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Intermediate Solos for Tenor Viol - Alison Crum

Intermediate Solos for Tenor Viol - 

Tenor Viol with Basso Continuo. Intermediate level.
Selected and edited by Alison Crum. A sequel to First Solos for the Viol, these three books provide a basic repertoire of Italian, French, English, Spanish and German music, mostly with a continuo part. These are "performing" pieces selected to be within the range of a competent though less experienced player. Each book has a different choice of music - although some pieces appear in transposition, there is a significant amount of music which is individual to each book.

Titles are:
Greensleeves to a Ground (Anon.)
Recerchar Terzo (S. Ganassi)
Recercada 2nda : Douce MEmoire (Diego Ortiz)
Canzona 2nda (Frescobaldi)
The Italian Ground (Anon.)
Contrapunto Secundo (V. Galilei0
Preludium (Tobias Hume)
A Division by Mr. Finger (G. Finger)
Fantasie de Violes (L. Couperin)
Moderato (C.F. Abel)
Vivace (W. de Fesch)
Gayment (L. de Caix d' Hervelois)
Rondeau (M. Heudeline)
Sarabande (M. Marai)
Divisions in G Minor (C. Simpon)
Largo (G.P. Telemann)
Solo per La Viola Da Gamba (G.F. Handel).

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Intermediate Solos for Tenor Viol - Alison Crum
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