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  • Instrument: Percussie Pauken
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Partituren / Bladmuziek

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20 Etudes pour Timbales - Jacques Delécluse

20 Etudes pour Timbales - 

20 studies for timpany.
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3 Dances for Solo Timpani to Neal Grover - Robert McCormick

3 Dances for Solo Timpani to Neal Grover - 

Contents: Waltz, Mystical dance, Tango.
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5 Stücke für Pauken - Siegfried Fink

5 Stücke für Pauken - 

Timpani Solo
Titles are:
The Grand-Duchy (John H. Beck)
Päiffenitza (Boris Dinev)
La Valse de Timbales (Siegfried Fink)
Rainy Days (Jean Geoffroy)
Japauken (Tomoyuki Okada )

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Alpine Slide - John H. Beck

Alpine Slide - 

Timpani, grade 4, duration 2:15.
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Andante For Timpani and Piano - Fred Noak

Andante For Timpani and Piano - 

Timpani with Piano.
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Bascobert - Walter Mertens

Bascobert - 

Timpani solo.
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Battle - Walter Mertens

Battle - 

Timpani and Piano.
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Battle - Timpani & Piano - Walter Mertens

Battle - Timpani & Piano - 

Timpani & Piano.
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Blue Hammers - James Campbell

Blue Hammers - 

Medium timpani solo.
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Classical Symphonies for Timpani

Classical Symphonies for Timpani

This continuation of Classic Overtures for Timpani features the complete timpani parts to 19 symphonies by Beethoven, Haydn, and Mozart. Includes: Beethoven's Symphonies No. 1-9; Haydn's Symphonies No. 94 ('Surprise'), 100, and 101 ('The Clock'); and Mozart's Symphonies No. 31, 34, 35, 36, 38, 39, ...
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Classical Timpani March - Fred Noak

Classical Timpani March - 

Timpani with Piano.
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Contest & Recital Solos for Timpani - Salvatore Rabbio

Contest & Recital Solos for Timpani - 

11 Intermediate-Level Solos for the Developing Timpanist.
This series of instructional studies is designed to help develop exceptional technique for timpani. The solos have been created to demonstrate and inspire the full and remarkable breadth of musicality that an accomplished timpanist ...

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Contest Solos for the Intermediate Timpanist - Murray Houllif

Contest Solos for the Intermediate Timpanist - 

Timpani solo. Contents: On easy street, Waltz nut, Tom cat, Latino, The short march, Half-time show, Independence day, Rock in my soul, The boogie man, Bucket brigade.
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Contest Solos for the Young Timpanist - Murray Houllif

Contest Solos for the Young Timpanist - 

Ten grade 1-3 solos b Murray Houllif. Contents: Pot luck, Ma and pa Kettle, Give it a rest. Hop-scotch, Timpani alley, Apache, Dough-boy, Ludwig's shindig, Parabolic Paradiddles, The rolling tones.
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Cross-over March - John H. Beck

Cross-over March - 

Timpani solo, grade 4, duration 3:00.
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