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  • Catégorie principale: Partitions Musicales
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Partitions Musicales

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Tableaux de Provence - Score - Paule Maurice

Tableaux de Provence - Score - 

Score, Alto-Saxophone with orchestra, 73 pp.
2.3(ca).2.1 / / 1timb / 1perc / xyl / cel / hp /

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The Carnival of Animals - Full Score - Camille Saint-Saëns

The Carnival of Animals - Full Score - 

Full Score. 72 pages.
Written in 1886 for an annual Mardi Gras concert, The Carnival Of The Animals consists of 14 pieces scored for flute/piccolo, clarinet, glass harmonica (tuned glass bowls), xylophone, 2 pianos and strings. Each piece embodies a zoological motif, painting a musical picture ...

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The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) - Mel Torme/ Robert Wells/  Bob Krogstad

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire) - 

Full Orchestra, score and parts.
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The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian - Harry Gregson-Williams / Stephen Bulla

The Chronicles of Narnia - Prince Caspian - 

Full Orchestra,level 3-4, score and parts, Moviegoers are once again enthralled with the new installment of this series, again with a dramatic and evocative score by composer Harry Gregson-Williams. Familiar themes from the first film are intertwined with powerful new music that musically tells the ...
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The Fairy Queen - Henry Purcell

The Fairy Queen - 

Score, Opera, Orchestra instrumentation: 2 treble recorders. 2 oboes - 2trumpets - timpani / kettle drums - strings (violin 1, violin 2, viola, bass [violoncello / double bass / lute etc.).
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The Florentiner March - Julius Fucik/ R.J. Hume

The Florentiner March - 

Full Orchestra, score and parts. Grade 3.
This fantastic concert march was written in 1907 and is regarded by many as one of Fucik's finest works. The triumphant ending makes it a great finale to any concert, leaving your audience with a smile on their face and a spring in their step! ...

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The Impossible Dream  - Mitch Leigh/ Victor Lopez

The Impossible Dream  - 

Full Orchestra, score and parts.
This fabulously flexible arrangement of the ever-inspirational song will be useful in many settings. It can be performed by full orchestra, string orchestra with piano and/or rhythm section, winds with piano, with soloists or without, and in other ...

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The Last Samurai - Hans Zimmer/ Mortimer

The Last Samurai - 

Full orchestra, score and parts.

flute 1
Flute 2
Oboe 1
Oboe 2
Clarinet 1
Clarinet 2
Bassoon 1
Bassoon 2
Trumpet Bb/ C 1
Trumpet Bb/ C 2
Trumpet Bb/ C 2
Horn F/Eb 1
Horn F/Eb 2
Trombone ...

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The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,  Symphonic Suite - Howard Shore / John Whitney

The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Symphonic Suite - 

Pop Concert Full Orchestra. Conductor score and parts. Level 3.5.
Great movie music for your concert orchestra. All of Howard Shore's familiar themes from the award-winning film score are accurately portrayed in this symphonic medley. This spectacular arrangement is well worth the ...

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The Magic of Harry Potter - Michael Story

The Magic of Harry Potter - 

Full Orchestra, intermediate level. Score and parts.
he Magic of Harry Potter contains themes from all eight motion pictures in the Harry Potter series. The themes included are "Hedwig's Theme" and "Nimbus 2000" from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, ...

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The Pink Panther - Full Orchestra - Henry Mancini / Calvin Custer

The Pink Panther - Full Orchestra - 

Full Orchestra, score and parts, Grade 3.5
Henry Mancini's music has thrilled audiences for years and Calvin Custer's arrangement for orchestra brings back those pleasant memories that make this the most recognized movie theme of all time. A superior work!

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The Planets in Full Score - Gustav Holst

The Planets in Full Score - 

Full score. 192 pages. Spectacular symphonic suite, scored for large orchestral forces and a wordless chorus, is divided into 7 movements, the music of each embodying the astrological and mystical qualities of a different planet. Remarkable emotional sweep and innovative techniques have made the ...
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The Planets Op. 32/H125 - Full Score - Holst Gustav / Nieweg Clinton, Vaught Gregory

The Planets Op. 32/H125 - Full Score - 

Full score only.

Contents: Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptunus.
Instrumentation: 4d2+alto, 3d bs ob+1, 3+1, 3+1 - 6, 4, 3, 2, timp, perc, 2hp, cel, org, str.

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The Rock (from Classic Quadrophenia) - Full Orchestra - Pete Townshend (The Who) / Rachel Fuller / Bob Phillips

The Rock (from Classic Quadrophenia) - Full Orchestra - 

Full orchstra, score and parts.
From the rock opera Classic Quadrophenia by The Who, now adapted for orchestra, this piece truly "rocks." The rock opera tells a timeless tale of coming of age set in the UK in the 1970s. Written by Pete Townsend and adapted by Bob Phillips, "The ...

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The Six Brandenburg Concertos And The Four Orchestral Suites - J.S. Bach

The Six Brandenburg Concertos And The Four Orchestral Suites - 

Full Score.
This is a complete, unabridged republication of the standard Bach-Gesellschaft editions of the six Brandenburg Concertos and four Orchestral Suites of Johann Sebastian Bach.
Among the most frequently performed and recorded works in the entire repertoire, these compositions are ...

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K3 Hits - K3 / Studio 100 Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition - Shinichi Suzuki Pop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1 - Jo Mahieu Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon
K3 HitsSuzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised EditionPop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon