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10 Melodies for Memory - Doug Hammond

10 Melodies for Memory - 

Snare drum solos.
Titles are: Blue Snare, A Swinging March, Variations on a Groove, Ruff Role, A Pone, Flaming the Groove, Phrasology, Placement, On the Edge, Fast End, Solo, Variations on Themes.

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10 Pieces for Drumset - Thomas Calis

10 Pieces for Drumset - 

Titles are: Level one: Snare Drum, A little more: Multi Percussion (sn.dr/2bgs or 2tomt), Double Done: Snare drum, Multi Boy (Multi percussion sn.dr/3tomt/sus.cymb), Snare Dance: Snare drum, Multiple Suite: Multi percussion (sn.dr/3tmbpbl), Done with fun: Snare drum, Multissimo: Multi percussion ...
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10 Progressive Soli - Joachim Sponsel

10 Progressive Soli - 

10 Progressive pieces for Drumset, in Rock, Funk, Fusion and Blues Style.
Titles are:
Engel, J: Julias Beat
Bassen, A: Number One
Beck, G: Kick it around
Mehling, C: Main Line
Sponsel, J: A matter of time
Novak, C: Simply Blue
Wunderlich, R: Flo-Solo ...

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10 Solos for Snare Drum and Piano - Gert Bomhof / Waignein André

10 Solos for Snare Drum and Piano - 

Sanre drum with piano. Tien originele werken voor kleine trom en piano. Op de cd zijn de volledige uitvoeringen van de solo’s evenals de pianobegeleiding uit het boek te beluisteren.
Titles are:
Taste of Drums
The Beat Is On
Funny B
O & O
Jolly Joker ...

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100 Essential Drumset Lessons - Terry O'Mahoney

100 Essential Drumset Lessons - 

Drums, book and CD.
100 Essential Drumset Lessons contains information, examples, exercises, and over 300 demonstration and play-along audio tracks covering a range of topics that every drummer – from novice to professional – will find useful. Its educational scope runs the gamut, ...

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1000 Faces of Drum Styles - Dirk Brand

1000 Faces of Drum Styles - 

Percussion, complete reference book of the different rhythm styles around the world with more than 900 exercises and 40 play-alongs, ideal for music schools. Contents: Jazz Rhythms: Ragtime, Boogie Woogie, New Orleans "Second Line" Drumming, New Orleans Jazz, Chicago Jazz, Swing, Be Bop, ...
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101 Breaks - Assaf Kraus

101 Breaks - 

Your ultimate guido to breaks (Fill-ins).
Percussion, drum set method, book and CD. Beginner to advanced.
This book was written with both beginner and advanced drummers in mind, and is meant to enhance the technical skills of the drummer through melodic breaks (fill-ins) and various ...

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101 Drum Tips: Stuff all the Pros Know and Use - Scott Schroedl

101 Drum Tips: Stuff all the Pros Know and Use - 

Ready to take your playing to the next level? This book presents valuable how-to insight that drummers of all styles and levels can benefit from. The text, photos, music, diagrams, and accompanying CD provide a terrific, easy-to-use resource for a variety of topics, including: grooves, practicing, ...
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128 Rudimental Street Beats, Rolloffs And Parade-Song Parts - Pratt John S.

128 Rudimental Street Beats, Rolloffs And Parade-Song Parts - 

In the Style of Traditional Drum & Bugle Corps.
128 Rudimental Street Beats, Rolloffs, and Parade-Song Parts contains “traditional” rudimental selections for snare, tenor, and bass drums that will provide the drum sections of parade or drilling units a varied repertoire of ...

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14 Modern Contest Solos For Snare Drum - John S. Pratt

14 Modern Contest Solos For Snare Drum - 

Snare Drum solos, All 26 of the Standard American Drum Rudiments, their variations and a number of compound rudiments are used here to establish the countless possibilities which present themselves within the bounds of the drumming rudiments.
Titles are:
Drum Corps On Parade
Licorice ...

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19 Etudes Musicales de Vibraphone (4 mallets) - Séjourné

19 Etudes Musicales de Vibraphone (4 mallets) - 

19 études of increasing difficulty and in different styles: jazz, swing, funk, blues, contemporary music, neo-classical,.. titles are: Suite pour 32 notes, Simple, Double, Morceau en forme de pomme (with piano), Ritournelle, Castel, Galanterie, Echo, Déjà vu!, Sun (with piano), ...
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20 Duets & Trios - Gert Bomhof

20 Duets & Trios - 

Slagwerk, eenvoudig niveau.
Korte samenspeelstukken om spelenderwijs kennis te maken met de groep instrumenten als triangel, tamboerijn, templeblocks, bongo’s, conga’s en woodblocks. Inclusief een aantal duetten en trio’s met een belangrijke rol voor het drumstel.

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20 Easy Duets - Snare Drum - Al. Graf

20 Easy Duets - Snare Drum - 

Twenty snare duets to help improve your technique and listening ability.
Book & CD.

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2112 - Rush

2112 - 

Drum set transcriptions.
2112, Rush’s fourth album, is their earliest commercially successful hit and considered to be their first true "classic" album. With a unique blend of heavy rock and progressive rock, Rush crafted a true masterpiece in the seven-movement suite ...

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25 Grooves 25 - Cuffari Flaviano

25 Grooves 25 - 

Percussion, learn & play 25 top drummers Grooves, contains written parts and playing suggestions for drummers and bassists. Also include Minus One CD for drums & bass. In this book are included some drum Grooves performed by the most famous drummers in the world such as Dave Weckl, Steve ...
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