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Inside In Inside Out - The Kooks

Inside In Inside Out - 

Guitar, standard notation and tablature, this is the debut album by the Brighton-based fuzzy pop-punks, with every song presented in accurate Guitar Tab.Titles are: Eddie's Gun, Got No Love, I Want You, If Only, Jackie Big Tits, Matchbox, Naive, Ooh La, Seaside, See The World, She Moves In Her Own ...
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Insider Guitar - Kurt Oberleitner

Insider Guitar - 

Guitar Solo, standard notation. Intermediate level.
22 pieces in Flamenco,Tango, Ragtime and Blues style.
Titles are: Spanische Romanze (L.Cano), Variation "Spanische romanze" (Oberleitner), Flamenco (Oberleitner), The Entertainer (Scott Joplin), Walzerträme (Oberleitner), ...

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Intelli-Shred - The Thinking Musician's Guide to Incredible Guitar Soloing  - Kevin Dillard

Intelli-Shred - The Thinking Musician's Guide to Incredible Guitar Soloing  - 

Guitar method, Kevin Dillard introduces a book allowing experienced guitarists to take their playing to an entirely new level. Intelli-Shred offers an in-depth look into the mechanics and concepts behind those amazing guitar solos by legendary artists like Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, ...
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Intermediate Acoustic Guitar - Greg Horne

Intermediate Acoustic Guitar - 

This book is great for acoustic guitarists who have learned the basics and are ready to take the next step. Beginning with a brief review of reading standard music notation and TAB, this book takes you further into several major areas of stud including sounds; grooves; special techniques; theory ...
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Intermediate Blues Guitar - Matt Smith

Intermediate Blues Guitar - 

An award-winning comprehensive course for guitarists dedicated to blues. All books includes examples in standard music notation and TAB, licks in the styles of the blues masters and blues techniques and theory used in lead and rhythmn guitar playing. Includes left-hand technique, phrasing, chord ...
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Intermediate Jazz Conception for Guitar - Jim Snidero

Intermediate Jazz Conception for Guitar - 

Guitar Solo, 15 etudes based on standards, modal tunes and blues, titles are: Splank Street, Melon Island, Green Fin, St. Sonny, Voyage, Confirmed, Miles' Blues, Freedom, Bird's Ballad, Trane's Thing, You Need Not, Things, Days Ago, Stellar, Night Eyes. Book with CD, intermediate level.
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Intermediate Jazz Guitar - Jody Fisher

Intermediate Jazz Guitar - 

Method book, each chapter is divided into lessons and each lesson is comprised of two sections. the "A" section of every deals with chord work and harmonic concepts, while the "B" section contains information about single-line improvisation. Book and CD.
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Intermediate Rock Guitar  - Paul Howard

Intermediate Rock Guitar  - 

Great for guitarists who know the basics and are ready to take the next step. Starts with a quick review of basic materials, then covers triads, harmonization, chord embellishment, composite scales, improvising with the modes, and more. All music is shown in standard notation and TAB, and the CD ...
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Intermezzo - Enrique Granados/ Masicotte

Intermezzo - 

Guitar ensemble, score and parts, guitar I-IV and double bass. Intermediate level.
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Into Blues & Rock - Ad Welten & Patrick van Gerven

Into Blues & Rock - 

Linker- en rechterhandstudies voor elektrisch en akoestisch gitaar door: Ad Welten en Patrick van Gerven. Book & CD.
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Introductiecursus Gitaar - Frans Frijns

Introductiecursus Gitaar - 

Introductiecursus voor de jonge startende gitarist die nog geen noten kan lezen. de leerling kan zich volledig concentreren op instrument, houding en techniek. Boek met CD.
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Introduction to Guitar Tone & Effects - 2nd Edition - David M. Brewster

Introduction to Guitar Tone & Effects - 2nd Edition - 

A Manual for Getting the Best Sounds from Electric Guitars, Amplifiers, Effects Pedals & Processors
Book and CD.

An essential manual for getting the best sounds from electric guitars, amplifiers, effect pedals and digital processors! This book/CD pack features easy-to-follow ...

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Introduction to Jazz Guitar Soloing - Joe Elliott

Introduction to Jazz Guitar Soloing - 

A Comprehensive Improvisation Method. Book and CD, TAB.
Perfect for seasoned rockers seeking new challenges and jazz newcomers looking for a good start, this book/CD pack covers scales, chords, licks, techniques and other vital jazz improv concepts step by step. The accompanying CD features ...

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Introduction to Sitar - Rao Harihar

Introduction to Sitar - 

From the realm of Indian classical music, the sitar has suddenly found itself as the 'in' instrument of the popular music of the Western World.
The primary purpose of this publication is to provide a working knowledge of the sitar, to those people who wish to aquire the basic skills in tuning, ...

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Irische Zauberharfe - Patrick Steinbach

Irische Zauberharfe - 

O'Carolan's Harpmusic arranged for Guitar with TAB, titles are: The two william davises, The Clergy's Lamentation, Squire Wood's Lamentation on the Refusal of his Halfpence, Bumper Squire Jones, Planxty Sweeny, Lord Inchiquin, Constatine Maguire, John O' Connor, Planxty Brown, Captain O'Kain, Kean ...
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Finale 2014: A Trailbrazer Guide - Donny Gruendler / Rick Mattingly Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon Finale 2014 - Academic Guitar Pro 6
Finale 2014: A Trailbrazer GuideBow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbonFinale 2014 - AcademicGuitar Pro 6