Suite in C Major, BWV 1031 (J.S. Bach) • Scherzo from the String Quartet in C minor, Op. 18, No. 4 (Beethoven) • Hungarian Dance No. 5 (Brahms) • Waltz, Op. 39, No. 15 (Brahms) • The Blessed Spirits from Orfeo ed Euridice (Gluck) • Solvejg's Song from Peer Gynt (Grieg) • Gigue from the Concerto Grosso, Op. 6, No. 9 (Handel) • Minuet from the Serenade in B-flat Major for Wind Instruments, (KV 361 (Mozart) • I Attempt from Love's Sickness to Fly from The Indian Queen (Purcell) • Minuet from the String Quartet in B-flat Major, D. 112 (Schubert) • Soldier's March from Album for the Young, Op. 68, No. 2 (Schumann) • Mazurka from the Piano Trio in A minor, Op. 50 (Tchaikovsky) • Les Plaisirs from the Suite for Recorder and Strings in A minor, TV 55, No. 12 (Telemann).
Ref 45475 Price:
The Violin Collection: Intermediate Level
Violin with piano, attractive solo literature for the intermediate level student. The pieces in this collection do not take the player beyond third position. Contents: Siciliano from the Sonata No. 4 in C minor, BWV 1017 (J.S. Bach) • Intermezzo, Op. 117, No. 1 (Brahms) • Allegro moderato from Four Romantic Pieces, Op. 75 (Dvoråk) • Berceuse, Op. 16 (Fauré) • Allegro from Pièces de clavecin, Op. 1 (Fiocco) • Waltz from Lyric Pieces, Op. 12, No. 2 (Grieg) • Sonata in F Major, HWV 370 (Handel) • Allegro from the Sonata for Violin and Piano in E minor, KV 304 (Mozart) • Allegro molto from the Sonatina for Violin and Piano in D Major, D. 384 (Schubert) • Rondo from the Pupil's Concerto No. 5 in D Major, Op. 22 (Seitz) • Allegro from the Concerto in A minor, Op. 3, No. 6, RV 356 (Vivaldi). Book with CD.
Ref 45476 Price:
The Violin Collection: Intermediate To Advanced Level
Solos appropriate for advanced high school students or college music majors, this collection presents staples of the standard violin literature. Contents: Allegro moderato from the Concerto No. 1 in A minor, BWV 1041 (J.S. Bach) • Presto from the Sonata No. 1 (unaccompanimed) in G minor, BWV 1001 (J.S. Bach) • Canzone from the Concerto for Piano, Op. 38 (Barber) • Allegro from the Sonata for Violin and Piano in F Major, Op. 24 (“Spring”) (Beethoven) • Allegro risoluto from the Sonatina for Violin and Piano in G Major, Op. 100 (Dvoråk) • Recitativo-Fantasia from the Sonate in A Major (Franck) • Molto allegro from the Sonata for Violin and Piano in A Major, KV 526 (Mozart) • Song from Tango Song and Dance (Previn) • Canzonetta from the Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35 (Tchaikovsky) • Theme from Schindler's List (John Williams).
Ref 45470 Price:
Violin Favorites Classics
Violin, famous classical pieces for violin plus CD with Piano-Playbacks, MIDI-Files and piano part to print, titles are: A. Rubinstein: Melodie, J. Stanley: Allegretto grazioso, J. Offenbach: Barkarole, J.P. Kirnberger: Carillon, W.A. Mozart: Menuett und Trio, D. Juchem: Moderato, L. Boccherini: Menuett, G.P. Telemann: Vivace, J.C. Pepusch: Allegro, J.S. Bach: Air, A. Dvorák: Humoreske, C. Debussy: Le Petit Negre. Book with CD, intermediate level.
Ref 37311 Price:
Violin Fun - Dinie Goedhart
17 eenvoudige vioolstukjes voor het eerste jaar. Violin fun is bedoeld voor jonge violisten, die naast hun lesmethode extra muziek willen spelen. De stijl van de stukjes loopt uiteen van 'barok' tot 'rock' en 'klassiek' tot 'dance', Met een swingend festijn! Boek en CD.
Ref 9613 Price:
Violin Playing Second Book of Concert Pieces - Robert Trory
Violin with Piano, titles are: Circus March, Gypsy Dance, Little Waltz, Serenade., Simple Gifts, Who will buy me Roses? Easy level.
Ref 55828 Price:
Violin Project- New Pieces For violin Solo
Violin Solo, titles are: Vivo (Luke Bedford), Breeze (Victoria Borisova-Ollas), Balada (Cristobal Halffter),Applemania (Aleksey Igudesman), Fantasia Breve (Ennio Morricone), Estländler (Arvo Påert), Capriccio di una corda (Salvatore Sciarrino), Zephydros (Daniel Schnyder), Elastische Studie (Johannes Maria Staud), intermediate to more advanced players.
Ref 58289 Price:
Violon 20-21 Vol. 1 - Le Dizes Maryvonne
Contemporary Pieces for Violin, titles are: Mélo-Mélo (s) (violon solo) (Bonnet Alain), Course des lutins (violon solo), Dans la forêt, la nuit (violon solo), La Sauterelle (violon solo) (Schoeller Philippe), Danse des flocons I (2 violons), Danse des flocons II (2 violons) (Saariaho Kaija), Petit thème varié (1 ou 2 violons) (Amy Gilbert), Tirés, Pincés, … pêle-mêle ! (2 violons) (Singier Jean-Marc), Les Etoiles de Rimbaud I (2 violons) (Fraisse Isabelle), Libertysurf (violon / piano) (Canat de Chizy Edith), Dizz'n Jazz (violon / piano) (Richard Gaël). Book with CD.
Ref 36993 Price:
Waggon Wheels - Colledge Hugh & Katherine
Being a part of the Easy String series this volume offers easy string music by Kathy and Hugh Colledge. The 26 pieces of "Waggon Wheels" follow the first volume of the series, Stepping Stones. They introduce 2nd, 3rd and 4th finger notes and slurred bowing. Violin solo, book and CD.
Content: Bell-ringers, Bow ties!, Butterflies, Chinese Lanterns, Daydreaming.
Ref 21960 Price:
Waggon Wheels - Second Book - Colledge, K &H
A second book of 26 pieces for beginner violinists with piano accompaniment. Contents: In a garden, Summer breeze, Goldfish bowl, Penny-farthing, Butterflies, Westminster Abbey, Dinosaurs, Paddlesteamer, Waterfall, Knickerbocker glory, Hills and dales, Upstairs downstairs, Daydreaming, Bell-ringers, Polka dots, Nightingale, Chinese lanterns, Fiddlesticks, Windscreen wipers, Bow ties!, Ice dancers, Full moon, Waggon wheels, With an upbeat, On the wing, Lollipop man.
Ref 9054 Price:
Williams Ralph Vaughan - Romance & Pastorale
Two lyric pieces for violin and piano.
Ref 7247 Price:
Witches Brew - Lumsden, Carolin
16 spooky pieces to play and sing for violin and piano, tiltes are: Witches' Brew, Trick Treat or Tango, Hubble Bubble, Weaving A Web, Double Trouble, Black Cat White Rat, Casting A Spell, Into The Caldron Cookpot, Hoojum Boojum, Boiled and Roasted, Broomstick Boogie, Wilhelmina's Cocktail shop, Stinkbomb Surprise, Chinese Bangers, Murgatroyd's Tom-cat, Cool Witches' Hat. Book with CD (full performance and play-along), Beginner to preliminary grade (using open strings and 1st fingers).
Ref 27609 Price:
Ysaye Eugene - Six sonates for solo violin Op. 27
Violin Solo.
Ref 22055 Price:
Zwei kleine Konzerte Russischer Komponisten - Dietze
Violin and piano, titles are; Concertino d-moll (Baklanowa), Concertino G-dur (Komarowski).
Ref 27158 Price:

