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  • Instrument: Gitarre Pedal Steel
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Anthology Of Pedal Steel Guitar - Dewitt Scott

Anthology Of Pedal Steel Guitar - 

Pedal steel guitar, book with audio online. Beginning / intermediate level. Standard notation and TAB.
This book definitely falls into the category of one of those books no pedal steel player should be without! Written by Pedal Steel Hall of Fame member, DeWitt Scott, this fine text teaches ...

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Basic C6th Nonpedal Lap Steel Method - Scott Dewitt

Basic C6th Nonpedal Lap Steel Method - 

The 6Cth tuning is one of the most versatile for two and three-string chord combinations and for easy single-string passages as well. This lap steel method covers the basics of pick and palm blocking and use of the volume pedal. Also adresses finger, knuckle and palm harmonics plus slant bar ...
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Complete Steel Guitar Method - Roger Filiberto

Complete Steel Guitar Method - 

Method for the 6-string lap steel guitar in E7 tuning. Teaches tuning, rudiments of music, notes on all strings, bar positioning, right hand technique, slant bar techniques, interval studies, scales, chords, key modulations, natural and palm harmonics, and movable chord formations-all through ...
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Drums By Design - Billy Cobham

Drums By Design - 

Five compositions geared to assisting a drummer reach goals such as synchronizing with the band, identifying the subtle changes in musical intensity, establishing strong, secure rhythm, and playing with controlled force. These pieces incorporate fusion, an African pattern, rhythmic displacement, ...
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Easiest Country Pedal Steel Guitar - Scott Dewitt

Easiest Country Pedal Steel Guitar - 

This book will teach you the basics of playing the pedal steel guitar. Includes sections on tuning, playing in the gliss or slide, pick blocking, musical signs and symbols, hand positions and special pedal steel guitar techniques. Offer 13 easy solos written in the E9th tuning and presented in ...
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First Lessons Lap Steel - Jay Leach

First Lessons Lap Steel - 

Lap steel guitar method, beginner level. Book with online audio.
With First Lessons Lap Steel Guitar, author Jay Leach has created a fun, easy-to-follow approach to learning the Lap Steel Guitar.

In this comprehensive book, Leach explains the basics of the instrument including bar ...

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Lap Slide Blues for the Solo Player - DVD - Mary Flower

Lap Slide Blues for the Solo Player - DVD - 

DVD, lap steel.
Veteran blues guitarist Mary Flower gives novices all the necessary playing tools to jump-start their slide playing, while experienced guitarists will be delighted by the more challenging techniques and powerful songs.

Playing in open D (DADF#AD) provides rich, ...

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Learn to play Pedal Steel Guitar - DVD - Bruce Bouton

Learn to play Pedal Steel Guitar - DVD - 

You've heard those velvet tones, sweeping runs and lightning fast licks on a thousand country classics. Now one of the wizards of the pedal steel takes the mystery out of this fascinating instrument, breaking it down for beginning and intermediate players alike. In this highly informative DVD ...
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Pedal Steel Guitar Chords & Scales - Chad Johnson

Pedal Steel Guitar Chords & Scales - 

Pedal steel guitar.
Learn to play chords and scales on the pedal steel Guitar. This simple-to-follow guide includes over 1,100 chords and 430 scale forms.

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Pedal Steel Guitar Method - Scott Dewitt

Pedal Steel Guitar Method - 

This complete pedal steel method teaches the E9th Nasville set-up with three knee levers and three floor pedals as well as the B6th tuning. Topics include the rudiments of music, tuning, hand positions, scales, volume pedal techniques and more. This comprehensive course assists the student in ...
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Pedal Steel Method for E9 tuning - Johnie Helms

Pedal Steel Method for E9 tuning - 

This comprehensive manual includes easy-to-follow tablature, diagrams and pictures along with step-by-step instructions on set-up, accessories, and other necessities. You'll learn all the parts of the pedal steel guitar, chords and scales, and great songs and licks that you can play while ...
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Pedal Steel Suitar Songbook - Johnie Helms

Pedal Steel Suitar Songbook - 

For E9 Tuning Supplement to Any Pedal Steel Guitar Method.
Book and CD, TAB.
Play along with your favorite tunes from the Beatles, Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, CCR, John Denver and more! These 20 hit songs are presented in order of difficulty, beginning with simple rhythms ...

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The Art Of Hawaiian Steel Guitar - Stacey Philips

The Art Of Hawaiian Steel Guitar - 

This book is an excellent study of the history and unique musical stylings of the Hawaiian Guitar. Stacy Phillips successfully pinpoints the characteristics of Hawaiian Guitar solos. A special feature is the inclusion of a superb historical survey of Hawaiian music. Written in tablature only, G ...
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The Complete Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Method - Ferando Perez

The Complete Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Method - 

Lap Steel Guitar, easy level, book with online audio.
The Complete Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Method is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for those wanting to learn Lap Steel Guitar.

This method has been specially devised for beginning-intermediate level players. World-renowned ...

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The Encyclopedia Of Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Solos - Ferando Perez

The Encyclopedia Of Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Solos - 

Lap Steel Guitar, intermediate level, book with online audio.
The Encyclopedia of Acoustic Lap Steel Guitar Solos is a collection of compositions for the Lap Steel Guitar, carefully selected by renowned Guitar tutor Fernando Perez.

The pieces in this book cover a wide range of ...

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