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4 Spirituals - Jean-François Michel

4 Spirituals - 

Brass Quartet or Quintet, score and parts, Part 1: Bb, Part 2: Bb, Part 3: Horn in F, Althorn in Es, Trombone (F-Clef), Trombone (G-Clef), Part 4: Trombone (F-clef), Trombone (G-clef), Part. 5: Eb Bass (G-clef),B Bass (G-clef), Tuba in C. Titles are: Oh Happy Day, Sometimes I Feel Like a ...
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A Christmas Collage - Brass Quartet - Jan de Haan

A Christmas Collage - Brass Quartet - 

Score and parts. Brass quartet: Bb trumpet 1 and 2, Trombone 1 and 2 (Euphonium 1 and 2).
Additional parts:
Bb trombone 1 (Euphonium 1) g-clef
Eb tenor horn (suitable for trombone 1)
F horn (suitable for trombone 1)
Bb trombone 2 (Bb euphonium 2) g-clef
Eb bass ...

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A Christmas Suite - Brass Band - Stephen Bulla

A Christmas Suite - Brass Band - 

Since 1984 this has been a popular work for brass bands all over the world. Lasting about eight minutes, the three movements include settings of 'Wassail Song', 'Lo, how a rose e're blooming', and to finish 'Potpourri' bursting with tunes and energy!
Complete set, including full score.

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Adagio  - Anton Bruckner / Hans-André Stamm

Adagio  - 

For brass quintet with Organ.
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Album Volume 4 - Jérôme Naulais

Album Volume 4 - 

Brass Quartet, score and parts, Part 1: Bb or C, part 2: Bb or C, part 3: Bb or C or F or Eb (G- and F-clef), Part 4: Eb or C (F-clef) or Bb (G-clef) with optional Keyboard/ Piano/ Organ/ Percussion (Glockenspiel/ Vibraphone) or CD Play Back. Titles are: Serenade (Schubert), 'S Wonderful ...
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Berliner Luft - Münchener Hetz und Gaudi - Lincke Paul/ Kanter Gustav

Berliner Luft - Münchener Hetz und Gaudi - 

Brass Band, March Format.
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Brass People - Christopher Mowat/ Jim Parker

Brass People - 

Score and parts, Instrumentation: Part 1: Trumpet Bb- Cornet, Part 2: Trumpet Bb- cornet, Part 3: Treble Clef in Bb (Trombone- Baritone-Euphonium) or Bass Clef (trombone), 0r Eb (Tenor Horn), This set includes additional parts for horn in Eb, trombone in treble clef and Eb bass.
The ...

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Charles - Chaplin - Fresken - Schneider

Charles - Chaplin - Fresken - 

Brass Quintet, score with parts, titles are: 2 Trompeten in B, Horn in F, Posaune, Baßposaune / Tuba). Intermediate level.
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El Choclo - Traditional / Norman Tailor

El Choclo - 

Brass Quartet, score and parts, Part 1: Bb or C, part 2: Bb or C, part 3: Bb or C or F or Eb (G- and F-clef), Part 4: Eb or C (F-clef) or Bb (G-clef) with optional Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drum Set.
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Fanfare, Gigue and March - Warren Baker

Fanfare, Gigue and March - 

Brass Trio, 2 Trumpets and Tenor Trombone, Grade 4, duration 2:45. Score and parts.
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Fantasie On A Mighty Fortress Is Our God - Michael Praetorius/ Kevin Kaisershot

Fantasie On A Mighty Fortress Is Our God - 

Brass Quintet, Score and parts. For 2 trumpets, french horn, trombone and tuba. Sacred, Hymn. Grade 3. Duration 3:15.
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Fantasy For trombone and Brass Band - James Curnow

Fantasy For trombone and Brass Band - 

Solo Trombone and Brass Band
Supplied with parts for soloist in B-flat treble clef.

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Honor and Arms from "Samson" - George Frederic Handel / Howard J. Rowe Jr.

Honor and Arms from "Samson" - 

Brass quintet for 2 Bb trumpets, horn in F, trombone, and tuba. Grade 4, duration ca. 5:25. Arranged by Howard J. Rowe Jr.
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I'm Popeye The Sailor Man - Christensen James

I'm Popeye The Sailor Man - 

Low Brass, Trombone 1, Trombone 2, Baritone B.C., Baritone T.C.,Tuba, Percussion, Piano, Bass, F Horn. score and parts, level 2.5.
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I've Been Working on the Railroad - David Uber

I've Been Working on the Railroad - 

Brass Quartet for 2 Bb trumpets and 2 trombones. Grade 3+, duration ca. 3:40, arranged by David Uber.
This great American favorite from the late 1800's will be a terrific encore for brass quartets, especially if they enjoy playing music in a quasi-Dixieland style. Scored for two trumpets and ...

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