Violin Solo

100 Classic Melodies: A Collection of the World's most beautiful themes
A Collection of the world's most beautiful themes, includes Solveig's Song From Peer Gynt (Grieg), Ah So pure from Martha (Flotow), Air from Water Music (Haendel), Air On a G string from Suite in d (Bach), Allegro from Piano Sonata in G (Haydn), Andante From Piano Sonata No.2 (Beethoven), Andante cantabile from String Quartet In D (Tchaikovsky), Largo from Serse (Haendel), Spring from The Four Seasons (Vivaldi),The Blue danube (Strauss), The Magic flute (Mozart), William Tell Ouverture (Rossini), Swan Lake (Tchaikovsky),....
Ref 16456: Price
18,95 EUR

100 Classical Themes for Violin
Compiled and transcribed by Alan Gout. Edited by John Francis. A selection of all the best-known tunes and themes in the classical repertoire, carefully edited for violin solo.
Contents: 24th Caprice [Paganini, Niccolo], A Musical Joke [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus], A Policeman's Lot Is Not A Happy One [Sullivan, Arthur], Air On The G String (Suite No.3 In D) [Bach, Johann Sebastian], Autumn (The Four Seasons) [Vivaldi, Antonio], Bagatelle Fur Elise Woo 59 [Beethoven, Ludwig Van], Barcarolle [Offenbach, Jacques], Berceuse [Faure, Gabriel], Bolero [Ravel, Maurice], Bridal Chorus (Lohengrin) [Wagner, Richard], Brigg Fair [Delius, Frederick], Brindisi (La Traviata) [Verdi, Giuseppe], Che Faro Senza Euridice (Orfeo) [Gluck, Christoph Willibald], Che Gelida Manina (La Boheme) [Puccini, Giacomo], Clair De Lune (Suite Bergamasque) [Debussy, Claude], Emperor Waltz Op.437 [Strauss Ii, Johann], Espana [Chabrier, Emmanuel], Farandole (L'arlesienne Suite No.2) [Bizet, Georges], Fifth Movement (Symphony No.6 'Pastoral') [Beethoven, Ludwig Van], First Movement (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus], First Movement (Piano Concerto In A Minor Op.16) [Grieg, Edvard], First Movement (Piano Concerto No.1) [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich], First Movement (Piano Concerto No.3) [Beethoven, Ludwig Van], First Movement (Symphony No.6 'Pathetique') [Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyich], For He Is An Englishman [Sullivan, Arthur], Fourth Movement (Symphonie Fantastique) [Berlioz, Hector], Fourth Movement (Symphony No.9 'The New World') [Dvorak, Antonin], Frohlicher Landmann (The Merry Peasant) Op.68 No.10 [Schumann, Robert], Galop Infernal [Offenbach, Jacques], Gaudeamus Igitur [Brahms, Johannes], Gavotte [Bach, Johann Sebastian], Golliwog's Cake Walk [Debussy, Claude], Gymnopedie No.1 [Satie, Erik], Habanera (Carmen) [Bizet, Georges], He Shall Feed His Flock (The Messiah) [Handel, George Frideric], Humoresque [Dvorak, Antonin], Hungarian Dance No. 5 [Brahms, Johannes], I Vow To Thee My Country (Jupiter - The Planets Suite) [Holst, Gustav], Jerusalem [Parry, C. Hubert H.], La Calinda (Koanga) [Delius, Frederick], La Ci Darem La Mano (Don Giovanni) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus], La Donna E Mobile (Rigoletto) [Verdi, Guiseppe], Land Of Hope And Glory [Elgar, Edward], Les Sylphides (Prelude Op.28 No.7) [Chopin, Fryderyk], March (The Nutcracker Suite) [Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyich], Minuet Ii (Music For The Royal Fireworks) [Handel, Georg Frideric], Morning (Peer Gynt Suite No.1) [Grieg, Edvard], Nimrod (Enigma Variations) [Elgar, Edward], Nocturne (A Midsummer Night's Dream) [Mendelssohn, Felix], Non Piu Andrai (The Marriage Of Figaro) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus], O For The Wings Of A Dove [Mendelssohn, Felix], Ode To Joy (Symphony No.9) [Beethoven, Ludwig Van], Ombra Mai Fu (Xerxes) [Handel, George Frideric], Opening Of Act Ii (Swan Lake) [Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilyich], Pavane [Faure, Gabriel], Pie Jesu (Requiem) [Faure, Gabriel], Polovtsian Dances (Prince Igor) [Borodin, Alexander], Pomp & Circumstance March No.4 [Elgar, Edward], Poor Wand'ring One (The Pirates Of Penzance) [Sullivan, Arthur], Prelude (L'arlesienne Suite No.1) [Bizet, Georges], Prelude To Act Iii (Lohengrin) [Wagner, Richard], Prince Igor Overture [Borodin, Alexander], Promenade (Pictures At An Exhibition) [Mussorgsky, Modest], Radetzky March [Strauss I, Johann], Romeo And Juliet (Fantasy Overture) [Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyich], Rondeau (Abdelazar) [Purcell, Henry], Rosamunde (Entr'acte Act Iii) [Schubert, Franz], Salut D'amour [Elgar, Edward], Second Movement (Clarinet Concerto) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus], Second Movement (Op.77 Violin Concerto) [Brahms, Johannes], Second Movement (Piano Concerto No.21 In C 'Elvira Madigan' K467) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus], Second Movement (Piano Concerto No.5 'The Emperor') [Beethoven, Ludwig Van], Second Movement (Symphony No.3 'Eroica') [Beethoven, Ludwig Van], Second Movement (Symphony No.5) [Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyich], Second Movement (Symphony No.9 'The Great') [Schubert, Franz], Second Movement (Symphony No.9 'The New World') [Dvorak, Antonin], Second Movement (Violin Concerto) [Elgar, Edward], Second Movement (Violin Concerto) [Mendelssohn, Felix], Serenade [Schubert, Franz], Spartacus 'The Onedin Line' [Khatchaturian, Aram], Spring (The Four Seasons) [Vivaldi, Antonio], St Anthony Chorale (Variations On A Theme By Haydn Op.56a) [Brahms, Johannes], Swan Lake (Opening Of Act Ii) [Tchaikovsky, Piotr Ilyich], Symphony No.1 [Brahms, Johannes], Symphony No.94 In G 'The Surprise' [Haydn, Franz Joseph], Take A Pair Of Sparkling Eyes (The Gondoliers) [Sullivan, Arthur], Tannhauser Overture [Wagner, Richard], The Merry Peasant (Album For The Young Op.68 No.10) [Schumann, Robert], The Toreador Song (Carmen) [Bizet, Georges], The Trout Piano Quintet D.667 [Schubert, Franz], Third Movement (K495 Horn Concerto No.4) [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus], Third Movement (Symphony No.3) [Brahms, Johannes], Tristesse (Op.10 No.3) [Chopin, Frederic], Trumpet Voluntary (The Prince Of Denmark's March) [Clarke, Jeremiah], Un Bel Di (One Fine Day) (Madama Butterfly) [Puccini, Giacomo], Valse (Coppelia) [Delibes, Leo], Waltz (The Sleeping Beauty) [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich], Wedding March (A Midsummer Night's Dream) [Mendelssohn, Felix], William Tell Overture [Rossini, Gioacchino].
Ref 30794: Price
16,95 EUR

