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(Not So)  Silent Night - Helen Comley

(Not So) Silent Night - 

Flexible windensemble, score and parts. Intermediate level.
After a deceptively 'normal' rendition of Silent Night, a lively dixie style adaptation of the popular Christmas song bursts to get both performers and audience in the swing.

Part 1: Flute/ ...

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Acis and Galatea - G.F. Haendel/ Terence J. Thompson

Acis and Galatea - 

Saxophone Quartet (SATB), score and parts.

Titles are:
Love Sounds an Alarm
Love in her eyes sits playing
O Ruddier than the Cherry
Happy We.

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Adagio - J.S. Bach/ Alessandro Marcello/ Joachim Stutschewsky

Adagio - 

Cello With Piano. Intermediate to early advanced level.
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Advanced Concepts - Kim Plainfield

Advanced Concepts - 

Drumset method. Book with CD.
A Comprehensive Method for Developing Technique, Contemporary Styles and Rhythmical Concepts.This is the first book that deals with the necessary drum techniques and practices for today's music. With this 93-page book and 90-minute recording comes an ...

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All that Jazz - James Power

All that Jazz - 

Clarinet Bb and Piano.

Titles are:
1 Bill Bailey
2 Brown And Blue
3 Down The Road
4 Golden Mile
5 Jam Session
6 Rag Doll
7 Sidewalks Of Harlem
8 Skive Jive
9 Solitude
10 Sugar Fly Tannakin's Dance
11 When The Saints ...

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Andalouse  - Emile Pessard

Andalouse  - 

Piano Solo
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Appassionata in the Old Style - Karl Jenkins

Appassionata in the Old Style - 

Cello With Piano. Advanced level.
Appassionata (‘in the old style’) is a homage to Beethoven, taking the theme of the Piano Sonata op 23, no 57, and presents a passionate and dramatic duo of five minutes’ duration. It was composed for the cellist Jamal Aliyev, winner of The Arts Club ...

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Aragonaise from Carmen - George Bizet/ Richard Meyer

Aragonaise from Carmen - 

Full Orchestra. Score and parts. Grade 2
Your students will love the Spanish sounds of this exciting and passionate dance, which introduces Act IV of this operatic masterpiece. The expressive opening melody will help develop your woodwinds' lyrical playing, while the intriguing Spanish ...

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Barcarolle for Piano in F-sharp major op. 60 - Frédéderic Chopin

Barcarolle for Piano in F-sharp major op. 60 - 

Piano Solo.
Up-to-date Urtext edition on the cutting-edge of scholarship with new findings and readings
Fingering and in-depth notes on historical performance practice by Hardy Rittner (Ger/Eng)
Practical page turns (with fold-out page) and reader-friendly engraving.

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Best of Dominic Miller - Dominic Miller

Best of Dominic Miller - 

Guitar Tab, early intermediate level.

1 Baden
2 Christina
3 Eclipse
4 En Passant
5 Etude
6 Fragile
7 Iguazu
8 La Belle Dame Sans Regrets
9 Le Pont
10 Lullaby To An Anxious Child
11 Shape Of My Heart ...

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Bluebird - Alexis Ffrench

Bluebird - 

Piano Solo. 5 pages.
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Bongito - Brian Slawson

Bongito - 

Percussion Ensemble.
13 players
Instrumentation: Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Marimba (shared low A), Timpani (3 drums), Drums (bongos, congas, timbales), Cymbals & gongs (splash cymbal), Accessories (cowbell, guiro, claves, castanets, vibraslap).

Brian ...

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Brazillian Portrait

Brazillian Portrait

Guitar quartet, set: score and parts. Intermediate level.
This series presents some of the most significant works of European and Latin American music from the last three centuries transcribed for chamber guitar ensemble (in formations ranging from duo to quartet). The works contained in each ...

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Brilliant Variations on a Theme from Bellini's "Norma" op. 297 - Carl Czerny

Brilliant Variations on a Theme from Bellini's "Norma" op. 297 - 

One Piano Six hands. Advanced level.
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Caged Bird - SATB - Mark Hayes / Maya Angelou

Caged Bird - SATB - 

SATB and piano.
A folk-like setting of Maya Angelou's empowering poem, which compares a bird's longing to be liberated with that of all people. Hayes chooses a minor key with plenty of harmonic tension and a walking tempo that suggests the footsteps of those who have come before. The ...

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