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Santa's Girls - 2-Part - Steve Karmen / Cristi Cary Miller

Santa's Girls - 2-Part - 

2-Part and piano.
Santa's reindeer were all girls? Surely, this isn't right! Yet the composers of this song make a good point with their reasons behind such a statement. Showcase your girls' choirs with this charming and clever novelty selection!

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Scales and Arpeggios from The Aristocats - 2-Part - Richard M. Sherman / Audrey Snider

Scales and Arpeggios from The Aristocats - 2-Part - 

2-part with piano, Ev'ry truly cultured music student knows you must learn your scales and your arpeggios!” This charming song from Walt Disney's The Aristocats is set in a quasi-classical style that can't miss. Includes a delightful solfege countermelody and even a little of ...
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Scots Nativity - SA and Piano - Allan Bullard

Scots Nativity - SA and Piano - 

For SA and piano or brass quintet or small orchestra
This is an attractive, not difficult carol to a traditional Scottish text and with a gentle 'folk-y' feel. A flowing melody, complete with flattened 7ths and delicate Scotch snaps, appears in various guises, each verse ending with ...

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Sechs Hymnen Op. 118 - SS - Josef Gabriel Rheinberger

Sechs Hymnen Op. 118 - SS - 

SS with organ.
Titles are:
Salve Regina
Quam admirabile)
Inclina Domine
Ave maris stella
Puer natus in Bethlehem

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Shine Your Light - 2-Part Mixed - Greg Gilpin

Shine Your Light - 2-Part Mixed - 

2-Part mixed with piano accompaniment.
Gospel-styled, this up-tempo, inspirational original asks the singer and audience to be an example of love in every way. There are many solo opportunities throughout, as well as a hot breakdown section that eventually leads to a final, rousing chorus with ...

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Sing Freedom - 2 part - Margaret Hamilton

Sing Freedom - 2 part - 

SA a cappella with chords, this unique collection of songs from South Africa contains 35 songs of the people, performed in churches, workplaces and at gatherings. This book provides the first opportunity for churches, schools and colleges to perform these wonderful songs of liberation and Christian ...
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Sing Out - 2-Part - Brendan Graham, David Downes / Celtic Woman / Roger Emerson

Sing Out - 2-Part - 

“Sing a new song to the world, let your voice be heard, go and bring the word.” This is the universal message of hope that is shared in this very singable and inspirational song by Celtic Woman. A fantastic selection for choirs of all levels, you will love to sing it with the Irish ...
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Sleep, My Little Sea - SA - Josu Elberdin

Sleep, My Little Sea - SA - 

SA with piano accompaniment.
A sweet selection for children's choirs from Basque composer Josu Elberdin. Simple vocal writing in two parts and a supportive piano accompaniment. The text encourages the sea not to be afraid of the dark because “all the stars will cradle you.”

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Sleigh Ride - 2-Part - Leroy Anderson / Mark Brymer

Sleigh Ride - 2-Part - 

2-pt with piano, Here is Leroy Anderson's sparkling holiday treasure Sleigh Ride in an exciting new setting by Mark Brymer. Few songs so completely capture the joy shared by family and friends during the winter season. A fantastic holiday romp! Arr. by Mark Brymer.
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Snow On A Moonlit Night - 2-Part

Snow On A Moonlit Night - 2-Part

2-Part and piano. Easy level.
This beautiful text tells a lovely story of a simple snowfall. Imagine the glow of the moon permeating the darkness of a chilly winter evening. From beginning to end, this is winter's invitation to our imaginations. This setting of the beautiful melody by ...

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So Long, Farewell (from The Sound of Music) 2-Part - Richard Rodgers/ Oscar Hammerstein/ Mark Brymer

So Long, Farewell (from The Sound of Music) 2-Part - 

2-Part with piano. Here's the delightful 'goodnight' song from the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic musical. An audience favorite!
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Somewhere Out There - 2-part mixed - James Horner, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil / Roger Emerson

Somewhere Out There - 2-part mixed - 

From An American Tail. 2-part mixed.
The theme song from An American Tail is now available in a Discovery Pop arrangement. A touching lyric and a classic melody combined with Emerson's skill equals a sure success.

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Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song - 2-part - Roger Emerson

Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song - 2-part - 

Anchors aweigh! Kids of all ages will enjoy singing about this famous underwater inhabitant. 2-part, arr. by Roger Emerson
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Sprookje! - Quinten Vandevelde, Paul Snoek

Sprookje! - 

SS met (xylo)marimba, piano.
Met ruimte voor improvisatie. Kan op 1 marimba (met 2 spelers) of vierhandig piano uitgevoerd worden.

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Stabat Mater (Vocal Score) - SA - Pergolesi

Stabat Mater (Vocal Score) - SA - 

Piano Reduction, Women's Choir (SA) with Soloists (SA), String Orchestra and Harpsichord (Organ).Titles are: Stabat mater, Cuius animam gementem, O quam tristis, Quae moerebat, Quis est homo, Vidit suum dulcem natum, Eja mater, Fac, ut ardeat, Sancta mater, Fac, ut portem, Inflammatus, Quando ...
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