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Easy Klezmer Tunes - Stacy Philips

Easy Klezmer Tunes - 

C Instruments/B Flat Instruments/E Flat Instruments/Bass Clef Instruments. Book with online audio.
Easy Klezmer Tunes was created in response to many requests for a simplified version of Stacy Phillips' highly acclaimed "Klezmer Collection". Phillips has compiled a selection of pieces for beginning instrumentalists from that classic book.

Klezmer music originally came from the Jewish ghettoes of Eastern Europe of the 19th and early 20th Centuries. The style reflects its mix of heritages from Europe, Near East and Gypsy.

These arrangements are based on some of the earliest classic recordings in Europe and America. As such, they are a great introduction to this music which is now a world-wide phenomenon. Each number is arranged for C, Bb, Eb and Bass Clef instruments. Brass, Reed, Piano, Flute and String players can receive instant gratification from these entry level arrangements.

The accompanying audio demonstrates ensemble versions of all the music, performed at slow tempos, by world class Klezmer artists on Clarinet, Violin, Guitar and Bass. Includes access to online audio.

Khasene March 2
Khosidl #2
Khupah Tanz #2
Kishniev #1
Orientalische Melody
Bessarabian Hora
Der Gasn Nigun
Gypsy Hora
"Oriental Hora (B) Excerpts"
Boyberiker Khasene Melody #1
Boyberiker Khasene Melody #2
Fon Der Khupe #2
Freylakh From "Die Mame Is Gergangen In Mark Areyn"
Khosen Kale Mazel Tov
Lebidikh Un Freylakh
Ma Yofus
Odessa Bulgar #1
Odessa Bulgar #3
Rusihishe Sher 2(D)
Russian Bulgar
Der Shtiler Bulgar
Sirba #3

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ISBN: 978-0-7866-9208-8

EAN: 9780786692088

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Easy Klezmer Tunes - Stacy Philips
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