Corigliano - The Red Violin Caprices
For Advanced Players.
Ref 16269: Price
12,90 EUR

Fast Forward - Katherine and Hugh Colledge
A varied set of 21 pieces for the beginner violinists developing the use of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th finger notes with more complex rhythmns, titles are: Winter's night, Lazybones, Hallowe'en, Singapore Sunset, Polly's Polka, Windmills, Boogie-woogie, At Harvest Time, Clever Clogs!, Weeping Willow, Drifting, Sweet Dreams, Wondering, Hustle, Bustle, Something or Other!, Once Upon a Time, Fast Forward, What's the Time?, Hornpipe, The Ceilidh, Snake Charmer. Book with Playalong- CD.
Ref 21961: Price
10,50 EUR

Gaviniès - 24 Studies
Violin Studies. Edited by Ivan Galamian.
Ref 24328: Price
15,50 EUR

I'm A Quartet
Violin solo, 11 well-knowmn pieces as part of a string quartet, titles are: The Swan (Saint-Saëns), The Entertainer (scott joplin), Für Elise (beethoven), Air from Suite No. 3 (Bach), Theme From Piano concerto No. 21 (Mozart), canon (Pachelbel), Berceuse (Fauré), Minuet (Boccherini), Melody in F (Rubinstein), Waltz of the Flowers (Tchaikovsky). Book with CD (full performance and play-along).
Ref 32564: Price
18,50 EUR

Kreutzer - Etüden
Studies for Violin Solo.
Ref 27315: Price
18,50 EUR

Rochberg George - Caprice Variations
For unaccompanied violin, edited by Lewis Kaplan.
Ref 31036: Price
17,50 EUR

Stepping Stones - Katherine and Hugh Colledge
A first book of 26 very easy pieces for beginner violinists without piano but with CD.
Ref 21950: Price
10,50 EUR

Telemann - Twelve Fantasias for Violin without Bass, TWV 40:14-40:25
Twelve Fantasies for Violin without Bass, 1735.
Ref 22801: Price
9,50 EUR

Violin Position 3 - Nico Dezaire
De 10 oefeningen en 27 melodieën in verschillende stijlen van Position 3 - met begeleiding op cd - zijn een uitstekende basis voor het verder ontwikkelen van het spel in de derde positie. Leerzaam en leuk voor violisten met enige ervaring!
Ref 30730: Price
17,95 EUR

Violin and Piano

300 Years Of Violin Music - Early Clasicism
VLN/PF, includes: J. Haydn: Adagio Hob. VIIa nr. 4 (Violin Concert G major), M. Haydn: Rondeau (Violin Concert A major), K. D. von Dittersdorf: Adagio e variazioni (Sonata G major), W.A. Mozart: Sonate KV 29, W.A. Mozart: Romantic Sonata KV 56.
Ref 604: Price
11.16 EUR

300 Years Of Violin Music - Romantic Violin Virutosos
VLN/PF, titles are: N. Paganini: Moto perpetuo, H. Vieuxtemps: Air Varie, J. Joachim: Romance, P. de Sarasate: Malaguena, H. Wieniawski: Mazurka, H. Wieniawski: Fantaisie orientale.
Ref 608: Price
11.16 EUR

300 Years Of Violin Music - Romanticism I
VLN/PF, including: Sonata in C major (Carl Maria von Weber), Allegro giusto und Andate D 408 Op. 137 (Franz Schubert), Intermezzo (Robert Schumann), Allegretto from the sonata in A minor Op. 105 (Robert Schumann), Scherzo from the F.A.E. sonata (Johannes Brahms).
Ref 606: Price
450- BEF / 11.16 EUR

300 Years Of Violin Music - Romanticism II
VLN/PF, Titles are: H. Berloiz: Romance, C. Saint-Saëns: Prelude, C.A. Cui: Serenata e Finale, P.I. Tschaikowsky: Scherzo, E. Sjörgen: Allegro vivace (Sonata G minor), A. Dvorak: Romantic piece.
Ref 607: Price
450- BEF / 11.16 EUR

300 Years Of Violin Music - Wiener Klassik
VLN/PF. Titles are: J. Haydn: Sonata G major, W.A. Mozart: Six Variations on the French song KV 360 (374b), L. van Beethoven: Sonata A major.
Ref 605: Price
450- BEF / 11.16 EUR

Bach - Sonaten G-Dur, e-Moll - Fuge g-Moll BWV 1021, 1023, 1026
Violin and Basso Continuo. Urtext and performing edition. In addition to the violin part with the urtext this publication now includes a second violin part with fingerings, bowings and comments on performance (Eng/Ger) by Andrew Manze.
Ref 33800: Price
15,35 EUR

Bach - Violin-Konzert G moll - G minor
Edited by Joseph Szigeti (Based on the edition of Gustav Schreck). Violin and piano.
Ref 13180: Price
740- BEF / 18,34 EUR

Berlioz - Rêverie et Caprice (Romance pour le violon)
Urtext. For violin and piano (including an extra solo violin part for the orchestral version).
Ref 18550: Price
9,80 EUR

Bloch Ernest - Music For Violin and Piano
Violin and piano, titles are: Abodah (God's Worship) A Yom kippur Melody, Mélodie, Nuit Exotique (Exotic Night), Vidui (Contrition) No.1 from Baal Shem, Nigun (Improvisation) No.2 from Baal Shem, Simchas Torah (Rejoicing) No.3 from Baal Shem.
Ref 16354: Price
19,40 EUR

Bloch Ernest - Nigun
Violin wirh piano. Improvisation, No. 2 from 'Baal Shem' (Three Pictures of Chassidic Life).
Ref 16353: Price
13,99 EUR

Brahms - 2 Sonaten Opus 120
Viola and piano. Also suitable For Clarinet Bb and piano.
Ref 16035: Price
17,50 EUR

Classic Carse Book 2 - Mary Cohen
Violin with piano, titles are: Dance Scherzo, Chant de l'escarpolette, Menuet capricieux, Gavotte, Prelude, Rigaudon.
Ref 15803: Price
10,40 EUR

Czardas, Polka et Cetera
Nine European Dances, for three violins, degree of difficulty 3-4. Contents: American gipsy, Schwarze augen, Hava Nagila, Havenu shalom, Zwei gitarren, Rhapsody nr. 6 nach Franz Liszt, Ein Haydnpass!, Schwarzer Sonntag, Pi-Pa-Polka.
Ref 20221: Price
19,20 EUR

Dvorak - Romantic Pieces for Piano and Violin Op. 75
Violin and piano. Urtext edition.
Ref 23046: Price
9,90 EUR

Early Music Fiddler, The - Arr. by Edward Huws Jones
With piano and with optional violin accompaniment, easy violin and guitar. Contents: Medieval songs and dances: English dance, Estampie royale, L'homme armé, Winder wie ist, Saltarello. Music at Court: J'ay mis mon cuer, Par le regard de vos beaux yeux, Pastime with good company, Hélas madame, Recercada. Renaissance poular music: Ach Els'lein liebstes Elselein, La gamba, Catata,Kemp's Jig, Watkins' ale. The Renaissance dance-band: Ronde: Pour quoy, La Morisque, Pavane: La Venissienne, La bourree, Gaillarde: Mrs Winter's jump.
Ref 9525: Price
20,95 EUR

Eight Easy Pieces for Three Violins
Three Violins, titles are: Kinder-Suite (Böckmon), Intrada, Air, Gigue (Rosier), Guge (J.C.F.Bach), Finale (Volckmar), Reigen (Hübschmann), Sonatine (Streben), Rondo (Schröder), Allegro Giocoso (Schwaen).
Ref 15514: Price
14,20 EUR

Elgar Edward - Six very easy pieces in the first position Op. 22
Ref 2796: Price
8,40 EUR

Famous Pieces for Violin and Piano
Titles are: Cavatina Op.85 No.3 (Raff), Rêverie op.22 No.3 (Vieuxtemps), Légende op.17 (Wieniawski).
Ref 16155: Price
9,90 EUR

Favorites for Violin and Piano
With piano accompaniment. Contents: Amazing Grace, Cottonfields, Midnight Special, Scarborough Fair, Winds and Waves.
Ref 5475: Price
14,75 EUR

Four Russian Pieces - Arr. by Milstein
For violin and piano. Contents: The Seamstress (Moussorgsky), Andantino (Prokofiev), Andante (Prokofiev), Lullaby (Tchaikovsky). Arr. by Milstein.
Ref 32258: Price
9,90 EUR

Handel - Selected Pieces (ed. by Felix Borowski)
Titles are: Menuet, Gavotte, Sarabande, Bourree, Musette, Hornpipe, Largo.
Ref 2797: Price
7.93 EUR

Händel - Sieben Sonaten Für Violine und Generalbass
Violine and piano, titles are: Sonate A HWV 361, Sonate g HWV 368, Sonate F HWV 370, Sonate D HWV 371, Sonate A HWV 372, Sonate E HWV 373, Sonate g HWV 364a. Urtext.
Ref 23050: Price
24,20 EUR

Handel - Two Celebrated Violin Sonatas
Violin and piano, titles are: Sonata in E Op. 1 No.15, Sonata in F Op. 1 No. 12.
Ref 27051: Price
13,90 EUR

Haydn Franz Joseph - Zwölf Cassationsstücke Hob. XII: 19 and XI: D1
For oboe or flute or violin and organ or cembalo. Contents: Andantino, Allegretto, Adagio cantabile, Allegro di molto, Menuet, Adagio, Presto, Andante (Hob. XI:D1), Polonese, Presto, Andante, Un poco allegretto, Presto.
Ref 16765: Price
13,90 EUR

Heifetz Collection Volume 3, The - Jascha Heifetz
Violin and piano. The third volume of the Heifetz Collection is a treasure trove of material for violinists, including many items that have never been published before. Jascha Heifetz (1901-1987) remains a landmark among violinists of the twentieth century, a performer who virtually redefined the limits of the possible for his chosen instrument. These transcriptions and arrangements, made to enrich his own repertoire, will be a great boon to young virtuosos looking for a challenge. Many of them were provided by the Heifetz family and are published here, for the first time. Titles are: Sevilla (Albéniz), Ritmo di Tango from Media difficoltà (Castelnuovo-Tedesco), Nocturne Op. 55 No. 2 (Chopin), La Chevelure from Chansons de Bilitis (Debussy), Romanza from Suite in F# Minor Op. 19 (Dohnányi), Aubade (Fauré), Dance of the Blessed Spirits From Orfeo ed Euridice (von Glück), Le Petit Âne blanc From Histoires (Ibert, Jacques), Chicken Song and Danube- Tisza from the Opera Hary Janos (Kodály, Zoltán), Sparks (Moszkowski), Promenade à pied (Poulenc), Gavotta Op. 32 (Prokofieff), Étude-tableau Op. 33 No. 7 (Rachmaninoff), Along The Silent Forest Path Op. 9 No. 1 (Strauss).
Ref 27073: Price
27,50 EUR

Indian Concertino - George Perlman
For violin and piano. Contents: 1. An Indian Story, 2. Chant to the Moon, 3. Indian War Dance.
Ref 5480: Price
10,80 EUR

