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A Creative Approacht to Praticing Jazz - David Baker

A Creative Approacht to Praticing Jazz - 

A much heralded jazz practice method from leading educator/performer David Baker. David condenses a wealth of experience and knowledge into practice-specific ideas and exercises for all musicians. Subjects covered include practice goals, techniques and strategies, hearing, transcribing, playing ...
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A Guide to Musical Analysis - Nicholas Cook

A Guide to Musical Analysis - 

This extremely practical introduction to musical analysis explores the factors that give unity and coherence to musical masterpieces. Having first identified and explained the most important analytical methods, Nicholas Cook examines given compositions from the last two hundred years to show how ...
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Algemene Muziektermen - Moreau Georges / Brigitte Blansaer

Algemene Muziektermen - 

Dit zakwoordenboekje is wat U nog mist als compact naslagwerk voor alle gebruikelijke italiaanse benamingen uit de muziekterminologie. Ook geschikt als geschenkje... (Enkel beschikbaar in het Nederlands.)
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Algemene Muziektheorie A - Frans Frijns

Algemene Muziektheorie A - 

Les / werkboek, 80 pagina's, boek & CD.
Complete Muziekleer op niveau A voor musici en muziekliefhebbers.
Sinds kort is er een splinternieuwe en unieke methode voor het muziektheorieonderwijs verkrijgbaar.
Het unieke van de methode schuilt, onder andere, in de combinatie van ...

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Algemene Muziektheorie B - Frans Frijns

Algemene Muziektheorie B - 

Sinds kort is ook deel B van deze nieuwe en unieke methode voor het muziektheorieonderwijs verkrijgbaar.
Vooral de combinatie van boek met cd-rom, met daarop een interactief computerprogramma, maakt deze methode zo bijzonder. Het programma sluit naadloos aan op het lesmateriaal van het boek. ...

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All About Music Theory - Mark Harrison

All About Music Theory - 

A Fun and Simple Guide to Understanding Music. Book and CD. English.

If you wish there was a fun and engaging way to help you understand the fundamentals of music, then this is it. Whether it's learning to read music, understanding chords and scales, musical forms, or improvising and ...

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An Approach to Jazz Improvisation - Dave Pozzi

An Approach to Jazz Improvisation - 

A Step-by-Step Guide for All Musicians.
Explore the styles of Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, Sonny Rollins, Bud Powell, and others in this comprehensive, hands-on guide to jazz improvisation. CD includes 34 tracks for playalong and demonstration. Scale choices, chord analysis, and phrasing. ...

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An Illustrated History of Music for Young Musicians: The Romantic Period - Gilles Comeau & Rosemary Covert

An Illustrated History of Music for Young Musicians: The Romantic Period - 

An Illustrated History of Music for Young Musicians: The Romantic Period is far more than a history of music. It encompasses Life in the Romantic Era, The Arts in the Romantic Era, Musical Life In The Romantic Era, Charecteristics of Music in the Romantic Era, and composers of the Romantic Era. ...
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Arranging for Large Jazz Ensemble - Lowell Dick, Ken Pullig

Arranging for Large Jazz Ensemble - 

Create arrangements with texture and style with this complete guide to arranging for large horn sections! Now, for the first time, learn the same jazz ensemble arranging techniques taught by renowned Berklee College of Music faculty, and studied by the best and brightest arrangers working today. ...
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Arranging Reharmonization Techniques  - Felts, Randy

Arranging Reharmonization Techniques  - 

When you reharmonize a tune, you give the melody new color by changing its underlying harmonies. Whether you direct a band or choir, play piano or guitar, or write film scores, you will find simple and innovative techniques to update songs and develop exciting new arrangements by studying the ...
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Basic Digital Recording - Paul White

Basic Digital Recording - 

This book discusses the various types of digital recording systems currently on the market, offering tips on MIDI sequencing, how to keep computer-based systems working at maximum efficiency, recording advice and mixing.
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Basic Effects and Processors - Paul White

Basic Effects and Processors - 

From multi-effects units to software plug-ins, digital instruments and soundcards, effects and processors are a crucial part of modern music. Yet even cheap units can be complicated to understand and operate.
Basic Effects And Processors offers in-depth explanations of all the mainstream ...

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Basic Home Studio Desing - Paul White

Basic Home Studio Desing - 

Investigating areas such as soundproofing, acoustics and monitoring, Basic Home Studio Design will help you transform your bedroom into the equivalent of a modern recording studio, and at a fraction of the price.
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Basic Live Sound - Paul White

Basic Live Sound - 

Basic Live Sound has the answers for setting up equipment for live performance and DJ techniques. Discover how to work in different spaces with a variety of performance events, and the equipment required to get the sound just right.
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Basic Mastering - Paul White

Basic Mastering - 

The ultimate aim of any recording project is the mass-production of music, whether on CD, cassette, MiniDisc or any of the other media available to the modern recording artist. It is important, therefore, to have the best possible recording in the first place. Basic Mastering shows you how to ...
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Van Noten En Tonen - Ignace Bossuyt Boston Music Stand Dual LED Light with clamp mount Finale SongWriter 2012 Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Scale Set
Van Noten En TonenBoston Music Stand Dual LED Light with clamp mountFinale SongWriter 2012Boomwhackers C Major Diatonic Scale Set