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(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Mick Jagger/ Mike Story

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - 

String Orchestra, score and parts.

In 2000, a VH1 poll of 700 music industry leaders proclaimed this hit by The Rolling Stones to be the number one rock and roll song of all time. Here is an easy, yet effective arrangement of a great rock classic for your string orchestra. Completely ...

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A Fishsummer Night's Dream for 2 violins with CD  - Aleksey Igudesman

A Fishsummer Night's Dream for 2 violins with CD  - 

Violin Duet, easy to intermediate level. Book with CD.

Includes poems by Aleksey Igudesman, illustrations by Sir Roger Moore, notes from the composer and a CD with inspiring demonstration performances and play-along tracks for both 1st and 2nd violins.
Titles are:
Whale Tale • ...

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A Little Concert Book 1 - Carse Adam

A Little Concert Book 1 - 

One Piano, Four Hands. Very easy duets for small pianists.

Titles re:
Do, do, L'enfant Do
The BArley Break
Folk Song
J'ai du Bon Tabac
Geluckig Vaderland
Les Cloches
Death and the Lady
Toy Soldiers
Over the Water ...

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A Short Sonata - James Flight

A Short Sonata - 

Euphonium (G-and F Clef, both parts are included) and piano

A Short Sonata is a work written at around Grade 8 standard for euphonium and piano. In each of the work’s three movements, different qualities of the instrument are utilised and explored. In the first movement, an Allegro in ...

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A Sky Full of Stars - SATB - Coldplay/ Mac Huff

A Sky Full of Stars - SATB - 

SATB and piano. The band Coldplay scored a big hit with this piano driven track that builds to full-out electronic dance groove at the refrain. Choirs will love to recreate the popular vocals of this mega-group!
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A Winter Day - Cello Part - Sarah Quartel

A Winter Day - Cello Part - 

Cello part of ref. 91509.
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A Winter Day - SATB - Sarah Quartel

A Winter Day - SATB - 

SATB (with divisions), solo cello & piano. Easy level. Duration: 17 min.
This five-movement work celebrates the long Canadian winter, setting texts by the composer, Sara Teasdale, Lucy Maud Montgomery (of 'Anne of Green Gables' fame), and Melville Cane. Each movement depicts a ...

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Abracadabra! - Larry Barton

Abracadabra! - 

Jazz ensemble, score and parts. Includes suggested solos for tenor sax, trumpet, alto sax and trombone. Medium level.
Duration: 3:32 min.

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Academic Festival Overture - Johannes Brahms / James Curnow

Academic Festival Overture - 

Concert Band, score and parts.
National and state standards for music education have re-emphasized the need for more high-quality transcription pieces for the concert band. Every musician should develop a familiarity with each of history’s major composers. What an exciting and productive way ...

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Accentuate The Positive - Harold Arlen, Johnny Mercer / Myles Collins

Accentuate The Positive - 

Score and parts. Swing. Duration 3:35 min. Medium level.

Trumpets 1-4 D6, B5, B5, F#5
Trombones 1-4 Bb4, G4, E4, E4
Vocal key C   Female vocal C3 - C5 (2 octaves as sung)

Transcribed from her Harold Arlen songbook album, this stunning Ella ...

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Across The Bridge Of Hope - SATB A Cappella - Jan Sandström/ Shaun McLaughlin <br/>

Across The Bridge Of Hope - SATB A Cappella - 

SATB A Cappella.

The text of this work was written by a young junior high Irish boy who very soon after lost his life in a street shooting. And so the poem became the voice of all children, victims in a world of war and violence, and for their universal longing and hope for peace.

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Ah1 Chloris - Reynaldo Hahn

Ah1 Chloris - 

Arranged for flute (or oboe/violin) and piano.
A French art song, transcribed because of its delicate, warm, and lyrical characteristics. A simple love song.

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Air et Galop - Alto Saxophone - Hans Aerts

Air et Galop - Alto Saxophone - 

Alto Saxophone and piano. Advanced level.
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Airs d'Opéra: Basse-Taille - Jean-Philippe Rameu / Sylvie Bouissou, François Saint-Yves

Airs d'Opéra: Basse-Taille - 

Bariton voice and piano.

This edition contains the great monologues, arias and ariettas that Rameau wrote for basse-taille (the 18th-century equivalent of today’s baritone). The volume, which contains a historical Introduction in German and English, is based on the critical edition of ...

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Akkordeon Neo - Alexander Jekic

Akkordeon Neo - 

Accordeon solo, easy level.
Dans ma mol
Baim Onkl Jaakov
Square Dance Friends
Auf Gute-Laune-Kurs
Bonjour Tristesse
Mit Pfeffer
Selmas Freilach
Valse pour Christine

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Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition - Shinichi Suzuki Boston Music Stand Dual LED Light with clamp mount Overscore Tape Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large
Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised EditionBoston Music Stand Dual LED Light with clamp mountOverscore TapePure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large