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140 Short Exercises and Studies - Jean Louis Beaumadier/ Jean Louis Tulou

140 Short Exercises and Studies - 

Piccolo studies from the 'Méthode populaire" includes melodic studies, intervalles, scales and chromatism, 56 pp. Intermediate level.
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Chinese Dance (from The Nutcracker)  - Tschaikowsky / Christensen

Chinese Dance (from The Nutcracker)  - 

Picollo with piano, grade 5.
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Concertino für Piccolo, Streicher und Cembalo (Klavierauszug) - Allan Stephenson

Concertino für Piccolo, Streicher und Cembalo (Klavierauszug) - 

Piccolo and piano, advanced level.
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Eliza Aria - Elena Kats-Chernin

Eliza Aria - 

From Wild Swans Suite. Piccolo (flute) and piano, easy level.
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For Piccolo - Jean-Michel Damase

For Piccolo - 

Original contemporary work for piccolo and piano.
Commissioned by the National Flute Association, Inc.
Premiered on August 12, 2011 at Charlotte, North Carolina, by Jean-Louis Beaumadier.
Grade: advanced (8)
Duration: 6’30’’

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Hillsongs - Six Appalachian Vignettes - Gary Schoker

Hillsongs - Six Appalachian Vignettes - 

Piccolo and piano.
This compilation contains delightful settings of songs from the Appalachian folk tradition, balancing simple charm with the composer’s fresh imagination, creating a unique collection in the piccolo repertory. For advanced players.

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Insectes - Jean-Michel Damase

Insectes - 

4 pieces for piccolo solo, advanced level.
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Le Bouquet de roses Op. 408 - Eugène Damaré

Le Bouquet de roses Op. 408 - 

Piccolo and piano, advanced level.
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Le Carnaval Hongroise Op. 65 - Guiseppe Raboni/ Jean-Louis Beumadier

Le Carnaval Hongroise Op. 65 - 

Piccolo and piano, advanced level.
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Le Merle Blanc Op. 161 - Jean Demaré

Le Merle Blanc Op. 161 - 

Piccollo and piano, Polka- fantasie. Intermediate to advanced level.
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Meadowlark - Paul Koepke

Meadowlark - 

Picollo and piano. Grade 3.5.
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Memento - Wouter Lenaerts

Memento - 

Piccolo with piano, advanced level.
Titles are:
Echoes from Another Time
Long Lost Memories
Through the Looking Glass
Tabula Rasa
Echoes from Tomorrow.

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Naples de Carnaval… Opus 336  - Galli Raffaello

Naples de Carnaval… Opus 336  - 

Piccolo with piano, intermediate level.
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Practice book for The Piccolo - Patricia Morris / Trevor Wye

Practice book for The Piccolo - 

A methodical approach to piccolo technique, designed to help the flautist transfer the playing techniques of the flute to the piccolo. 212 pp, intermediate to advanced level.
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Réveil Matin - Johannès Donjon

Réveil Matin - 

For piccolo and piano.
Original for flute and piano.
Edited piccolo part :
Jean-Louis Beaumadier
Grade : intermediate (4)
Duration : 2'

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