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  • Instrument: Houtblazers ensemble
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Bucolique Variée - Paul Pierné

Bucolique Variée - 

Trio. Oboe, clarinet and bassoon. Score and parts.
Duration: 8'

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Chamber Pops - James Rae

Chamber Pops - 

Woodwind ensemble, score and parts.
Titles are:
Men of Harlech, The Blaydon Races.

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Concerto in F - Anonymus (Ca. 1720)

Concerto in F - 

For 4 oboes and 2 bassoons. Series for Double-reed ensemble. Score and parts.
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Divertimento - Joseph Olivadoti

Divertimento - 

Woodwind trio.
For Flute, Oboe and Bb Clarinet, Parts with Score, Intermediate level.

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Five Easy Dances - Denes Agay

Five Easy Dances - 

Woodwind quintet. Set of parts.


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Novellette - David Uber

Novellette - 

Score and parts. Flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon.
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Quartets for Woodwinds - László Zempléni

Quartets for Woodwinds - 

Woodwind quartet, score and parts.
In this volume the compiler's aim has been to offer young woodwind players the most colourful selection possible of pieces of differing character from different musical periods. The same quest for variety is observable in the instrumentation as well: roughly ...

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Quintet for a Day - Carter Pann

Quintet for a Day - 

Six snapshots of day-to-day live. Woodwind quintet, score and parts.
Carter Pann’s first journey into wind quintet literature creates color and excitement inspired by the mundane events of daily life. The six movements are titled: I. Americano, II. Apology, III. Adjusting the Torque, IV. ...

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Three Prussian Classics - George Anton Benda / Lloyd Conley

Three Prussian Classics - 

Woodwind trio for Flute, Oboe and Clarinet Bb. Contents: Sonatina, Menuet, Rondo. Grade 3, total duration ca. 6.00 min. Arranged by Lloyd Conley.
Score and parts.

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Trio in F Op. 32 - G. Kummer / H. Voxman

Trio in F Op. 32 - 

Woodwind trio. For Flute, Bb Clarinet and Bassoon, Score With Parts, Intermediate Level.
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Tunebook for Woodwind Quintet - William Averitt

Tunebook for Woodwind Quintet - 

Based Upon Seven Tunes from The Sacred Harp
Woodwind Quintet
William Averitt’s Tunebook for Woodwind Quintet is a new take on seven melodies from The Sacred Harp, the most famous of the 19th-century source books. This work combines these melodies with contemporary harmonic practice ...

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Two Spirituals  - Michael Brand

Two Spirituals  - 

Woodwind ensemble with flexible instrumentation. Easy level. Score and parts.
Contents: Joshua, Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen.

- Score in C:
Flute 1
Flute 2 / Oboe
- Transposed score:
Bb clarinet 1
Bb clarinet 2 / ...

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Wiggly Woodwinds - Cohen

Wiggly Woodwinds - 

Woodwind Quartet, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon, Late intermediate level, score and parts.
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Woodwind Quintet - Ursula Mamiok

Woodwind Quintet - 

Instrumentation: flute (Piccoloflute), oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, score and part.
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Guitar Pro 6 Nurtured By Love - Shinichi Suzuki / Waltraud Suzuki Finale SongWriter 2012 Het Grote Gitaarboek van de Lage Landen - Bart Peeters en Yurek Onzia
Guitar Pro 6Nurtured By LoveFinale SongWriter 2012Het Grote Gitaarboek van de Lage Landen