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'behütet...' - Psalm 121 - Dieter Schnebel

'behütet...' - Psalm 121 - 

For choir (and organ or synthesizer ad lib.). SSmezAATTBarBB.
Psalm 112 known from Mendelssohn's musical setting is interpreted by Dieter Schnebel as a song of pilgrimage: Pilgrims setting out on a dangerous path hope for a happy return. Following the text that is declaimed simultaneously in ...

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111 Bicinia from the 15th Century - Soos, Andras

111 Bicinia from the 15th Century - 

Choir, for school and liturgical use, titles are: Missa Caput (Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei) (Ismeretlen szerzŒ), Missa La mort de Saint Gothard (Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus) (Ismeretlen szerzŒ), Missa In myne Zyn (Agnus Dei) (Agricola, Alexander), Missa Malheur me bat (Gloria) ...
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12 Chansons polyphoniques réunies  - Pierre De Ronsard

12 Chansons polyphoniques réunies  - 

A 4 voix :
Ma petite colombelle (Muret) - Bien qu'à grand tort il te plaist d'allumer (Certon) - Quand j'apperçoy ton beau chef jaunissant (Goudimel) - Bel aubépin verdissant (Janequin) - Mais de quoy sert le désirer (Arcadelt) - Je ne veux plus que chanter de ...

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12 Polyphonies sacrées for mixed voices a cappella - Vytautas Miskinis

12 Polyphonies sacrées for mixed voices a cappella - 

Mixed voices a Cappella, titles are: Beata es, Maria (SAATBB), Ave Regina Caelorun (SAATBB), Cor mundum crea (soprano solo + SAATB), Beati mortui (SAATB)Exsurge (SSAATBB), Jubilate Deo (SATB), Tibi laus (SAATBB), 4 motets à la mémoire de Maurice Duruflé : Ubi caritas (SAATBB) - ...
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15 Flämische Lieder der Renaissance - Flemish Songs of the Renaissance - René B. Lenaerts

15 Flämische Lieder der Renaissance - Flemish Songs of the Renaissance - 

Mixed choir, titles are: Een meysken eens voerbij passeerde (STTB) (Anon.), Ic truere ende ic ben van mynen (STB) (Anon.), Mijn boel heet mij cleker bille (SATB)(Anon.), Wij comen hier ghelopen (SATB) (Anon.), Mijns liefkens bruin oghen (SATTB) (Benedictus), Lecker beetgen en cleyn bier (SATB) ...
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33 Neue Kanons - Oliver Gies, Bertrand Groeger

33 Neue Kanons - 

Mit vielen Gestaltungsoptionen zum kreativen Arrangieren - Deutsch.
Oliver Gies (Maybebop) und Bertrand Gröger (Jazzchor Freiburg): Dieses Duo, das hier erstmals zu einer gemeinsamen Veröffentlichung zusammenfindet, steht für Kreativität und Perfektion, die sich in 33 ...

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5 Folksongs (SmSA A Cappella) - Sommereyns Gwendolyn

5 Folksongs (SmSA A Cappella) - 

SmSA a Cappella, titles are: As I was Walking, Autumn Comes, Drink to Me Only, I will give, Farewell and Adieu.
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58 Canons For Choirs

58 Canons For Choirs

50 canons for current use, 8 canons for concert, French repertoire, titles are: Ah Marche!, A La Cuisine, A la pêche aux moules, Allons-y les gras, Amis la vie est belle, Au son des Musettes, Bonsoir les amis, La mazurka, C'est la cloche du vieux manoir, Ce vaste monde, Chante sur la route, ...
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A Fancy Of Folksongs - Cecilia McDowall

A Fancy Of Folksongs - 

Choir and piano or harp, titles are: Green Bushes (SATB), The Rambling Sailor (TB), The Crystal Spring (SSA), O No, John! (SATB).
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A Jazzy Dozen

A Jazzy Dozen

Jubilee Book for the 5th anniversary of European Vocal Jazz days in cooperation with Europa Cantat and KBZON. Arrangements for Jazz And Pop Choir, titles are: Kiss from A Rose (SSATB), Good Bait (SATBB), God Bless the Child (SATB), Didn't my Lord deliver Daniel (SATBB), Nature Boy (SATB, piano and ...
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Abba Forever - Choral CD - Benny Andersson, Stig Anderson, and Björn Ulvaeus / arr. David Lawrence

Abba Forever - Choral CD - 

This choral medley of ABBA songs from the hit musical Mamma Mia! is sure to make your choir want to get up and dance!
Titles are: Fernando / Mamma Mia / Waterloo / Dancing Queen.
Choral CD.

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Adiemus Colores - Karl Jenkins

Adiemus Colores - 

Mixed choir and piano score. Easy to intermediate level.
"Adiemus Colores" sees Karl Jenkins weaving his established and highly successful "Adiemus" concept together with the exotic and flamboyant sound world of Latin American music. In taking inspiration from composers ...

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Ahrirang (SSA) - Brad Printz

Ahrirang (SSA) - 

2-Part, 3 -Part Treble Choir, Orff instruments, A stunning arrangement of the popular Korean folk song that speaks of Ahrirang Hill outside of Seoul, believed to be a symbol of personal contentment and triumph. This setting captures the style of Korean music, which is highly personal and tender, ...
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Ain't No Mountain High Enough - ShowTrax CD - Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson / Marvin Gaye, Tammi Terrell / Roger Emerson

Ain't No Mountain High Enough - ShowTrax CD - 

ShowTrax CD.
This 1970 #1 hit by Diana Ross has super appeal. Fantastic closer!
Duration: 2:30 min.

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All I want for Christmas is you - ShowTrax CD - Mariah Carey/ Mac Huff

All I want for Christmas is you - ShowTrax CD - 

ShowTrax CD.
Since 1994, this release by Mariah Carey has been a popular addition to holiday playlists worldwide! Set in a retro '60s rock and roll feel, it makes a perfect selection for Christmas programming.

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