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Partitions Musicales

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A Horn-ting We Will Go (G-cleff edition) - Horn in Eb - Derek Bourgeois

A Horn-ting We Will Go (G-cleff edition) - Horn in Eb - 

Tenor Horn with Piano. Intermediate level.

Titles are:
On Holiday
Three-Legged Horn
Tropical Sunset
Fugal Mood
A Drowsy Moment
Bubble in the Tube.

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Buy A Broom - H. Round

Buy A Broom - 

French Horn Eb with piano.
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Fantasy - Gilles Rocha

Fantasy - 

Eb Horn with piano. Intermediate level.
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Funeral March - Edward Grieg / Andrew Skirrow

Funeral March - 

Horn in F and piano, not as depressing as it sounds, this beautiful piece was written in memory of Richard Nordraak, one of Grieg's most formative influences. Grade 3-4.
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Horen Lezen & Spelen 3: Stijlboek - French Horn - Jaap Kastelein

Horen Lezen & Spelen 3: Stijlboek - French Horn - 

Aanvullend speelmateriaal bij Horen, Lezen & Spelen deel 3. Speelboek, gemiddeld niveau.
Als aanvulling op deel 3 worden hier verschillende muziekstijlen gepresenteerd: van barok en klassiek via jazz tot pop. Afwisselende stukken dus, die je alleen of samen met een pianist kunt spelen op ...

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Horen lezen & spelen: Trioboek 1 - Hoorn (F) - Jacob de Haan

Horen lezen & spelen: Trioboek 1 - Hoorn (F) - 

Aanvullend speelmateriaal bij Horen, Lezen & Spelen deel 1.
De muzikanten in de dop kunnen de hier verzamelde trio’s van Jacob de Haan en André Waignein spelen vanaf les 10. Ook los van de methode zorgen ze voor speelplezier samen met anderen. Ze zijn prima geschikt voor de ...

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In Concert for Horn in Eb - Peter Lawrance

In Concert for Horn in Eb - 

Eb Horn and piano. Easy to intermediate level.
A collection of graded pieces for horn which reflect a variety of moods and styles.
As well as providing plenty of material for study and musical development, each piece is substantial enough to make an exciting concert item. Throughout the ...

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In the Vale of Llangollen - J. Ord Hume

In the Vale of Llangollen - 

Solo for Eb Horn/ Eb Soprano Cornet or Bass (parts in G- and F-clef included) with piano. Intermediate to advanced level.
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More on the Light Side - Robert Ramskill

More on the Light Side - 

Eb Horn and piano. Intermediate level.

Titles are:
La Mer
Casino Royale
You'll Never Walk Alone
Ain't Misbehavin'
When a Child is Born
On My Own.

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NIne Miniatures for Horn in Eb - Edward Gregson/ John Ridgeon

NIne Miniatures for Horn in Eb - 

Eb Horn and piano. Easy to medium level.

Titles are:
Three Playmates
A Moody Trio
Little Minuet
Prelude and March
Introduction and Dance
Folk Song
Habanera and Ragtime.

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Op. Axion 01 - Herman De Vleeschhouwer

Op. Axion 01 - 

Horn in F with piano. Verplicht werk voor de wedstrijd Axion Classics 2001
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Pares Scales - French Horn in F or E-flat and Mellophone - Gabriel Parès, Harvey S. Whistler

Pares Scales - French Horn in F or E-flat and Mellophone - 

The classic scale and arpeggio studies of Gabriel Parès were adapted in the 1940s for like-instrument study by Rubank's Harvey Whistler, and are now the standard for elementary scale instruction. Presenting all the major keys up to four flats/sharps (and the relative minors), each unit ...
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Party pieces For Eb Tenor Horn - Mark Goddard

Party pieces For Eb Tenor Horn - 

Horn in Eb and piano, grades 2-5. Fresh and energetic pieces in which the piano part has been kept fairly simple, while allowing gifted pianists potential for improvisation.
Titles are:
Charlbury Charleston
Ragamuffin ...

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Rubank Advanced Method - French Horn in F or E-flat Volume 2 - William Gower, H. Voxman

Rubank Advanced Method - French Horn in F or E-flat Volume 2 - 

An outlined course of study designed to follow the elementary and intermediate levels of any instructional method, the Rubank Advanced Methods are considered to be one of the gold standards of advanced instrumental study. The specially designed units provide a a complete pedagogy:

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Six Modern Pieces for Eb instruments - Peter Lawrance

Six Modern Pieces for Eb instruments - 

Horn in Eb with piano.These six solo pieces with easy piano accompaniments provide an ideal introduction to accompanied playing.
Although the range of each piece has been carefully graded, the collection ideally compliments and extends the work of tutor books by encouraging listening and ...

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Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon Lucia Di Lammermoor - Gaetano Donizetti Relief - Alex Bervoets Slag en Stoot - Pianobegeleidingen Volume 3 & 4 - Walter Mertens
Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbonLucia Di LammermoorReliefSlag en Stoot - Pianobegeleidingen Volume 3 & 4