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  • Instrument: Klavecimbel
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Amusement de Parnasse - Michel Corrette

Amusement de Parnasse - 

Tutor for the harpsichord for the beginner, the book is divide dinto two parts, The forst part comprises six pages of theory (published here in facsimile) containing the rudiments of musical theory, comportment at the harsichord, hand position and touch followed by a few excersises and fingering ...
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Florence - Nicole Philiba

Florence - 

Trois Sequences pour Clavecin, Morçeau de Concours du Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris 1984.
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Gereralbass Übungen - Erich Wolf

Gereralbass Übungen - 

Clavecimbel, 99 songs, arias, recitatives, chorales and instrumental pieces with figured bass.
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Harpsichord Method - Maria Boxall

Harpsichord Method - 

Harpsichord method, based on 16th to 18th-century sources, titles are: First Piece (M.B.B.), Minuet (Purcell), Borry (Purcell), Menuet (Handel), Passepied (Handel), Gavotte (Handel), Air (Handel), Menuet (Anon.), Musette (Anon.), Fuga (Handel), Les Tambourins (Couperin), Menuet and Rondeau ...
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Pieces de Clavecin - F. Couperin / Gilbert

Pieces de Clavecin - 

Cello and piano.
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Pièces de Clavecin Book 1 - Jean-Philippe Rameau

Pièces de Clavecin Book 1 - 

Harpsichord. This is the first complete edition of the keyboard works of Jean-Philippe Rameau to incorporate all the printed collections of harpsichord music published under his supervision as well as his clavier arrangement of Les Indes Galantes .
Titles are:
Premier Livre de Pieces de ...

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Pièces de Clavecin Book 2 - Jean-Philippe Rameau

Pièces de Clavecin Book 2 - 

Complete Keyboard works from the books of 1726-7 and 1741. Urtext edition.
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Répertoire pour le Clavecin Volume 2 - Richard Siegel

Répertoire pour le Clavecin Volume 2 - 

Clavecin ou piano, volume 2. Texte français, anglais, alleman, espagnol.
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Sonate per Clavicembalo o Organo Volume 1 - Benedetto Marcello

Sonate per Clavicembalo o Organo Volume 1 - 

Prima edizione moderna a cura di Maurizio Machella. Titles are: Variationi, O partite per Il Cembalo ò Organo, Sonate di Sua Eccenza Marcello, Sonati di organo.
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Soul Bird - Olli Mustonen

Soul Bird - 

For harpsichord or piano. Advanced level.
The title "Sielulintu” (soul bird) originates from ancient Finnish mythology in which birds play a prominent role. It was believed that the soul of an individual was brought by a bird at the time of birth and taken away by a bird at the time ...

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The Amsterdam Harpsichord Tutor Volume 1 - Kees Rosenhart

The Amsterdam Harpsichord Tutor Volume 1 - 

Method for Harpsichord. English.

This book is now permanently out of print. No reprint will be planned.

Dit boek is nu volledig uitverkocht. Er wordt geen herdruk voorzien.

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Ref: 29377  

The Amsterdam Harpsichord Tutor Volume, 2 - Kees Rosenhart

The Amsterdam Harpsichord Tutor Volume, 2 - 

Method for Harpichord. English.
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