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  • Instrument: Percussie melodisch
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13 Pieces for Mallets - Ivo Weijmans/ Gert Bomhof

13 Pieces for Mallets - 

Keyboard percussion, orginal compositions for solo and duo marimba/ xylophone. Easy level.
Titles are:
Tango per due
Big Marble
Hungarian Folksong
Tema con Variazioni
All about Guns ans ...

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15 Tableaux - Bruno Lescarret

15 Tableaux - 

Vibraphone or Marimaba solo. Book with CD.
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18 Kinderstücke - Michael Lang

18 Kinderstücke - 

Marimba, easy pieces for 2,3 and 4 mallets.
Titles are:
Da Eichhörnchen
Die scheichende Katze
Das traurige Eselchen
Mein kleiner Hase
Ein langweiliger Tag
Das unzufriedene Huhn
Der fröchliche Vogel
Das traurige Häschen
Der ...

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2-Gather - Mathias Schmitt

2-Gather - 

For marimba duo.
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20 Etudes for Vibraphone - Hein de Jong / Gert Bomhof

20 Etudes for Vibraphone - 

Vibrafoon, studies, eenvoudig - gemiddeld niveau.
Dit boek bevat uitstekend lesmateriaal dat speciaal is geschreven voor beginnende slagwerkers – die over slechts een aantal basisvaardigheden beschikken. In de twintig etudes komen de volgende technieken aan bod: pedaalgebruik; stokdempen; ...

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2001 - A Mallet Oddity - arr. Dave Steinquest

2001 - A Mallet Oddity - 

Easy concert Ensemble.
Players: 8 - 10.
Instrumentation: Vibes, (Optional Crotales), Chimes, Xylophone (Optional Xylophone 2), Marimba (Optional Marimba 2), Bells, (4) Timpani, Bass Drum, Crash Cymbals, Suspended Cymbal, Triangle

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3 Ballades Pop Pour Percussion solo ou en duo - Jean-Michel  Davis

3 Ballades Pop Pour Percussion solo ou en duo - 

Vibraphone or Marimba Solo, also suitable for duo with clarinet Bb or flute, titles are: Song for Nora (Vibraphone or flute with vibraphone), Fay Douce (Marimba solo or Clarinet Bb with marimba), Luba Luba (Marimba solo or Clarinet Bb with marimba). Intermediate level.
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3 Skizzen - Matthias Schmitt

3 Skizzen - 

For 2 Marimbas. Contents: Allegro - Lento cantabile, moderato - Presto, moderat, Presto. Dur.: 9' 16".
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4 Mallet Democracy for Marimba - Jack van Geem

4 Mallet Democracy for Marimba - 

A collection of studies and etudes for developing four-mallet independence in playing the marimba. It contains single hand studies, interval studies, rotation studies, parallel motion studies, four mallet arpeggio studies, and more. A must for the intermediate student of keyboard percussion.
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5 Cirandas Brasileiras - Ney Rosauro

5 Cirandas Brasileiras - 

For vibraphone and marimba. Contents: Sambalelê, Nesta rua tem um bosque, Atirei o pau no gato, Todo o mundo passa, Pai Francisco.
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6 pieces for Vibraphon - Eckhard Kopetzki

6 pieces for Vibraphon - 

Vibraphone solo, titles are: Kleiner Marsch in Quarten, Am Morgen, Simply Melody, Phrygisch, Skateboard, Little Blues.
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7 Bach Chorales - J.S. Bach/ Vida Chenoweth

7 Bach Chorales - 

Marimba, advanced level. These seven chorales are geared to advanced marimbists who wish to stretch both their technique and their musical experience.
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7 Etudes - David Friedman

7 Etudes - 

Arranged for Vibraphone and Piano by Mordi Vilaprinyó del perugia.
20 pages.

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7 Mazedonische Volkslieder - Michael Kiedaisch

7 Mazedonische Volkslieder - 

Marimba Solo, 4 mallets.
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90 Minute Wonders - Charles Delancey

90 Minute Wonders - 

Marimba solo, 3 mallets.
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