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A Special Place - Goff Richards

A Special Place - 

Bass Trombone (parts included) with piano.

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Advanced Etudes for the Bass Trombone - Tommy Pederson

Advanced Etudes for the Bass Trombone - 

These fifteen bass trombone etudes were written with the sober thought that, when you can play them, you can also play anything else written for this beautiful instrument! Among the selections you will find; a delightful jazz waltz; oodles of flexibility challenges; triple and double tonguing; the ...
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Ballad For Bass Trombone - Jan Van der Roost / Christopher Hussey

Ballad For Bass Trombone - 

Bass Trombone and piano.

Een aantrekkelijk werk voor een prachtig instrument! Dat is deze ballade voor bastrombone. Doorgaans zijn er weinig solowerken beschikbaar voor de bastrombone. Dit werk vormt daarom een prachtige uitdaging voor iedere trombonist die solo wil gaan! Maar ook de ...

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Bel Canto Vocalises for Bass Trombone - Alan Raph

Bel Canto Vocalises for Bass Trombone - 

Bass trombone (or tuba) and piano. Book with download.
These 27 vocalise are masterfully compiled, transcribed, and edited by trombonist Alan Raph and include etudes from Giuseppe Concone, Gaetano Nava, Giovanni Lamperti, and Mr. Raph himself. They can be used as etudes in the practice room ...

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Cameos - Jacob Gordon

Cameos - 

Bass Trombone with piano. Advanced level.

Titles are:
Nimble Dancer
Phantom Procession
Derby Winner.

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Ref: 54069  Price: € 19.95  Add to your order

Concertino in Eb major Op. 5 - Christian Gottlieb Müller/ Günter Ludwig

Concertino in Eb major Op. 5 - 

Bass Trombone with piano (piano reduction).
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De Profundis - Jan Van der Roost

De Profundis - 

Bass trombone solo. Advanced / difficult level.

Het Latijnse De Profundis kan vertaald worden als ‘vanuit de diepten’ – en die frase is zeker van toepassing op dit solowerk voor bastrombone, want de diepe stem van dit instrument komt uitgebreid aan bod in dit werk, dat integraal ...

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Elementary Etudes For The Bass Trombone  - Tommy Pederson

Elementary Etudes For The Bass Trombone  - 

56 original etudes by Tommy Pederson, foremost authority on the art of playing the trombone.
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Ref: 44954  Price: € 11.95  Add to your order

Father Neptune - Roy Newsome

Father Neptune - 

Bass Trombone and piano, advanced level.
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Ref: 36489  Price: € 11.95  Add to your order

Fingering Chart: Bass Trombone - Martin Goess

Fingering Chart: Bass Trombone - 

Fingering chart for the bass trombone.
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Ref: 39628  Price: € 5.00  Add to your order

Il Silenzio - Jerome Naulais

Il Silenzio - 

Bass Trombone with piano.
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Ref: 84615  Price: € 5.90  Add to your order

Inizio o Fine - Corrado Maria Saglietti

Inizio o Fine - 

Bass trombone and strings. Score and parts. Intermediate level.
Inizio o Fine (Beginning or End) is a short, dynamic and catchy piece but is also surprising and unexpected. 
It can be a brilliant introduction or an excellent ending (or encore) for the concert or can be played twice, ...

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Ref: 91987  Price: € 19.80  Add to your order

Introduction, thème et variations sur l'air de Moïse - Giacchino Rossini/ Andre Goudenhooft

Introduction, thème et variations sur l'air de Moïse - 

Bas Trombone or Bas Tuba (F-clef) with piano. Advanced level.f
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Ref: 20689  Price: € 13.20  Add to your order

Jazz Conception For Bass Trombone - Snidero / Tim Newman

Jazz Conception For Bass Trombone - 

Bass Trombone studies, intermediate to advanced level. Book with CD.
21 solo etudes for jazz phrasing, interpretation and improvisation.

Titles are:
Groove Blues
A Doll
Total Blues
Joe's Thing
Father Song ...

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Ref: 46543  Price: € 19.95  Add to your order

Julep Cup  - Ernst-Thilo Kalke

Julep Cup  - 

Bass Trombone with piano. Intermediate level.
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Ref: 93490  Price: € 13.90  Add to your order

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