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A Cellist Goes Ballroom Dancing - Keith Terrett

A Cellist Goes Ballroom Dancing - 

Cello with piano.
The English composer Keith Terrett is a newcomer. His pieces is not a difficult piece but sounds very effectfully and enjoyable. Ideal for recitals.

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A Flying Start for Cello - Piano Accompaniments - Jennifer Thorp

A Flying Start for Cello - Piano Accompaniments - 

PIano Accompaniments for the cello book 1, 2 and 3.
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A Flying Start for Cello Book 1 - Jennifer Thorp

A Flying Start for Cello Book 1 - 

A Flying Start for Strings is an introductory series for young children and is appropriate for individual tuition or same instrument groups.
This book is designed to support teachers’ individual approaches to cello instruction for beginners. Explanations on the student pages have been kept ...

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A Flying Start for Cello Book 2 - Jennifer Thorp

A Flying Start for Cello Book 2 - 

A Flying Start for Strings is an introductory series for young children and is appropriate for individual tuition or same instrument groups.
This book is designed to be worked through sequentially. Each page has a clear and simple layout and most have only one tune, so students gain confidence ...

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A Flying Start for Cello Book 3 - Jennifer Thorp

A Flying Start for Cello Book 3 - 

Book 3 introduces more complex tunes within an octave. It further explores intervals across adjacent strings and introduces semiquavers, staccato bowing, low second finger notes and major scales and arpeggios starting on the third finger (cello fourth finger).

More duets, canons and ...

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A frog he went a-courting - Paul Hindemith

A frog he went a-courting - 

Cello with piano. Advanced level. Variations on an old-english nursery song.
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A Grand Tour of Cello Technique - Fred Sherry

A Grand Tour of Cello Technique - 

A Grand Tour of Cello Technique is a thought-provoking practice guide, enabling cellists at all levels to develop their own style through an exploration of different ways of fingering and bowing. The book not only helps cellists improve their playing, but also promotes an understanding of musical ...
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A Lyric Suite - William Lloyd Webber

A Lyric Suite - 

Cello and piano, intermediate level.
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A New Tune A Day Performance Pieces For Cello

A New Tune A Day Performance Pieces For Cello

Cello solo, easy level, The celebrated and award-winning series continues with a selection of pieces in a wide range of styles and varieties, chosen to give you a superb repertoire of music at an early stage.

From well-known classical melodies and showstoppers of the stage, to jazz hits, ...

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A Poem of Hope - Eric Ewazen

A Poem of Hope - 

Cello ans piano.
Idealism, humanity, world peace, and altruism, have been recurring themes and inspirations in many compositions by Eric Ewazen. In 2007, the Sejong Soloists commissioned this work for Cello and Strings to feature Paula Zahn as guest soloist – the celebrated telejournalist is ...

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A Sketchbook for Cello - Michael Rose

A Sketchbook for Cello - 

Cello with piano. Easy to intermediate level.

Titles are:
Country Dance

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A Tale For Two Cellos - Julian Lloyd Webber

A Tale For Two Cellos - 

13 pieces arranged for 2 cellos and piano by Julian Lloyd Webber.
Good original music for two cellos is quite rare to find and over the years arrangements have greatly enriched the classical repertoire. In these pieces, internationally celebrated cellist Julian Lloyd Webber has taken music ...

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A Treasure Chest of Duos - Elmar Preusser

A Treasure Chest of Duos - 

Original works from the baroque to the modern era. Cello duet, easy to intermediate level.
Anybody who opens this 'treasure chest for duos' will enjoy valuable gems of the literature for two cellos. This volume contains original compositions from the Baroque, classical, Romantic and ...

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Abracadabra Cello Beginner - Frankie Henry

Abracadabra Cello Beginner - 

Cello method, beginner level. Book and CD.
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Abracadabra for Cello (Third Edition) - Maja Passchier

Abracadabra for Cello (Third Edition) - 

Cello Method. Book and 2 CDs.

Now in a third edition, Abracadabra Cello has a fresh, contemporary new look and is the perfect book for pupil and teacher.
This title offers an identical selection of repertoire to the other books in the Abracadabra Strings series, so they can be used ...

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K3 Hits - K3 / Studio 100 Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large Overscore Tape Spreken en Zingen - Eldar
K3 HitsPure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - LargeOverscore TapeSpreken en Zingen