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  • Catégorie principale: Partitions Musicales
  • Instrument: Basson
  • Catégorie: Duo
  • Page: 1

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Partitions Musicales

Livres / Théorie

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Cadeaux de musique

D  I  S  Autres  

Das Fagott Band 4: Duette - Werner Seltmann/ Günter Angerhöfer

Das Fagott Band 4: Duette - 

Bassoon Duet, titles are:
Adagio cantiabile (Bartel)
Allegro (Bartel)
Kanonische Etüde (Bialas)
4 Sonaten (Boismortier)
Allegretto giocoso (Bruns)
Allegro non troppo, quasi danza (Bruns)
Moderato (Bruns)
Allegro maestoso (Cherubini)
Andante con moto ...

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Dutch Suite in G Major S-16 - P.D.Q Bach/ Peter Schickele

Dutch Suite in G Major S-16 - 

Bassoon and Tuba, tiles are: Mr. Minuit's Minuet, Panther Dance, Dance of the Grand Dams, The Lowland Fling.
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In Nacht und Eis - Olga Neuwirth

In Nacht und Eis - 

Bassoon and accordeon. Very difficult level.
In the duo composition 'In Nacht und Eis', as in her earlier work Torsion, Olga Neuwirth explores the extreme playing and tonal possibilities of the bassoon to which unusual tone colours are added, by accordion in this edition, by cello ...

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Sonata B flat major for Bassoon and Violoncello KV 292 (196c) - W.A. Mozart/ Hendrik Wiese/ Wolfgang Kostujak

Sonata B flat major for Bassoon and Violoncello KV 292 (196c) - 

Bassoon (fagot) and Violoncello with piano (cembalo), Urtext edition.

Did Mozart intend this work to be a duo for two bass instruments, or – as the simple basso-like manner of the second part suggests – a sonata for bassoon and keyboard instrument? We will probably never know the ...

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Sonate  B-Dur KV 292 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Victor Korda

Sonate B-Dur KV 292 - 

Bassoon and violoncello or two violoncellos.
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4 Pieces - Paul Hindemith/ Luitgard Schader

4 Pieces - 

Basson and Cello, easy to intermediate level. In the 1920s, Paul Hindemith wrote several pieces for children or adult hobby musicians. Together with his wife Gertrud, he took great pleasure in making music at home, and as Gertrud had begun to play the violoncello in adulthood, her husband composed ...
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6 Duos Volume 1 Duos 1-3 - Frédéric Blasius

6 Duos Volume 1 Duos 1-3 - 

Bassoon Duet, intermediate to advanced level.

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Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition - Shinichi Suzuki Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon K3 Hits - K3 / Studio 100 The Original SwirlyGig - Drink Holder 1/2"
Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised EditionBow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbonK3 HitsThe Original SwirlyGig - Drink Holder 1/2"