Jacobean Consort Book, The - Arr. by Edgar Hunt
For recorder(s), voice(s), or strings with keyboard ad lib. Contents: Since first I saw your face (Thomas Forde, 1607), White as lilies was her face (John Dowland, 1600), Diaphenia (Francis Pilkington, 1605), Now I see thy looks were feigned (Thomas Forde, 1607), Jack and Jone (Thomas Campian, 1613).
Ref 5658: Price
9.89 EUR

Joplin - A Joplin Album (Arr. by Donald Fraser)
P/ACC. Titles are: The entertainer, Binks waltz, The Augustan club waltzes, Bethena, Peacherine rag, The chrysanthemum, Rag time dance, Maple leaf rag.
Ref 406: Price
595- BEF / 14.75 EUR

Kreisler Fritz - Eight Original Pieces and Arrangements
For violin and piano. Contents: Toy soldiers march, Rondino on a theme of Beethoven, Caprice Viennois, Miniature Viennese march, Negro spiritual melody, Syncopation, Aucassin and Nicolette, Old folks at home.
Ref 5193: Price
13,75 EUR

Kreisler Fritz - The Fritz Kreisler Collection
Original compositions, transcriptions, cadenzas for violin and piano. Titles are: Caprice Viennois, Op.2, Tambourin Chinois, Op.3, Liebesfreud, Liebesleid , Schon Rosmarin Fritz Kreisler, Rondino On A Theme Of Beethoven, La Gitana Variations On A Theme By Corelli composed by Fritz Kreisler, In The Style Of Tartini,Chansons Louis XIII And Pavane In The Style Of Couperin, Scilienne And Rigaudon In The Style Of Francoeur, Praeludium And Allegro In The Style Of Pugnani, Melodie From 'Orfeo Ed Euridice' (Christoph Willibald von Gluck), Rondo From 'Serenade In D Major' (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart), Song Without Words, Op.62, No.1 (Felix Mendelssohn), Slavonic Dance In E Minor, Op.46, No.2 (Antonin Dvorak), Spanish Dance In E (Enrique Granados), Tango, Op.165, No.2 (Isaac Albeniz), Danse Espagnole (Manuel De Falla) From 'La Vida Breve', Three Cadenzas For The 'Concerto In D Major', Op.61 ( Ludwig van Beethoven), Cadenza For The 'Concerto In D Major', Op.77 (Johannes Brahms), Cadenza For The 'Concerto No.1 In D Major', Op.6 (Niccolo Paganini). Printed from the original edtions, foreword by Yehudi Menuhin.
Ref 17131: Price
29,90 EUR

Kreisler Fritz Repertoire
The best pieces for violin and piano, titles are: ORIGINAL COMPOSITIONS: Caprice Viennois, Berceuse Romantique, Polichinelle, Shepherd's Madrigal, Gypsy Caprice, Syncopation. CLASSICAL MANUSCRIPTS: Chanson Louis XIII and Pavane (Couperin), Praeludium and Allegro (Pugnani), Sicilienne and Rigaudon (Francoeur), Old Viennese Dances : Liebesfreud, Liebeslied and Schön Rosmarin. TRANSCRIPTIONS: Danse Espagnole ( Granados), Tango Op.165 No.2 (Albéniz).
Ref 7943: Price
22,50 EUR

Kummer Caspar - Concertino in C-dur für Flöte , Klarinette (Oboe, Violine), und Klavier Op. 101
Concertino in C major for flute, clarinette (oboe, violin) and piano. Edited by Bernhard Pauler.
Ref 10678: Price
11,65 EUR

Lalo - Symphonie Espagnole Op. 21
Violin and piano, small format edition (19 cm x 27 cm), edited by Yehudy Menuhin.
Ref 30495: Price
19,50 EUR

Library of Violin Classics, The
Violin and piano. Contents: Abenlied (Evening Song) [Schumann, Robert], Airoso [Handel, George Frideric], Andante [Gluck, Christoph Willibald], Andante [Mendelssohn, Felix], Anitra's Dance (Peer Gynt Suite Op.46 No.1) [Grieg, Edvard], Barcarolle (Tales Of Hoffmann) [Offenbach, Jacques], Berceuse [Grieg, Edvard], Bridal March (Lohengrin) [Wagner, Richard], Chanson Triste [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich], Chant Sans Paroles Op.2 No.3 [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich], Concerto No.1 [Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich], Consolation [Mendelssohn, Felix], Elegie [Massenet, Jules], Emperor Waltz Op.437 [Strauss II, Johann], First Loss [Schumann, Robert], German Dances [Schubert, Franz], Habanera (Carmen) [Bizet, Georges], Humoresque [Dvorak, Antonin], Hungarian Dance No. 4 [Brahms, Johannes], Hungarian Dance No. 5 [Brahms, Johannes], Hymn To The Sun [Rimsky-korsakov, Nikolai], Kujawiak [Wienawski, Henryk], La Donna E Mobile (Rigoletto) [Verdi, Giuseppe], La Paloma [Yradier, Sebastian], Larghetto [Tartini, Giuseppe], Largo [Handel, George Frideric], Liebestraum [Liszt, Franz], Loure [Bach, Johann Sebastian], Lullaby [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus], Mazurka [Chopin, Frederic], Melody [Paganini, Niccolo], Melody In F Op.3 No.1 [Rubinstein, Anton], Minuet [Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus], Minuet [Bach, Johann Sebastian], Minuet In G [Beethoven, Ludwig Van], Minute Waltz In D Flat Op. 64 No.1 [Chopin, Frederic], Moonlight Sonata Op.27 No. 2 [Beethoven, Ludwig Van], My Heart That Believest [Bach, Johann Sebastian], My Herat At Thy Sweet Voice (Samson And Delilah) (Saint-Saens), Nocturne [Chopin, Frederic], Nocturne [Mendelssohn, Felix], Norweigan Dance Op.35 No.2 [Grieg, Edvard], On Wings Of Song Op.34 No.2 [Mendelssohn, Felix], Pizzicato (Sylvia) [Delibes, Leo], Reverie [Debussy, Claude], Rigaudon [Rameau, Jean-philippe], Romance [Rubinstein, Anton], Serenade [Schubert, Franz], Simple Aveu [Thome, Francois], Slavonic Dance No.10 [Dvorak, Antonin], Soldiers' Chorus [Gounod, Charles], Soldiers' March [Schumann, Robert], Solvejg's Song (Peer Gynt) [Grieg, Edvard], Sonatina [Paganini, Niccolo], Song Of India (Sadko) [Rimsky-korsakov, Nicolai], Spring Song [Mendelssohn, Felix], Symphony No.8 In B Minor 'Unfinished' [Shubert, Franz], Tales From The Vienna Woods (The Concert Waltz Op.325) [Strauss II, Johann], The Happy Farmer [Schumann, Robert], The Swan (Carnival Of The Animals) [Saint-Saens, Camille], The Wild Horseman [Schumann, Robert], The Young Prince And The Young Princess (Sheherazade) [Rimsky-korsakov, Nikolay], To Spring (An Den Fruhling) [Grieg, Edvard], Traumerei (Kinderscenen) Op.15 No.7 [Schumann, Robert], Vom Fremden Landern Und Menschen (Of Foreign Lands And Peoples) Op.15 No.1 [Schumann, Robert], Walter's Prize Song (Die Meistersinger) [Wagner, Richard], Waltz [Brahms, Johannes], Who Is Sylvia? [Schubert, Franz], William Tell Overture [Rossini, Gioacchino].
Ref 7604: Price
29,50 EUR

