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A Tutor For The Renaissance Lute - Diana Poulton

A Tutor For The Renaissance Lute - 

This is the most comprehensive method for the lute based on Renaissance precepts. The book will be found equally useful to students working alone- giving clear instructions on all technical matters, progressively introduced according to their difficulty- and teachers (providing a source of some 75 ...
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A Tutor For Theorbo - Francesca Torelli

A Tutor For Theorbo - 

Theorbo method. 72 pages.

This method is for anyone with musical training and at least some experience with a plucked stringed instrument who might wish to take up studying the theorbo. It is also for lutenists and theorbists of any level who wish to improve their playing. Whilst it is ...

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Basics Of Oud - Marina Toshich

Basics Of Oud - 

Oud Method, beginner level. Book with audio online. 104 pages.
An in-depth instruction manual for the Arabic oud, the ancestor of the lute and guitar. A companion instructional online video is included showing key points to playing the Oud.Contents include: Holding the oud, Plucking the ...

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Das Lautenwerk Von 1623 - Alessandro Piccinini

Das Lautenwerk Von 1623 - 

Lute solo.
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Ein Newgeordent Künstlich Lautenbuch, 1536, Book 1 - Hans Neusidler

Ein Newgeordent Künstlich Lautenbuch, 1536, Book 1 - 

Lute Solo, standard notation and tablature (German), also suitable for guitar.
Titles are:
Ent Laub ist vns der Walde
Ein guts hofftentzlein für ein schüler
Der hupff auff
Der vorig tantz auff ein ander art gesetzt
Hupff Auff
Von edler art
In liebes brunst ...

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Introduction to the Lute - Rob Mackillop

Introduction to the Lute - 

Lute method.
This book is aimed at beginner lute and guitar players interested in playing Renaissance lute music on either instrument. Lute and guitar tablature are included, along with notes on technique, biographies of lute composers from the 16th century, and general advice on buying, ...

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La Méthode de Oud - Abdou Quardi

La Méthode de Oud - 

Oud method. Book with CD. Language: French.
Exclusif ! une méthode révolutionnaire pour apprendre l’oud par l’image
• Histoire du luth arabe • Les maitres de l’oud • Tenue de l’instrument • Technique de base main droite-main gauche • Tenue du plectre • Rythmes de ...

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Method for Renaissance Lute  - Andrea Damiani

Method for Renaissance Lute  - 

Lute method, This manual is a guide to the study of the Renaissance lute, taking the student on a step-by-step journey through technical matters and exercises of increasing difficulty. It is aimed at both the beginner and those who would like to improve their own technique. Special attention has ...
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Method for the Baroque Lute - Miguel Ysrael (Miguel Serdoura)

Method for the Baroque Lute - 

Method fot the Baroque Lute. 364 pages
Our Method for the Baroque Lute can provide you with the technical and musical foundations required for a solid and comprehensive approach to playing the baroque lute. That is indeed the purpose, and challenge, of this book: to reach out to as many ...

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Methode Pour Apprendre a Jouer du Luth - Alain Miteran

Methode Pour Apprendre a Jouer du Luth - 

Lute method, language: French. Standard notation with tablature.
25 studies and 7 songs.
Titles are:
Branle Gay (Pierre Attaingnant)
Gaillarde (Vincenzo Galilei)
Vihuela (Louis Milan)
Gaillarde (Francis Cutting)
Volte (Robert Ballard)
Courante (Denis ...

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Nouvelle méthode de Oud - Noureddine Ozzahr

Nouvelle méthode de Oud - 

Oud method. Language: French. 198 pages.
L’ouvrage de Noureddine Ozzahr « Nouvelle Méthode de oud » est né au terme d’un questionnement sur les raisons qui font que les méthodes d’apprentissage de notre instrument-roi, n’arrivent pas au niveau des méthodes conçues pour le ...

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Opera omnia 3 - Balint Bakfark

Opera omnia 3 - 

Lute with Original Tablature, misellaneaous works
Titles are:
Fantasia VIII
Fantasia IX
Fantasia X
Veni in hortum meum (Orlando Di LAsso)
Stabat Mater (Josquin des Prez)
Je Prens en Gre (J. Clemens non Papa)
Pace non trovo (Ivo Barry)
Czarna Krowa ...

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Orpheus Lute Book 1592 - Waissel Mattheüs

Orpheus Lute Book 1592 - 

Lute, standard notation and tablature, content: Deudtsche Tentze, Polnische Tentze, Passemezen, Gailliarden, Deudtsche Vilanellen, Neapolitanen, Phantasien.
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Oud Method - John Bilezikjian

Oud Method - 

One of the most important instruments of the Middle East, the Oud is a distinctive predecessor to the Lute family and uses a microtonal vocabulary. The fingerboard is fretless, and the deep bowl-backed body supports eleven strings.

This comprehensive tutorial provides all the theory and ...

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Pièces de Luth - Robert De Visée

Pièces de Luth - 

Baroque lute. All pieces are from" the Vaudry de Saizenay" manuscript.
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