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Mit einem riesigen Angebot an Notenblätter, Partituren, Notenbücher, Methodenbücher und -DVDs, Musikgeschenke und Zubehör. Mehr als 18.000 verschiedene Bücher auf Lager!

Hit Movie & TV Instrumental Solos - Trumpet - Bill Galliford

Hit Movie & TV Instrumental Solos - Trumpet - 

Trumpet Bb. Book with CD (full performance, play-along and with printable piano accompaniment parts). Grade 2-3.

Titles are:
Amazons of Themyscira (Wonder Woman)
Another Day of Sun (La La Land
Beauty and the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) * City of Stars (La La Land) ...

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Seven Days Walking: Day One - Ludovico Einaudi

Seven Days Walking: Day One - 

Seven Days Walking is the title of the new album by Ludovico Einaudi, released on March 15, 2019, three and a half years after Elements and a triumphal world tour. Though the instrumentation for the album is for piano, violin, viola, and cello, the matching music folio for the album ...

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Best in The West - Nashville Guitar - Richard Köchli

Best in The West - Nashville Guitar - 

Guitar Method. Book with CD. Intermediate to advanced level.
A comprehensive analysis of American country music from a European perspective, this massive 275-page book comes with a companion CD with 97 tracks. Everything from basic rhythm accompaniment to blazing bluegrass solos is addressed ...

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New Orleans Trumpet - Jim Thornton

New Orleans Trumpet - 

A Down-Home Conservatory Method.
This book offers an insider’s view of what you need to know about playing New Orleans-style trumpet. Along with details about living the good life in the Crescent City, this book presents often-elusive music theory concepts in an easy-to-understand, enjoyable ...

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Musicians in Motion - Alexandra Tuerk-Espitalier

Musicians in Motion - 

100 Exercises with and without instrument. LAnguage: English. 142 pages.
Just as sportspeople require targeted exercises and strength training on top of their practice, so too do musicians need to look after their bodies. One can appreciate the demands we put on ourselves as musicians when we ...

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Top Charts Gold 13

Top Charts Gold 13

30 of the best songs for piano, keyboard, guitar and voice. Intermediate level.
Book and 2 CD's.

01.Achterbahn - Helene Fischer
02.Alles passiert - Die Toten Hosen
03.An Wunder - Wincent Weiss
04.Change Your Mind - ELI
05.Cordula Grün - Josh. ...

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Kapitein Winokio Partituren - Kapitein Winokio

Kapitein Winokio Partituren - 

Leer de liedjes van Kapitein Winokio zelf spelen!
Speel jij gitaar, piano, blokfluit, ukulele of een ander instrument? En wil je de zotte en swingende liedjes van Kapitein Winokio zelf leren spelen? Dan heeft de Kapitein dit partiturenboek voor jou gemaakt.
Speciaal voor alle musicerende ...

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Studio 100 Hits

Studio 100 Hits

Piano, vocal, guitar.

Heya Mama
10.000 Luchtballonnen
Ghost Rockers
De beat
Ad inferos
Let's ROX & roll
Alles is op
De Samsonrock
De Maya dans
Daar heb je Maya de bij
Mega Mindy tijd
Ik ben Mega ...

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Out of the Box - Hartwin Dhoore

Out of the Box - 

Hundred modern folky melodies by Hartwin Dhoore.

Acoustic fusion
Air force
Almost spring
Bitching Betty
Bourrée Renee
Cap Blanc Nez
Cap Griz Nez
Chameleon ...

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Pop For Violin - Best Of - Michael Zianabitnig

Pop For Violin - Best Of - 

For 1 or 2 violins, book and audio online. Easy level.

Demi Lovato, aus dem Film „Frozen“: Let It Go
Phil Collins: Another Day In Paradise
Bruno Mars: Just The Way You Are (Amazing)
Gabriel Koeppen: Chill-Out
Aus dem Film „Fluch der Karibik“: ...

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Codebreaker - SATB - James McCarthy

Codebreaker - SATB - 

The Alan Turing Story. Vocal Score.
For soprano solo, SATB and piano.
James McCarthy’s acclaimed cantata dramatically recounts key episodes in the story of Alan Turing, the Second World War codebreaker, brilliant mathematician, and ‘father of modern computer science’. In bold ...

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Tabula Rasa - Special Edition - Pärt Arvo

Tabula Rasa - Special Edition - 

Study score. Now, on the occasion of Pärt‘s 75th birthday, this special edition with enclosed CD has been produced by ECM in collaboration with Universal Edition. It includes manuscript scores of „Tabula rasa“ and „Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten“, published for the first time, and ...
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Top Hits of 2018

Top Hits of 2018

Easy Piano.
This compilation songbook presents 15 of the hottest pop singles from 2018, representing some of the biggest artists in pop, such as Ariana Grande, Clean Bandit and Drake, as well as exciting new talent with hits from the likes of Dua Lipa and Marshmello.

Titles are: ...

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The Yellow Jackets Songbook

The Yellow Jackets Songbook

Complete package contains six separate spiral-bound books, one each for:
Piano/partial score
C melody lead sheet
Synthesizer/miscellaneous parts
Bb & Eb Horn melody part
Charts exactly as recorded - approved by the Yellowjackets. Over 400 pages! ...

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Concerto - Aux Rythmes des Quartiers Latins - Parts - Patrick Roux

Concerto - Aux Rythmes des Quartiers Latins - Parts - 

Chamber Music, parts for guitar, saxophone, clarinet and percussion. Advanced level.
Score see: Ref. 90211.
This concerto in one movement obviously draws its inspiration from the rhythms of Latin America. Written in 1995 by this young composer, it is frequently reminiscent of the Nuevo ...

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Theme From Schindler's List for Cello and Piano - John Williams

Theme From Schindler's List for Cello and Piano - 

Cello and piano. Performance time ca. 4 min.
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Akkorde auf den Tasten - Peter Michael Maas

Akkorde auf den Tasten - 

Accordion method. Book with CD. Language: German.
Viele wollen „zusammen spielen“ und „frei spielen“, und fragen: was muss ich dafür wissen?
Was nötig ist: Routine im Umgang mit Tönen, Akkordgriffen, Begleitungen.
Dieses Buch hilft dabei: Mit vielen Bildern, Beispielen, ...

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De Halve Tonencirkel - Bob Selder

De Halve Tonencirkel - 

De halve tonencirkel is een visueel hulpmiddel voor akkoorden en toonladders. Het is een draaischijf waamee je op eenvoudige wijze toonladders met de bijbehorende akkoorden kunt aflezen.

Het is tevens een handig leermiddel om inzicht te krijgen in muziektheorie doordat de majeur en ...

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K3 - Disco Stickers - K3 - Studio 100 The Inner Game Of Music - Barry Green / Timothy Gallwey K3 Hits - K3 / Studio 100 Overscore Tape
K3 - Disco StickersThe Inner Game Of MusicK3 HitsOverscore Tape
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