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A Treasure Chest of Duos - Clarinet - Rudolf Mauz

A Treasure Chest of Duos - Clarinet - 

Original works from the Classical and Romantic eras. 2 Clarinets in Bb.
Anybody who opens the treasure chest 'Duo-Schatzkiste' will enjoy valuable gems of the literature for two clarinets. This volume contains original compositions from the classical and Romantic eras. Apart from ...

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Adagio KV 411 (Masonic Adagio) - Mozart

Adagio KV 411 (Masonic Adagio) - 

2 Clarinet Bb and piano.
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Bach for The Clarinet - Johann Sebastian Bach / Robert van Beringen

Bach for The Clarinet - 

Twelve duets for clarinet, eays - intermediate level.

Menuett I, Choral I, Menuett II, Marsch I, Menuett III, Musette, menuet IV, Marsch II, Choral II, MenuetV, Bourée, Polonaise. Arr. by Robert van Beringen.

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Balkan Clarinet Duets - Mamudov Hidan

Balkan Clarinet Duets - 

The colourful and richly diverse music of the Balkans became popular in Western Europe during the 1990s resulting in what can only be described as a "Balkan boom" which still endures today.
This selection of arrangements provides the opportunity for clarinettists to become ...

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Balkan Duets for Clarinet - Vahid Matejko

Balkan Duets for Clarinet - 

Clarinet duet.
Vahid's intention when putting together this delightful collection of Balkan duets was to present interesting repertoire for the beginning, intermediate, and advanced clarinetist for performance on stage as a duet. The level of difficulty is technically progressive so that ...

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Best Clarinet Duet Book Ever! - Emma Coulthard

Best Clarinet Duet Book Ever! - 

25 Clarinet duets in many styles, including folk, spiritual, baroque, classical, pop, shows and contemporary. A great collection of exciting and varied music for the early grades (1-3). Selected and edited by Emma Coulthard.

A Sad Tale Op.39 No.16 [Kabalevsky, Dmitri] ...

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Blue Monkey - Lauren Bernofsky

Blue Monkey - 

Two Bb clarinets.
Blue Monkey is a short, jaunty duo, perfect for concert/recital programming. The main riff in swing eighths is repeated throughout, ensuring that it sticks in the mind of the audience. For intermediate to advanced. Dur.: 2'30"
Since 2013, busy composer ...

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Blues For Two - Claus Henry Koch

Blues For Two - 

16 easy duets for clarinet or other instruments in the same key.
Clarinet duet, easy level.
This compilation containing 16 easy duets for clarinet or other instruments in the same key are based on the 12-bar blues, one of the cornerstones of modern popular music of northamerican origin. ...

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Broadway Songs for Two Clarinets

Broadway Songs for Two Clarinets

Easy instrumental duets.
22 showstoppers in easy duet arrangements for two instrumentalists are featured in this collection, including: Any Dream Will Do • Bring Him Home • Cabaret • Edelweiss • For Forever • Hello, Dolly! • I Believe • Memory • One • Popular • Seasons of ...

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Christmas Carols for Two Clarinets - Mark Phillips

Christmas Carols for Two Clarinets - 

Easy instrumetal duest for clarinets.
22 Christmas favorites for two instrumentalists are featured in this collection. Songs include: Angels We Have Heard on High • Away in a Manger • Deck the Hall • Jingle Bells • Joy to the World • O Holy Night • Silent Night • We Wish You a ...

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Clarinet Duets Volume 1 - Georgina Dobree / Thea King

Clarinet Duets Volume 1 - 

Clarinet Duo, titles are: Allegretto (Mozart), Study in Canon (Schumann), Two Minuets (Brahms), Andante (Mendelssohn), Allegretto (Vanderhagen), Andante (Stadler), Entrée (Bach), Bourrée (Bach), Gigue (Bach), Larghetto (Stadler), Minuet (Haydn), Allegro (Gaspard), Rondo Theme (Berr), Minuet ...
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Clarinet Duos Book 1 - Carl Richter

Clarinet Duos Book 1 - 

Clarinet duo, easy level.
Works from:
Ignaz Pleyel
Wilhelm Valentin Volckmar
Wanhall, Johann Baptist

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Clarinet Fun Volume 2  - Leslie Searle

Clarinet Fun Volume 2  - 

Clarinet Bb duets, 15 easy duos that are varied not only in degree of difficulty, but also in regard to melody, harmony and rhythm. Intermediate level.
Titles are:
One or Two
Just After One
Late in the Night
Dancing a Story
Just a little Closer
Is this a bit Bar ...

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Clarissimo Volume 1 - Olivier Ombredance

Clarissimo Volume 1 - 

1 or 2 Bb clarinets with recorded Latin-American ensemble accompaniment on CD. Easy level.
Clarissimo latin' ballad' is a collection of original compositions of great rhythmic variety based on a wide array of traditional and popular Latin-American and Caribbean music. Wether ...

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Classic Hits for Two Clarinets - Douglas Woodfull-Harris

Classic Hits for Two Clarinets - 

Clarinet duet.
“Récréation” and “divertissement” – relaxation and entertainment: those were the popular catchwords applied in the 19th century to arrangements of well-known and much loved pieces. They allowed larger scored compositions to find their way into the parlour or music ...

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