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  • Instrument: Contrabas
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110 Studies Op. 20 volume 1 - Wilhelm Sturm/ Fred Zimmermann

110 Studies Op. 20 volume 1 - 

Double Bass Studies.
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12 Jazz Etudes - Hein Van de Geyn

12 Jazz Etudes - 

Twelve etudes, each one a solo over a standard tune, dealing specifically with a certain subject such as:


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12 Walzer - Dragonetti Domenico

12 Walzer - 

Double Bass solo, Urtext edition.
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20 Etudes de Virtuosité - Edward Nanny

20 Etudes de Virtuosité - 

Double Bass studies, advanced level.
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25 Etuden - Josef Emanuel Storch

25 Etuden - 

Double Bass, 25 Etuden.
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30 Morceaux pour la Contrabasse - Michel Beaujean

30 Morceaux pour la Contrabasse - 

30 Pieces for Double bass, Book and CD (Original and play-along version). Progressives walking bass pieces in different styles (New-Orleans, Jazz, Samba, Folk, Ballade, Jazz Manouche, Valse, Blues , Bossa,...).
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32 etuden  - Josef Emanuel Storch

32 etuden  - 

Double Bass. 32 Studies.
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4 Easy Pieces - Russell Armand

4 Easy Pieces - 

Contrabas with piano, titles are: Spring Daydreams, Summer Sports, Autumn Moods, Winter Games. Level 1, very easy level.
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60 Melodic Etudes for Acoustic and Electric Bass - John Patitucci

60 Melodic Etudes for Acoustic and Electric Bass - 

This new book from one of the most popular bass players in the business brings players great tools to improve their skills. Bass players can advance their knowledge of the fingerboard, improve intonation and time, develop flexibility and work though modes and scales presented in the book. This work ...
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9 Pieces - J.S Bach / Bernard Salles

9 Pieces - 

Bass and piano, titles are: Choral BWV 721, Choral BWV 639, Sarabande BWV 1012, Choral BWV 727, Choral BWV 641, Adagio BWV 564, Choral BWV 622, Choral BWV 659. Arr. by Bernard Salles.
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A Double Bassist Goes Ballroom Dancing - Terrett Keith

A Double Bassist Goes Ballroom Dancing - 

Contrabass with piano, intermediate level.
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A Little Concerto - Gordon, Jacob

A Little Concerto - 

Double Bass And Piano, Advanced level.
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A Seaside Suite - Geoffrey Head

A Seaside Suite - 

Double bass with piano. Composed for Double Bass 2000, this five-movement suite offers enjoyable and melodic music for the beginner bassist. In half and first positions throughout, each piece has its own character and style, using pizzicato and arco, with simple and effective piano accompaniments. ...
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A Sketchbook for Double Bass - Michael Rosenberg

A Sketchbook for Double Bass - 

Double Bass with piano, Nine tuneful pieces for the young bass player. The pieces are in distinct styles, for example waltz ragtime and a hornpipe with a nod towards Handel and are extremely attractive to learn and play.
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Abracadabra for Double Bass Book 1 - Rosalind Lillywhite, Andrew Marshall

Abracadabra for Double Bass Book 1 - 

Abracadabra Double Bass is a progressively graded tutor which takes the beginner from the earliest stages to Grade 1. Comprehensive course in 20 learning steps. 91 popular songs & tunes, from Disney themes to classical & traditional favourites. Duet accompaniments, trios & rounds ...
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