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Brazil: Ceremony, Song and Samba - Concert Band - Robert W. Smith

Brazil: Ceremony, Song and Samba - Concert Band - 

At long last, Robert W. Smith continues his musical journey that began in western Africa years ago and now takes us to Brazil. Based upon authentic Afro-Brazilian percussion grooves, "Brazil: Ceremony, Song and Samba" is comprised of three musical sections illustrating the impact of the African experience on music of this part of the world. Beginning in northern Brazil with the Ceremony, the piece transitions to Rio di Janiero and the smooth sounds of the bossa nova that has become so popular throughout the world. The piece concludes with the exciting sounds of Carnaval and the Samba Schools that fill the streets during the annual celebration. Exciting, musically rewarding and extremely effective in any concert setting! Score and parts.

1st & 2nd flute / piccolo
Bb clarinet 1
Bb clarinet 2
Bb clarinet 3
Bb bass clarinet
Eb alto saxophone 1
Eb alto saxophone / alto clarinet 2
Bb tenor saxophone
Eb baritone saxophone
Bb trumpet 1
Bb trumpet 2
Bb trumpet 3
F horn 1 and 2
F horn 3 and 4
Trombone 1
Trombone 2
Trombone 3
Euphonium (Baritone) BC
Euphonium (Baritone) TC
Electric bass
Mallet percussion: chimes, vibes, marimba
Timpani (samba whistle)
Percussion 1: pandeiro, snare shaker, low surdo, mark tree
Percussion 2: pandeiro, mid surdo, tamborim, guiro
Percussion 3: chocalho/shaker, agogo bells, claves, triangle, timbal, shakere
Percussion 4: repinique, rain stick, cuica

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Brazil: Ceremony, Song and Samba - Concert Band - Robert W. Smith
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