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A Complete Guide to Learning The Irish Tin Whistle - Clare McKenna

A Complete Guide to Learning The Irish Tin Whistle - 

Everything you need to know about the Irish tin whistle, from playing your first notes to advanced solos and ornamentation.

Fully-diagrammed tunes for instant playing. Graded scales and exercises.
A wide selection of tunes specially chosen to demonstrate techniques ...

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Complete Irish Tin Whistle - Dona Gilliam/ Mizzy McCaskill

Complete Irish Tin Whistle - 

Tin Whistle method. Beginning to intermediate level. 144 pages. Book with online audio.
An extremely well-written, thorough study into contemporary and traditional tin whistle music and performance. Included are chapters on fundamentals, ornamentation and more. Includes access to online audio.

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First 50 Irish Songs You Should Play on Tin Whistle - L.E. McCullough

First 50 Irish Songs You Should Play on Tin Whistle - 

Tin Whistle.
If you've been playing the Irish tinwhistle for a little while, you are probably eager to learn some Celtic songs. Complied by L.E. McCullough, a world-renowned authority on the tinwhistle and traditional Irish music, this book includes: The Banks of Lough Gowna • Boys of ...

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Geraldine Cotter's Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor - Geraldine Cotter

Geraldine Cotter's Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor - 

Tin whistle, method. Book and CD, beginner level.
This is a complete method for Irish Tin whistle with a detailed appendix of one hundred choice Irish Airs and Dance Tunes. Varying from simple tunes and polkas, and progressing to more complex pieces.

Outstanding and renowned ...

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Ref: 42825  Price: € 18.95  Add to your order

Hal Leonard Tin Whistle Method - Seán Gavin

Hal Leonard Tin Whistle Method - 

Tin whistle, book with audio online.
The Hal Leonard Tin Whistle Method is designed for anyone just learning to play the Irish penny whistle. This comprehensive and easy-to-use beginner's guide from acclaimed player Seán Gavin serves as an introduction to the instrument and its rich ...

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Irish Session Tunes: The Green Book

Irish Session Tunes: The Green Book

Tin whistle, flute, bagpipe.
100 Irish Dance Tunes and Airs, selected by Geraldine Cotter.

This collection contains a varied selection of widely played and lesser known tunes, divided into different dance rhythms: double jigs, slip jigs, reels, hornpipes, set dances and airs.

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Irish Tin Whistle Legends

Irish Tin Whistle Legends

100 double jigs, slip jigs, reels, polkas and more from Ireland's greatest whistle players Mary Bergin, Vincent Broderick, Paddy Moloney, Sean Potts & many more... 48 pages.

A Rainy Day
Ballydesmond Polka, The
Banks Of Lough Gowna, The

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Ref: 3668  Price: € 8.50  € 5.95  Add to your order

Je Sait Jouer Le Flûteau

Je Sait Jouer Le Flûteau

French Tin Whistle Book - Français.

Je sait jouer le flûteau:
- instructions faciles
- déchiffrage à l'aide de petits tableaux
- les plus connus des chants françaiset internationaux
Au claire de la lune
Le petit navire
Il Était une bergère ...

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Ref: 86399  Price: € 4.65  € 3.26  Add to your order

Progressive Tin Whistle For Beginners - Peter Gelling

Progressive Tin Whistle For Beginners - 

Tin Wistle, a fun and easy introduction to playing the Tin Whistle. Covers all essential techniques as well as teaching you how to read and understand music. Contains lots of great melodies and solos in a variety of styles, including Folk, Blues, Classical and World Music. Book with CD, easy level.
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Ref: 38355  Price: € 16.50  Add to your order

The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Tutor - L.E. McCullough

The Complete Irish Tinwhistle Tutor - 

Tin Whistle method. This is a comprehensive detailed approach to playing Irish music on the tinwhistle. It contains information on technique and style that more advanced players will also find useful. There are over seventy dance tunes and airs suitable arranged for the tinwhistle, including some ...
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Ref: 58430  Price: € 23.40  Add to your order

The Penny Whistle book - Robin Williamson

The Penny Whistle book - 

Thin Whistle/ Penny Whistle. A complete instruction guide to the penny whistle. 56 traditional tunes from America and Britain. How to read music, fingering, modes and ornamentation. With guitar accompaniment chords.
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Ref: 757  Price: € 21.20  Add to your order

The Tin Whistle Book - Tom Maguire

The Tin Whistle Book - 

An easy, straightforward approach to playing the tin whistle. Complete with a selection of easy tunes and traditional song & dance airs from Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, Brittanny, England & Wales, by Tom Maguire.
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Ref: 7099  Price: € 9.95  € 6.97  Add to your order

The Tin Whistle Book - Tom Maguire

The Tin Whistle Book - 

Pennywhistle, book and CD. Beginner level.
The Tin Whistle Book by Tom Maguire is step-by-step instruction book that explains everything required to master the basics of Tin Whistle playing. This easy, straightforward approach to playing the penny whistle has countless diagrams and symbols ...

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Ref: 44535  Price: € 11.90  Add to your order

Tin Whistle for Two - James Tanguay

Tin Whistle for Two - 

Tin Whistle Duet. Beginning to intermediate level.
What's more fun than playing the tin whistle? How about playing tin whistle with a friend? Here are 38 two-part tunes arranged and composed especially for tin whistle players. Presents Celtic jigs, hornpipes, airs, American and British ...

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Ref: 98427  Price: € 16.60  Add to your order

Tin Whistle Tutor Volume 1 - Pat Conway

Tin Whistle Tutor Volume 1 - 

A superb series with each note in every tune fully diagrammed, enabling the complete beginner to play immediately. 20 pages. titles are: The Irish Washerwoman
The Rakes Of Mallow, The Black Thorn Stick, My Grandfather's Clock, Plaisir D'amour (The Joys Of Love), Bheir Me O, The ...

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Ref: 3658  Price: € 6.95  € 4.87  Add to your order

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