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  • Hauptkategorie: Musiknoten / Notenblätter
  • Instrument: Chor - Unisono
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Nativity Carol  - John Rutter

Nativity Carol  - 

Unison voices and piano.
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Nieuwe Taal - Sebastiaan Van Steenberge

Nieuwe Taal - 

Vocal (Children-choir) with Piano.
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Nobody Wants To Be a Donkey - Unison Voices

Nobody Wants To Be a Donkey - Unison Voices

2-Part unison and piano.
Nobody wants to be a donkey is a lively nativity musical by Lin Marsh which tells the traditional Christmas story with plenty of humour and engaging songs that children will love singing. The poor old donkey hates having to wear those ears that the others laugh at, but ...

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Pie Jesu (from Requiem) - Unison - Gabriel Fauré / John Leavitt

Pie Jesu (from Requiem) - Unison - 

Unison and piano,
The well-known “Pie Jesu” from Faure's Requiem is now available for unison choirs in this beautiful arrangement by John Leavitt. The integrity of the original is maintained while making this classic piece of literature accessible for young singers

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Shepherd's Pipe Carol - Unison - John Rutter

Shepherd's Pipe Carol - Unison - 

Unison voices and piano.
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Sing & Swing Das Schulliederbuch  - Lorenz Maierhofer, Walter Kern

Sing & Swing Das Schulliederbuch  - 

The contemporary reworking of the song's classic SING & SWING contains 360 pages 360 Lieder, Songs, Hits, evergreens and numerous canons, Chants and warm-ups for singing, playing and dancing in the classroom and beyond - over 140 of which are new! Language: German.

Kapitel 1: ...

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Sing Along - Sing Together! - Unison Voices - Michael Gohl, Jan Schumacher

Sing Along - Sing Together! - Unison Voices - 

The open singing choir songook. 166 songs, includes performance tips and a comprehensive guide to open singing.
Open Singing is all about creating moments of magic and pure pleasure through singing with others. At Open Singing sessions, everyone is invited to sing: the event is neither choral ...

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Song of the Moon - Unison - Alan Bullard

Song of the Moon - Unison - 

Unison voices, with opt. descant, & piano.
This attractive piece for unison voices celebrates the wonder of the 'bright new moon'. The composer's own text, based on traditional Hebridean poems, is set to a simple, flowing melody, and the optional descant in the final section ...

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Songs For Children - Laine LaDena

Songs For Children - 

Melodyline with chords. Language: English.

Titles are:
Let us clap our hands
My day didn't start out very well today
A little man went out
Billy wants a horse to ride
Little squirrel
When I come you'll be waiting
In my garden
The farmer ...

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Stabat Mater - Unison - Philip W.J. Stopford

Stabat Mater - Unison - 

Originally written as a solo work, this unison setting for treble voices and organ depicts Mary standing at the foot of the cross. In the music, the falling phrases represent Mary's weeping - and the rising phrases, her grief and great sadness of heart.

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Summer Morning (Sommarmorgon) - Unis/2-Part - Anna Cederberg / Melin Margareta

Summer Morning (Sommarmorgon) - Unis/2-Part - 

Unison/ 2-Part and piano. This simple blessing can be adapted to secular or sacred contexts, and while most appropriate for young choirs, could also suit adult choirs in worship services. An easy piano accompaniment and limited vocal ranges make this a welcome addition! In Swedish, with a singing ...
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Suscepimus Deus - Unison - Alec Roth

Suscepimus Deus - Unison - 

Suscepimus Deus arranged for Equal Voices in Three Parts by Alec Roth.
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Symphonia Armoniae Caelestium Reveltionum 8: Chants for Ecclesia - Hildegard Von Bingen

Symphonia Armoniae Caelestium Reveltionum 8: Chants for Ecclesia - 

Unison Chorus a cappella, titles are: O virgo Ecclesia, Nunc gadeani, O orzchis Ecclesia, O Choruscans.
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The Echoing Green - Unison - Julian Marshall

The Echoing Green - Unison - 

Unison voice.
The Echoing Green is a work by composer Julian Marshall for Unaccompanied Unison Upper Voices. A setting of a William Blake poem, a performance lasts around 2 minutes.

Print on demand: delivery time can be longer.

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The Lord's Prayer - Unison - James MacMillan

The Lord's Prayer - Unison - 

Choral score, unison and organ. English. Easy level.

This is a modern English language setting incorporating traditional text options, and it is a versatile edition suited for both liturgical and concert use. The Doxology and Great Amen may be performed separately as the liturgy ...

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