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  • Hauptkategorie: Musiknoten / Notenblätter
  • Instrument: Studienpartituren
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"Coriolan" Overture Op. 62 - Study Score - Ludwig van Beethoven / Hans-Werner Küthen

"Coriolan" Overture Op. 62 - Study Score - 

Urtext edition, study score.
The model for the work was provided by the legend around the tragic fate of the Ancient Roman hero Coriolanus. Beethoven was referring to the very popular tragedy of the time with the same name by the Austrian writer Heinrich Joseph von Collin. Yet he only composed ...

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"Egmont" Overture Op. 84 - Ludwig van Beethoven / Helmut Hell, Ernst Herttrich

"Egmont" Overture Op. 84 - 

Urtext edition, study score, paperbound.
When Beethoven received a commission from Vienna’s Burgtheater to compose stage music for Goethe’s tragedy Egmont in 1809, he viewed it as a great honour. The impetus would have been all the stronger since the drama, about a Dutch nobleman who falls ...

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"O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort" BWV 20 - Johann Sebastian Bach / Peter Wollny

"O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort" BWV 20 - 

Cantata for the 1st Sunday after Trinity, composed for June 11, 1724.
Facsimile, in a slipcase. German, English.
Johann Sebastian Bach opened the second year of his Leipzig church compositions on 11 June 1724 with a performance of the cantata “O Ewigkeit, du Donnerwort”. The work is ...

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A Charm of Lullabies Opus 41 - Study Score - Benjamin Britten / Colin Matthews

A Charm of Lullabies Opus 41 - Study Score - 

Mezzo-soprano and orchestra, study score.

'A Charm of Lullabies' was written in December 1947 for the mezzo-soprano Nancy Evans. Keen to provide her with a work for her recital programmes, Britten was helped in the choice of texts for 'A Charm of Lullabies' by ...

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A First Book of Inventions - Study Score - Ryan Wigglesworth

A First Book of Inventions - Study Score - 

Study score. For orchestra.
Orchestra instrumentation: pic(fl).

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A Midsummer Night's Dream Op. 61 - Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy / Boris von Haken

A Midsummer Night's Dream Op. 61 - 

Study score and CD.

I. Scherzo. Allegro vivace
II. Intermezzo. Allegro appassionato
III. Notturno (Nocturne). Andante tranquillo
IV: Hochzeitsmarsch (Wedding March). Allegro vivace
V. Ein Tanz von Rüpeln (Dance of the Clowns). ...

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A Walk To Gade (Score) - Britta Byström

A Walk To Gade (Score) - 

String orchestra, score only. Advanced level.
A Walk To Gade for String Orchestra by Britta Byström (2017).
Dedicated Musica Vivae.

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Adagio - George Perle

Adagio - 

Study score.
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Adiemus Songs Of Sanctuary (Direction Score) - Karl Jenkins

Adiemus Songs Of Sanctuary (Direction Score) - 

Direction score for Chorus (SSAA) and recorder, strings and percussion instruments.
Orchestra instrumentation: recorder, violine I and II, viola, violoncello, double bass, 4 tom toms, congas, claves, piatti, supended cymbal, floor tom, bass drum. Contents: Adiemus, Tintinnabulum, Cantus ...

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Adventlied Opus 71 - Robert Schumann / Ute Scholz

Adventlied Opus 71 - 

Study score.
Instrumentation: soprano solo, choir and orchestra
Orchestra instrumentation: 2 Flöten, 2 Oboen, 2 Klarinetten (B), 2 Fagotte, 2 Ventilhörner (D), 2 Waldhörner (G), 2 Ventiltrompeten (D), Alt-, Tenor-, Bassposaune, Pauken, Solo-Sopran, 4st. Chor, Streicher

Even ...

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Aida - Full Score - Guiseppe Verdi

Aida - Full Score - 

Full Score, 456 pages. 8 x 10.5 inches.
Ricordi is proud to present the first titles in their new series of orchestral scores featuring engaging images (from Casa Ricordi's historical archives) and synopses in Italian, English, French and German. In addition, these scores feature heavier ...

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Al Largo - Study Score - Magnus Lindberg

Al Largo - Study Score - 

Study score, orchestra.
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Antiche Danze ed Arie - Suite nr. 3 - Respighi Ottorino/ Egon Voss

Antiche Danze ed Arie - Suite nr. 3 - 

Study Score
Traditional foundations in new tonal splendour - the leading representative of new Italian instrumental music, Ottorino Respighi, transcribed the original lute versions for large orchestra in a masterly fashion.Thanks to his compositional analysis of tradition, Respighi made a ...

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Ascension Oratorio BWV 11 - Study Score - Johann Sebastian Bach / Paul Brainard

Ascension Oratorio BWV 11 - Study Score - 

Utext. German, Engilsh.
Study Score.

Bach composed his oratorio for the Feast of the Ascension in Leipzig in 1735. Though this work has the duration of a cantata, the choice of text places it among the oratorios. It combines the biblical account of the Ascension with chorales and ...

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At Her Ladyschop's Request - Large Full Score - Carter Pann

At Her Ladyschop's Request - Large Full Score - 

Concert band, larde full score Duration: 12:30 min.
A period piece for bands of winds.
Armed with a prodigious gift for forging musical identities, “Lord Carter Nicholas Pann” presents an offering inspired by the Elizabethan Era and an appreciation for the works of Percy Grainger. ...

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Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised EditionBow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbonBekende Hits Uit Vlaanderen en Nederland Deel 1Noligraph Staff Writer