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  • Catégorie principale: Partitions Musicales
  • Instrument: Théorie
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Partitions Musicales

Livres / Théorie

Instruments, cordes, etc


Cadeaux de musique

A  G  J  P  R  S  T  

Arranging Music For The Real World - Vince Corozine

Arranging Music For The Real World - 

Theory Book. Book with Online Audio. 212 pages. Easy to intermediate level.
This book is written from a composer's point of view and is intended to be a reference book for the analysis of arranging techniques. Its aim is to help composers and arrangers improve their compositional skills ...

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Get Fit in Rhythm - Markus Brachtendorf/ Heinz-Reiner Schiefer

Get Fit in Rhythm - 

Theory, book with 2 CDs, sasy to intermediate level. Language: German.
Rhythmen sicher beherrschen: Get Fit in Rhythm bietet 33 Rhythmusübungen von leicht bis mittelschwer. Mit dem Heft wird gleichzeitig das Notenlesen trainiert und verbessert.

Klatschen können genügt: Get Fit in ...

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Get Your Band Together: Berklee Practice Method: Teacher's Guide - Jonathan Feist & Matt Marvuglio

Get Your Band Together: Berklee Practice Method: Teacher's Guide - 

This first-ever guide will help teach musicians to play in a band. Whether you are a school music teacher or band leader, or you coordinate a music program at a house of worship or summer camp, this guide will help you use the innovative Berklee Practice Method series to teach your students. ...
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Jazz mode d'emploi Volume 1: Petite encyclopédie des données techniques de base - Philippe Baudoin

Jazz mode d'emploi Volume 1: Petite encyclopédie des données techniques de base - 

Theory Book. Language: French.
Jazz mode d’emploi (fruit de 20 ans de recherches et de 10 ans de professorat) est une « petite encyclopédie des données techniques de base » destinée à tous les instrumentistes et enseignants. Ce n’est pas une méthode, mais un catalogue faisant la ...

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Pentatonic Scales for Jazz Improvisation - Ramon Ricker

Pentatonic Scales for Jazz Improvisation - 

More than a pattern book, this 80-page spiral-bound book lays out the theory behind the use of pentatonic scales in jazz, and follows with 12 pages of transcribed solos and 40 pages of exercises. Still a favorite after 14 years, this book has become a standard in the field
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Rhythm and Counting - David Harrison

Rhythm and Counting - 

Theory Book. Book with online audio.
This essential, practical handbook for mastering rhythm has been designed for students of any instrument or voice – providing them a comprehensive and systematic approach to understanding rhythms, rhythmic devices, and how to count them. Packed full of ...

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Romantische Vocalises Op. 120 - Roelstraete

Romantische Vocalises Op. 120 - 

14 notenleeroefeningen met pianobegeleiding.
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Sight Reading: The Rhythm Book - Alex Pertout

Sight Reading: The Rhythm Book - 

Sight Reading: The Rhythm Book is a graded workbook for instrumentalists and vocalists designed to develop sight reading and rhythmic skills by presenting a course of progressive lessons and studies specifically aimed at these areas. Many different rhythmic groupings and writing styles are clearly ...
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The Contemporary Arranger - Don Sebesky

The Contemporary Arranger - 

An authoritative, easy-to-understand text covering all aspects of arranging. This beautifully bound edition contains a compact disc with examples performed by jazz greats such as George Benson, Freddie Hubbard, Hubert Laws and Don Sebesky’s complete orchestra.
Book and CD.

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The Study Of Orchestration (Fourth edition) - Samuel Adler

The Study Of Orchestration (Fourth edition) - 

Written by a renowned composer whose works have been performed by major orchestras around the world, The Study of Orchestration is the only text that explores the characteristics of orchestral instruments and shows students how a master composer approaches orchestration. The fourth edition invites ...
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Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition - Shinichi Suzuki Korg Chromatic Tuner CA50 Pop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1 - Nieuwe Cover - Jo Mahieu
Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbonSuzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised EditionKorg Chromatic Tuner CA50Pop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1 - Nieuwe Cover