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(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - Mick Jagger/ Mike Story

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - 

String Orchestra, score and parts.

In 2000, a VH1 poll of 700 music industry leaders proclaimed this hit by The Rolling Stones to be the number one rock and roll song of all time. Here is an easy, yet effective arrangement of a great rock classic for your string orchestra. Completely ...

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À l'Aube d'un Jour Plus Pur... - Fabrice Gregorutti

À l'Aube d'un Jour Plus Pur... - 

Original contemporary work for string quartet.
Commissioned by the Quartet Enesco. Premiered on February, 20. 2013 at Paris (France) by the Enesco Quartet. Recording on April 2013 by the Enesco Quartet for the label ArtenetrA.
Duration: 17' 10"

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A Quiet Music - Douglas E. Wagner

A Quiet Music - 

Intermediate Level, score and parts.

With dignity and charm, this flowing work commences. The teaching possibilities, such as legato, control, dynamic shadings and flow of melodic line, are limitless. As rewording to play as to hear, A Quiet Music will present programming opportunities ...

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Across the Vast, Eternal Sky - String Quartet - Charles A. Silvestri/ Ola Gjeilo

Across the Vast, Eternal Sky - String Quartet - 

The sweeping melody line of this work blends smoothly with a sense of symphonic chorale. The Silvestri text begins with the last words in Gjeilo's 2011 Tundra, here painting a world of light. An excellent centerpiece work for high school and beyond, and a sure audience pleaser! String quartet ...
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Adiemus Variations for String Quartet - Jenkins

Adiemus Variations for String Quartet - 

Score and parts (Violin I, Violon II, Viola and Cello).
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Adventure Suite - Katherine J Punwar

Adventure Suite - 

String orchestra, score and parts. If you've been looking for a fresh, contemporary piece with lots of "special effects" that your audience will enjoy, look no further! With movements entitled "Earth Jaunt," "Undersea Exploration," "The Unknown ...
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Aheym For String Quartet (Full Score) - Bryce Dessner

Aheym For String Quartet (Full Score) - 

String quartet, advanced level.
This is the full score of Aheym for String Quartet, composed by Bryce Dessner, best known as the guitarist of The National, but also an acclaimed composer in his own right.

Composed in 2009 for the Kronos Quartet for their performance in ...

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All About That Bass - Kevin Kadish, Meghan Trainor / Larry Moore

All About That Bass - 

Pop specials for Strings. Score and parts. Level 3-4.
This mega-hit from recording artist Meghan Trainor features a catchy, upbeat melody along with a doo-wop flavor. This solid arrangement for string orchestra gives the bass section some moments to shine. Great fun for all!

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All Of Me - John Stephens, Toby Gad / John Legend / Larry Moore

All Of Me - 

Pop specials for Strings. Score and parts. Level 3-4.
From pop sensation John Legend.

Full score
Violin 1
Violin 2
Violin 3 (viola treble clef)

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Allegro in G - Antonio Vivaldi / Steven Frackenpohl

Allegro in G - 

String orchestra, Score and Parts. Intermediate level.
This lively movement is adapted from Vivaldi's Concerto for Two Guitars, carefully crafted for string ensemble by Steven Frackenpohl. In true Vivaldi style, the ensemble is driven by energetic rhythms that make all parts interesting ...

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Amadare (Raindrops) - Keiko Yamada

Amadare (Raindrops) - 

String Orchestra, score and parts. Grade 2
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Amadeus! - W.A. Mozart / Jamin Hoffman

Amadeus! - 

Music for String Orchestra Series, arr. by Jamin Hoffman. Here's the musical signature from the memorable film about the life of Mozart. Using the opening strains of Symphony No. 25, this impressive allegro movement will connect any audience with the power and beauty of Mozart's ...
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Amadeus! - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Jamin Hoffman

Amadeus! - 

Stringensemble, score and parts.
Symphony No. 25 begins with one of Mozart's most recognized themes, as heard in the classic Oscar¸-winning film Amadeus. Jamin Hoffman has placed the first movement in an accessible, practical format that can be performed by school orchestras with ...

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America From West Side Story - Leonard Bernstein/ Stephen Bulla

America From West Side Story - 

String Orchestra, score and parts. Grade 3-4
This iconic song from Bernstein's classic stage work remains one of the most popular melodies in American contemporary theater. Stephen Bulla's edition for strings is adapted from the original score, yet features accessibility for younger ...

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An Evening At The Cinema - John Williams/ Ricketts

An Evening At The Cinema - 

String Orchestra. Three of John Williams' recent film scores are combined in this spectacular showcase for string orchestra with Ted Ricketts' skilled arrangement. Includes: Harry Potter and the Scorcerer's Stone, Theme from A.I., and The Patriot.
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