Mozart - Complete Sonatas and Variations for Violin and Piano.
VLN/PF SC. Includes: Violin Sonata in G major K. 6, Violin Sonata in D major K. 7, Violin Sonata in B-flat Major K. 8, Violin Sonata in G Major K. 9, Violin Sonata in B-flat Major K. 10, Violin Sonata in G Major K. 11, Violin Sonata in A Major K. 12, Violin Sonata in F Major K. 13, Violin Sonata in C Major K. 14, Violin Sonata in B-flat Major K. 15, Violin Sonata in E-flat Major K. 26, Violin Sonata in G Major K. 27, Violin Sonata in C Major K. 28, Violin Sonata in D Major K. 29, Violin Sonata in F Major K. 30, Violin Sonata in B-flat Major K. 31, Violin Sonata in C Major K. 296, Violin Sonata in G Major K. 301/293a, Violin Sonata in E-flat Major K. 302/293b, Violin Sonata in C Major K. 303/293c, Violin Sonata in E Minor K. 304/300c, Violin Sonata in A Major K. 305/293d, Violin Sonata in D Major K. 306/300 1, Violin Sonata in B-flat Major K, 372.
Ref 3580: Price
21.81 EUR

Mozart Leopold - 12 Little Pieces from the Notebook of W.A. Mozart
Violin with piano, titles are: March, Menuett, Scherzo, Sarabande, Menuett, Aria, Allegro, Menuett, Aria, Menuett, Zwei Polonaisen, Aria.
Ref 12366: Price
640- BEF / 15,87 EUR

Mozart - Sämtliche Werke für Klavier und Violine I - Complete Works for Piano and Violin I
Violin and piano, urtext edition.Titles are: Sonaten KV 6-9, Sonaten KV 26-31, Sonaten KV 301-306, Sonate in C-Dur KV 296, Sonate in B-Dur KV 378.
Ref 33312: Price
33,95 EUR

Mozart - Sämtliche Werke für Klavier und Violine II - Complete Works for Piano and Violin II
Violin and piano, urtext edition. Titles are: Sonate in F-Dur KV 376, Sonate in F-Dur KV 377, Sonate in G-Dur KV 379, Sonate in Es-Dur KV 380, Sonate in B-Dur KV 454, Sonate in E-Dur KV 481, Sonate in A-Dur KV 526, Sonate in F-Dur KV 547.
Ref 33313: Price
33,95 EUR

Music For Violin Part 2
With piano accompaniment. Includes: Aria (Anon), Marcia (Anon), Menuet (Bach), Rondo (Hajdu), Hungarian dance (Jardanyi), Slow and fast (Kadosa), Alman (Morley), Menuet (Schubert), Air - Parlande - Pizzicato- Valse (Sugar), Variazoni (Sulyok), Imprvisation (Szervanszky), Choral con Partite (Walther). Ed. EMB.
Ref 613: Price
14.75 EUR

Music for Violin and Piano vol. III: From Vivaldi to Viotti
For violin (changes of position) and piano. Contents: Sarabande/Presto F (Aubert); Allegro Es, Sonatille h (Corrette); Andante h, Adagio Es (Gavinies); Affettuoso e, Old Bob Morrice G, Allegro d (Geminiani); Giga C (Leclair); Grazioso A, Adagio g (Le Duc); Aria g (Mondonville); Amoroso D (Pugnani); Andante E, Minuetto C, Largo d, Largo g, Adagio c, Andante Largo f (Tartini); Cortesemente A, Andante fis, Andante d (Telemann); Paesana g (Veracini); Adagio E, Adagio Es (Viotti); Largo g (Vivaldi).
Ref 7691: Price
16,50 EUR

Musical Souvenirs for Violin - Jos van den Dungen
Frankrijk, Roemenië, Verenigde Staten... de componist van Musical Souvenirs for Violins is in dit boek geïnspireerd door de vele stijlen die er in deze voorkomen. Tittels als Playing at the club, Jig, Balkan, Bella Lisa en Czardas komen dan ook stuk voor stuk in dit leuke boek voor. De bijgeleverde CD bevat van alle stukken een demo- en een play along-track.
Ref 8176: Price
18,95 EUR

Rieu André - La Vie Est Belle
Music as performed by André Rieu & The Johann Strauß Orchestra. Arranged for violin and piano. Contents: Beyond in Sievering, Clavelitos, Waves of the Danube, Hava Naguila, Comrade drink a glas of wine, Stenka rasin, Amazing grace, I dance with you into heaven, The nun's choir, Kalinka, Chianti lied, Who tied the knot, The canals fo Amsterdam, Cielito Lindo, Auld lang syne.
Ref 22323: Price
17,50 EUR

Russian Classics for Violin
Arranged by Alexej Romanov. Contents: Red Sarafan (Warlamov), A small bell (Guriliov), Tchernomor's march (Glinka), Wonderful Moment (Glinka), Meldy in F (Rubinstein), Slavonic March (Tchaikovsky), Chanson triste (Tchaikovsky), Virgin Dance (Borodin), Song of India (Rimsky-Korsakov), Promenade (Mussorgsky), Th e great gate (Mussorgsky). Book and CD, CD with piano and piano + solo tracks.
Ref 31685: Price
15,95 EUR

Schindler's List - John Williams
Violin and piano. Contents: Theme from 'Schindler's List', Jewish Town (Krakow Ghetto - Winter '41), Remembrances. For Itzhak Perlman.
Ref 5832: Price
16,45 EUR

Schubert Franz - Easy Pieces for Violin and Piano
Easy Violin and Piano, titles are: Kindermarch, Deutscher Tanz, Chor Der Hirten aus "Rosamunde", Lied aus dem Singspiel "die Freunde von Salamanka", Menuett, Walzer, Chor Der Krieger aus "Alfonso und Estrella", Chor der Troubadoure aus "Die Zauberharfe", Walzer, Melodie Aus Der Ouverture zu "Alfonso und Estrella", Intermezzo aus 'Rosamunde", Liebeslied aus "Alfonso und Estrella", Andante Aus dem Quartett a-moll Op.29. Arranged by Istvan Nagy.
Ref 26720: Price
15,95 EUR

