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A Quia - Eddy Debons

A Quia - 

Tuba and piano, intermediate level.
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A Tune A Day for Tuba (part 1)

A Tune A Day for Tuba (part 1)

Tuba or Sousaphone in Eb and Bb, this book follows note for note the rudiments of playing with fingering charts, daily practise records and test questions.
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Andante - Alexander Tcherepnin

Andante - 

Tuba or Bass Trombone with piano, intermediate to advanced level.
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Andante & Rondo - Guiseppe Antonio Capuzzi / Gerald Oswald

Andante & Rondo - 

Tuba in C, Tuba in Eb (BC / TC).
With piano accompaniment, advanced level.

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Andante and Rondo - Antonio Capuzzi / Philip Catelinet

Andante and Rondo - 

Suitable for Bass Eb (G-Clef), Bass Bb, Euphonium (G-clef), Trombone, Tuba (F-Clef) and piano.
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Andante Malinconico - Eb Tenor Horn and Piano - Dirk Brossé

Andante Malinconico - Eb Tenor Horn and Piano - 

Eb tenor horn and piano. Grade 5.
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Andantino Amoroso - Paolo Baratto

Andantino Amoroso - 

Tuba and piano, intermediate level.
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Apopol (Tuba) - A. Waignein

Apopol (Tuba) - 

Tuba or Trombone and piano.
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Arban's Complete Method for Tuba - Arban/ Dr. Jerry Young/ Wesley Jacobs

Arban's Complete Method for Tuba - 

The Arban Complete Method for Tuba—334 pages in length—is the premier publication for tubists. It is used at virtually every University and Conservatory in the world today and it is at the core of every tubist's library.
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Autumn Story - Alan Ridout

Autumn Story - 

Tuba and piano. Treble and Bass clef parts included.
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Bagatelles For Tuba - Gordon Jacob

Bagatelles For Tuba - 

Tuba (F-and G clef edition) and piano, titles are: In Tranquil Mood, The Corsair Bold, A Sprightly Dance, A After Dinner Speech. Easy level.
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Ballad - Tuba and Piano - Marc Thomas

Ballad - Tuba and Piano - 

Tuba and Piano.
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Bass in the ballroom - Newsome Roy

Bass in the ballroom - 

Tuba (E flat) and piano.
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Beelzebub - Air Varie - A. Catozzi / Julius S. Seredy

Beelzebub - Air Varie - 

Tuba and piano.
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BläserKlasse Plus - Tuba - Felix Maier, Sven Stagge, Christoph Breithack

BläserKlasse Plus - Tuba - 

Concert band, book and demo-CD. Youth orchestra.

Deutsch. Dieser Artikel ist Teil einer Reihe.
Proben, musizieren & lernen.
Ihr habt mittlerweile einige Erfahrung im Zusammenspiel mit anderen gesammelt und künnt euch nun schon ziemlich sicher auf eurem Instrument ...

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