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The True Heartbeat of Hip Hop and R&B - DVD - Kick Snare Hat, erald Heyward, Nisan Stewart, Cora Coman-Dunham, Aaron Spears

The True Heartbeat of Hip Hop and R&B - DVD - 

The heartbeat of hip-hop and R&B comes from the streets. It’s a dream that never dies and a lifestyle that only a few drummers will get to live. From the inner cities to the churches, and from the woodsheds to the arena stages, the drummers that play this music all have a story to tell—and it’s as real as it gets.
Join Gerald Heyward, Nisan Stewart, Cora Colman-Dunham, and Aaron Spears as they take you on the ride of a lifetime. Learn what inspires them, drives then, and takes them to the top of their game.
Shot in HD, this two-DVD set includes tons of behind the scenes footage, interviews, playing footage, and bonus features with the genre’s elite. And for the first time ever on film, they’re playing together in one room. If you love hip-hop and R&B drumming, you’ll love Kick Snare Hat.
2 DVD's.

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