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A Christmas Collage - Brass Quartet - Jan de Haan

A Christmas Collage - Brass Quartet - 

Score and parts. Brass quartet: Bb trumpet 1 and 2, Trombone 1 and 2 (Euphonium 1 and 2).
Additional parts:
Bb trombone 1 (Euphonium 1) g-clef
Eb tenor horn (suitable for trombone 1)
F horn (suitable for trombone 1)
Bb trombone 2 (Bb euphonium 2) g-clef
Eb bass ...

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Abstract Mosaics - Clint Needham

Abstract Mosaics - 

Brass quintets, score and parts.
Needham finds a fascinating model for his second brass quintet in the mosaic art of Sonia King. The concept is to build a work from multiple smaller fragments, all of which combine to create a cohesive whole, or, as Needham says, "synergy." ...

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Air - J.S.Bach / Farkas Antal

Air - 

Brass Quintet, score and parts.
Piccolo Trumpet in A
Trompet in D
Horn in Fa
Trombone (F-Clef)
Tuba (F-Clef)

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Air Du Roi Arthur - Henry Purcell/ Jean Thilde

Air Du Roi Arthur - 

For 2 trumpets Bb/ C and 2 trombones. Score and parts.
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Alla Burlesca - Gilbert Vinter

Alla Burlesca - 

Brass Quartet, score and parts.

2 Cornets
EB Horn
Euphonium T.C.

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Allegro KV 439b - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Travis Freshner

Allegro KV 439b - 

Brass trio, score and parts.
Instrumentation: Trumpet, Horn, Trombone.
A sprightly Allegro movement from Mozart's Divertimento No. 4 for three basset horns has enjoyed several trio arrangements, primarily in the woodwind repertoire. Freshner brings a lifetime as educator, arranger, ...

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At The Folies - Parts Only - William Ryden

At The Folies - Parts Only - 

Brass Quintet, for two Trumpets, Horn in F, Trombone (F clef) and Tuba (or Bass Trombone). Set of parts.
Titles are: Golliwogg's Cake-Walk (Debussy), Je Te Veux (Satie), Général Lavine-excentric (Debussy), La Plus Que Lente (Debussy), La Diva de L'Empire (Satie), Minestrels ...

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Baby Elephant Walk - Brass Quartet - Henry Mancini / Eric J. Hovi

Baby Elephant Walk - Brass Quartet - 

Brass quartet, set and parts. Indermediate level.
Bb trumet 1
Bb trumpet 2

Additional parts:
F horn
Eb bass TC

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Bees-A-Buzzin - Erdrich Siebert

Bees-A-Buzzin - 

Brass Quartet, score and parts,
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Beethoven's Fit - Jeffrey H. Bauer

Beethoven's Fit - 

Brass quintet (2 Bb trumpets, Horn, Trombone, Tuba). Score and parts.
Bauer takes elements of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony and weaves them throughout his new brass quintet arrangement. Every player fully participates in this swing style setting. For intermediate to advanced performers.

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Bella Ciao - Brass Quintet - Bart van Haagen

Bella Ciao - Brass Quintet - 

Brass quintet, score and parts. Easy/intermediate level. Duration: 02:00 min.

‘Bella Ciao’ is van oorsprong een aansprekend Italiaans volksliedje uit het einde van de 19e eeuw waar in de loop der tijd vele versies van zijn gemaakt. Nu heeft het nieuw leven ingeblazen gekregen in ...

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Bohemian Rhapsody - John Wasson

Bohemian Rhapsody - 

Brass Quintet, Score and parts.
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Brass Quintet - Daniel Schnyder

Brass Quintet - 

Brass quintet, advanced level.
Suitable for:
2 trumpets, horn and 2 trombones, or
2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba.

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Brass Recital for Brass Sextet - Bass/Tuba in C (B.C.)

Brass Recital for Brass Sextet - Bass/Tuba in C (B.C.)

Scored for 1st and 2nd cornet/trumpet, F horn, trombone, baritone and tuba (optional parts also available: 3rd/4th cornet/trumpet, 2nd/3rd F horn and 2nd/3rd trombone)

This great collection of grade 3 music for brass choirs appears on many state contest lists and includes pieces of ...

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Brass Romance - Brass Quintet - Lady Gaga, Brandon Ridenour, Canadian Brass

Brass Romance - Brass Quintet - 

Brass quintet, score and parts.
Inspired by Lady Gaga's “Bad Romance,” this creative arrangement for late intermediate brass quintet (with an optional singer) can be heard at

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