Schubert - Sonatinen Opus 137
Urtext, violin and piano, titles are: Sonatine nr.1 D384, Sonatine nr.2 D385, Sonatine nr.3 D408.
Ref 18737: Price
16,50 EUR

Schumann Clara - Drie Romanzen Op. 22
Violin and piano.
Ref 26365: Price
13,75 EUR

Sibelius Jean - Pensées Lyriques
For Violin and Guitar, arranged by Mats Bergström. Contents: Valsette, Chant sans paroles, Humoresque, Minuetto, Berceuse, Pensée mélodique, Rondoletto, Scherzando.
Ref 13200: Price
16,61 EUR

Snowman Suite for Violin and Piano, The - Howard Blake
Violin and Piano, titles are: music Box Dance, Walking In the Air, dance Of The Snowmen.
Ref 27156: Price
13,20 EUR

Solos For Young Violinists Volume 1 - Barbara Barber.
VLN/PF, Compiled and edited by violinist Barbara Barber. Titles are: French folk song, English folk song, Bohemian folk song, Welsh air, French folk song, Bohemian folk song, Russian folk song, Scotch folk song, March (Bach), Musette (Bach), Giguetta (Bach), Theme and variations (Papini), Concertino in G major Op. 8 No. 4 (Huber), Donkey Doodle (Kroll), Elves Dance (Jenkinson), La Cinquantaine (Gabriel-Marie), The puppet show Op. 5 No. 1 (Trott), Mosquito Dance Op. 62 No. 5 (Mendelssohn L.), Concertino in D major Op. 15 (Küchler).
Violin part and piano accompaniment: Ref 2199: Price
15.62 EUR
CD: Ref 4561: Price 17.23 EUR

Solos For Young Violinists Volume 2 - Barbara Barber.
VLN/PF, Compiled and edited by violinist Barbara Barber. Titles are: The boy Paganini fantasia (Mollenhauer), Sarabande in G minor (Bohm), Air Varie No. 14 in G (de Bériot), Concerto in G major Op. 24 (1st movement) (Rieding), Millionaire's Hoedown (Clebanoff), Introduction and Polonaise from Arabesken No. 12 (Bohm), Sonatina Op. 100 (1st movement) (Dvorak), Concerto No. 3 in G minor Op. 12 (1st movement) (Seitz).
Violin part and piano accompaniment: Ref 2200: Price
15.62 EUR
CD: Ref 4562: Price 17.23 EUR

Solos For Young Violinists Volume 3 - Barbara Barber.
VLN/PF, Compiled and edited by violinist Barbara Barber. Titles are: Tempo de minuetto (Kreisler), Air varié Op. 89 No. 5 (Dancla), Mazurka (Mlynarski), Perpetue mobile from Little Suite No. 6 (Bohm), Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod), Souvenir de Sarasate (Potstock), Concerto No. 1 in A minor (Accolay).
Violin part and piano accompaniment: Ref 2201: Price
15.62 EUR
CD: Ref 4563: Price 17.23 EUR

Solos For Young Violinists Volume 4 - Barbara Barber.
VLN/PF, Compiled and edited by violinist Barbara Barber. Titles are: Polish Dance (Severn), Allegro Brilliant Op. 19 (Ten Have), Rondino on a Theme by Beethoven (Kreisler), Concerto No. 2 in G major (1st movement) (Haydn), Melodie from Orpheus and Euridice (Gluck/Kreisler), Concerto No. 9 in A minor Op. 104 (1st movement) (de Bériot).
Violin part and piano accompaniment: Ref 2202: Price
15.62 EUR
CD: Ref 4564: Price 17.23 EUR

Solos For Young Violinists Volume 5 - Barbara Barber.
VLN/PF, Compiled and edited by violinist Barbara Barber. Titles are: Meditation from Thais (Massenet), Waltz (Weber/Burmester), Concerto No. 23 in G major (1st movement) (Viotti), Czardas (Monti), Sicilienne and Rigaudon (Kreisler), Fugue from Sonata Op. 1 No. 3 (Tartini).
Violin part and piano accompaniment: Ref 2203: Price
15.62 EUR
CD: Ref 4565: Price 17.23 EUR

Solos For Young Violinists Volume 6 - Barbara Barber.
VLN/PF, Compiled and edited by violinist Barbara Barber. Titles are: Sicilienne (Paradis), Scène de Ballet Op. 100 (de Bériot), Vocalise Op. 34 No. 14 (Rachmaninoff), Rumanian Folk Dances (Bartok/Székely).
Violin part and piano accompaniment: Ref 2204: Price
15.62 EUR
CD: Ref 4566: Price 17.23 EUR

Strauß Walzer Album
Violin and piano, titles are: An der Schönen Blauen Donau, Geschichten aus dem Wienerwald, Rosen Aus Dem Süden, Wein Weib und Gesang, Wiener Blut, Frühlingsstimmen, Du und Du, Schatz-Walzer.
Ref 15037: Price
18,50 EUR

Telemann - Methodical Sonatas Volume 1
Flute or Violin and Basso Continuo, titles are: Sonata G Major TWV 41: g 3, Sonata in A Major TWV 41: A 3, Urtext edition.
Ref 27748: Price
14,90 EUR

Viennese Fiddler, The - Arr. by Edward Huws Jones
Violin and piano with optional violin accompaniment, easy violin and guitar, titles are: The Beautiful Blue Danube (Strauss II), Two Waltzes From Gold And Silver (Lehar), Philomel Waltz (Stauss I), Andantino from the Gypsy Baron (StrausII), Fireproof (Josef Strauss), The Schönbrunn Palace (Lanner), The Emperor Waltz (StraussII), Roses from The South (StrausII), Clear The Tracks (Eduard Strauss), Light Cavalery (Franz Von Suppe), Tales Of The Vienna Woods (StraussII).
Ref 19247: Price
19,50 EUR

Violin Music For Beginners
For violin and piano. Content: Excerpt from the Peasant Canata, Musette (Bach), Dialogue, Kolomeika (Hajdu), German Dance (Haydn), Air, Menuet (Händel), French Troubadour Song (Jardanyi), Gaiety (Lang), Fragment Aus Der Oper " Die Zauberflöte" (Mozart), Little Song (Papp), Excerpt from the Opera " King Arthur", Allemande, Ecossaise (Schubert), Military March (Schumann), Berceuse, Song and Dance , Marcia (Sugar), Hungarian Dance, Four Chorale Melodies (Szervansky), Waltz (Weber).
Ref 612: Price
13,01 EUR

