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Nyckelharpa Spielen: Lehrbuch für der Anfänger - Band 1 - Julia Bauer

Nyckelharpa Spielen: Lehrbuch für der Anfänger - Band 1 - 

Nyckelharpa method. language: German/ English, spiral bound book. 118 pages.

The nyckelharpa is a fascinating musical instrument. Since the 60s of last century, they first celebrated in Sweden its rediscovery ,spread rapidly and has developed from an almost unknown in this country folk music instrument at a today in many different areas of music internationally recognized string instrument .

The unique, expressive sound of the nyckelharpa many people the desire to learn this instrument .Outside Sweden long time there was only a few course offerings or game courses.
The now wants to remedy this new textbook by Jule Bauer !

The author has a deep and close relationship with the nyckelharpa for a long time and was the first graduate of the "European nyckelharpa training " . Since 2003 she teaches singing and nyckelharpa at different rates for early music and world music , and since 2009 lecturer for nyckelharpa at the Academy BURG FÜRSTENECK (D) , the Scuola di Musica Popolare di Forlimpopoli (I) and since 2012 at the Conservatoire intercommunal de musique of the deux valleys in Milly la Forêt ( F).

The thoughtful and proven in practice pedagogical concept of this textbook provides the best guide that you can wish for when one begins to explore the nyckelharpa . It conveys to know all the essential basics to the nyckelharpa and learning to play , such as the history and construction of the nyckelharpa , the construction of the instrument, instrument posture, bow hold ,mood, and important musical basics.

Systematically, one is led from the first stroke of the bow to art in different keys and play regardless of styles. In the appendix, the author deals with important physiological aspects that you should consider when practicing and playing music .

The melodies over 50 contained convey an exciting and varied repertoire that the learning progress is carefully adjusted . Numerous exercises help to work through the 22 chapters. Many pictures illustrate the learning content or show interesting from the world of the nyckelharpa .

All the tunes and exercises of the textbook are designed for chromatic nyckelharpa with three rows of keys and notes for both the continental mood ( fifth - fifth - fifth) as well as for the traditional Swedish mood ( sixth - fourth - fifth).
With a foreword by Per- Ulf Allmo .

The book is bilingual, written in German and English.

This is also a learning by ear is possible are the melodies and exercises the learner used in the textbook as a MIDI files for download on the Internet : www.nyckelharpa - spielen.de

ISBN: 978-3-943060-02-7

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Nyckelharpa Spielen: Lehrbuch für der Anfänger - Band 1 - Julia Bauer
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