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12 Sonaten Op. 2  Vol. 4 (10-12) - Benedetto Marcello

12 Sonaten Op. 2 Vol. 4 (10-12) - 

Alto (Treble) Recorder with Basso Continuo.
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150 classical Studies

150 classical Studies

Studies for the Treble (Alto) Recorder from the famous Frans Vester collection.
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3 Sonaten - J.S. Bach/ Greta Richert/ Johannes Snigula

3 Sonaten - 

Alto (Treble) Recorder and piano, advanced level.
Titles are:
Sonate F-Dur (original Flötensonate C-Dur),
Sonate g-Moll (original Flötensonate e-Moll),
Sonate G-Dur (original Flötensonate E-Dur).

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34 English Airs for treble recorder - Janos Bali

34 English Airs for treble recorder - 

Treble (Alto) Recorder (Flute, Violin) and Basso Continuo, titles are: Suite en Ré mineur : Ouverture (Finger), Air Allegro (Bingham), Ground (Thomas Williams), Air Allegro (Purcell), Air Prest (Purcell). Suite en Do Majeur: Sybell (Purcell), Air (Matteis), Air (Purcell), ...
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36 Etudes 1 - Bousquet Narcisse/ Hugo Reyne

36 Etudes 1 - 

Treble (Alto) recorder, original studies of the 19th century, these pieces are quite expressive in their own right, with their charming melodies, their simple phrasing, and their dancelike rhythms. Intermediate level.
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4 Sonatas - Händel

4 Sonatas - 

Alto (Treble) Recorder (flute, violin, oboe) and basso continuo, titles are: Sonata G Minor, Op.1/2, Sonata A Minor, Op.1/4, Sonata C Major, Op. 1/7, Sonata F Major, Op. 1/11.
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4 Sonate per flauto dolce e basso continuo (orig. per violino) - Vivaldi

4 Sonate per flauto dolce e basso continuo (orig. per violino) - 

Alto (Treble) Recorder with Basso Continuo, titles are: Sonata in do minore (orig. sol minore) RV 27, Sonata in do maggiore (orig. sol maggiore) RV 23, Sonata in re minore (orig. si minore) RV 36, Sonata in fa minore (orig. do minore) RV 8.
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4 Suiten - Charles Francais Dieupart

4 Suiten - 

Alto (Treble) Recorder and Basso Continuo.
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40 Simple Etudes For The Treble (Alto) Recorder - Hans P. Keuning

40 Simple Etudes For The Treble (Alto) Recorder - 

Studies for alto recorder.
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5 Leichte Suiten Für Altblockflöte and Basso Continuo aus dem Barock. - Fischer Johan

5 Leichte Suiten Für Altblockflöte and Basso Continuo aus dem Barock. - 

For Treble (Alto) Recorder and Basso Continuo, book with CD. Für Altblockflöte and Basso Continuo aus dem Barock.
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6 Fantasies - Telemann/ Hans-Martin Linde

6 Fantasies - 

Alt (treble) recorder solo,
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9 Danses Populaires Mediterraneennes  - Nlovic

9 Danses Populaires Mediterraneennes  - 

For Alto (Treble) Recorder or Soprano (Descnat) Recorder with piano, titles are: Kolo (Alto (Treble) Recorder), Hassapiko (Alto (Treble), Soprano (Descant) or Ténor Recorder), Sirto (Alto (Treble) Recorder ), Karsilamas (Soprano (Descant) Recorder), Hasapo Serviko (Alto (Treble) Recorder), ...
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A Day in the Country for treble recorder - Ridout, Alain

A Day in the Country for treble recorder - 

Treble (Alto) recorder and piano, titles are: Starting out for a walk, Lingering by the wayside, Up and down hill, Whistling to the sky, Strolling through woods, Stepping out along a road, Restling by a lake, Crossing a bridge, Exploring a stream, Running round a field, Lazing in the sun, Returning ...
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Advanced Recorder Technique Volume 2: Breathing And Sound - Gudrun Heyens / Peter Bowman

Advanced Recorder Technique Volume 2: Breathing And Sound - 

Advanced Recorder Technique is intended for advanced players of the alto recorder who are seeking rigorous practise material for developing their instrumental and musical skills. In this part: physical awareness, concious braething, the diaphragm, breathing exercises with the recorder, Breath ...
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Altblockflöte multisound - Peychär

Altblockflöte multisound - 

An international collection for Alto (Treble) Recorder , titles are: Prelude from Te Deum (Charpentier), Prisoner's Theme from Nabucco (Verdi), Cielito Lindo (Fernandez), Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley, Tiritomba, Wedding March From Zillertal, Amazing Grace, Nobody Knows The Trouble, Snow Waltz ...
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Finale SongWriter 2012Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbonDansmelodieën uit de Vlaamse volksmuziektraditiePop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1