Viviani G.B. - Capricci Armonici Op. 4
Edited by Kertész Istvan.
Ref 10413: Price
17,10 EUR

What Else Can I Play? Violin Grade Four
Titles are: April in Paris, Close To You (They Long To Be), Coronation Street, Daydream Believer, I Got Rythmn, The Gratest Love off All, In the Hall Off the Mountain King, In the Mood, It's Alright ith Me, Love's Got A Hold On My Heart, Mexican Hat Dance, Music To Watch Girls By, The Pink Panther Theme, Singin' In the Rain, Star Wars (Main Theme), Talk To The Animals, Toreador's Song, Try To Remember.
Ref 9284: Price
9,55 EUR

Wieniawski - The Most Beautiful Wieniawski for Violin and Piano
Violin and piano, titles are: Kujawiak in A Minor Op. 3 No. 2, Polonaise brillante in D Major Op. 4,Souvenir de Moscou Op. 6, La Champetre [Idyll] in D Major Op. 12 No. 1,Chanson polonaise [Polish Song] in G Minor Op. 12 No. 2, Legend Op. 17, Obertas in G Major Op. 19 No. 1,Le Ménétrier [The Bag-pipe Player] in D Major Op. 19 No. 2, Gigue op. 23, Prélude form Op. 18, Le Vélocité from Op. 10, Le Chant du Bivouac from Op. 10.
Ref 29354: Price
16,90 EUR

Wieniawski - Polonaise Op. 21 No.2
Violin and piano. Polonaise Brillante (Op.21 No.2) is a virtuoso work for Violin and Piano by the great violinist Henryk Wieniawski; also a successful composer who succeeded in blending brilliant virtuosity with true Romantic inspiration. This is the Great Performers Edition of this work, edited by another great violinist Nathan Milstein.
Ref 29156: Price
8,75 EUR

Wizard's Potion - Caroline Lumsden
Violin and piano (spellbining jazz accompaniments by Ben Atwood), titles are: Wizard's Potion, Dizzy Lizzy Lightweight, Flickering Shadows, Spitter Spatter, Jump Slimy Toad, Flash Of Lightning, TasteThe Tangy Brew, Doom and Gloom, Poor Old Battered, Wizards United, Text a Message, Hocus pocus Here's, Strike It Lucky, Melted Mouse And.., Search For The Magical, Grab The Slippery Toad!, Compose A Potion. For Violin Grades 1 and 2 using 1st and 2nd finger patterns, book with CD (full performance and playalong version).
Ref 27742: Price
14,10 EUR

Young Violinist's Repertoire Book 3, The - Paul de Keyser & Fanny Waterman
Violin and piano, titles are: Gavotte From Suite BWV 1012 (Bach), Minuet (Mozart), Rigaudon (Handel), From My Homeland (Cesar Cui), Mazurka (Baklanova), The Joker (Grechaninov), March from the Hunters (von Weber), Gavotte from Suite BWV 811 (Bach), Gypsy Dance (Von Weber), Andante (Elgar), The Clowns (Kabalevsky), Maytime (Trad. Bulgarian), Fast Time (Baklanova), La Boubonnoise (Couperin), Passmezzo Antico, German Dance (Beethoven), Duo from K 487 (Mozart), Polish Dance (Trad.). Grade 2-4.
Ref 27556: Price
13,20 EUR

Young Violinist's Repertoire Book 4, The - Paul de Keyser & Fanny Waterman
Violin and Piano, titls are: Sonatina (Handel), Pantomine (Mozart), Baika (Moniuszko), Aria (Mozart), The Danube (Ivanovici), Allegro (von Gluck), Hebrew Prayer (Trad.), German Dance (Schubert), Neapolitan Song (Tchaikovsky), The Nightingale (Russian), Bourrée (Handel), Chanson Triste (Tchaikovsky), Rondino (Hadjiev). Grade 3 to 5.
Ref 27557: Price
13,20 EUR

Zigeunergeige, Die
Violin and piano, titles are; Zwei Gitarren (Russisches Lied), Langsam fließt dahin der Marosfluß (Ungarische Zigeunerlied), Tiefes Lied (Zigeunerweise), Goldener Weizen (Csardas), Der Schitten Fährt (Ungarische Romanze), Verlaß mich nicht (Zigeuner-Romance), Ungarische Fantasie (Bovelino), Hundert Küsse stehl ich dir (Ungarische Weise), Schwarze Augen (Russische Zigeuner-Romanze), Rasposcholl (Russische Zigeunerlied), Lavotta- Serenade (Ungarisch), Ein Katzerl zwei Katzerl (Ungarisches Lied), Heissa Troika (Russischer Zigeuner Walzer), So viel Sterne werden nie am Himmel stehn (Ungarische Zigeunerlied), Wind du sollst es meiner Liebsten sagen (Zigeunerlied), Monte Christo Walzer (Kotlar), Sinai Hora (Rumänischer Tanz).
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17,90 EUR

Violin Duet

Selections from the number one classical album from the duet who are supporting Bryan Ferry on tour in 2004.
11 violin duets and piano accompaniment. Contents: Barcarolle [Offenbach, Jacques], Bridal Chorus (Lohengrin) [Wagner, Richard], Canon In D [Pachebel, Johann], Cavatina [Myers, Stanley], Chi Mai [Morricone, Ennio], Hungarian Dance No.5 [Brahms, Johannes], In The Bleak Midwinter [Holst, Gustav], Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence [Sakamoto, Ryuichi], Minuet In A [Boccherini, Luigi], Nocturne [Borodin, Alexander], The Ashokan Farewell [Ungar, Jay].
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25,95 EUR

Shostakovich - Five Pieces
2 Violins and Piano, titles are: Prelude, Gavotte, Elegie, Waltz, Polka.
Ref 7731: Price
21,90 EUR

Violin Quartet

Fiesta Majicana / Songs of the Mexican Children - George Frederick McKay
Easy Quartet suite for 4 equal instruments: 4 violins, 4 horns, 4 trumpets, 4 saxophones, 4 clarinets. Contents: Greeting to the sun, Circle dance, In gay mood, Serenade of the Caballero.
Ref 26056: Price
7,95 EUR

Quartets for Developing Violinists - Douglas Townsend
Score and parts (Violin 1, 2, 3 and 4). Contents: Concertino for four violins (Douglas Townsend), Song without words (Douglas Townsend), Heidenröslein D 257 (Franz Schubert), Ein feste burg (J.S. Bach), Scherzo (Douglas Townsend).
Ref 28939: Price
21,95 EUR

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