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  • Catégorie principale: Partitions Musicales
  • Instrument: Balalaika
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Partitions Musicales

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Balalaika Schule - Ignatieff Michael

Balalaika Schule - 

Balalaika method, text in German and Russian.

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Complete Balalaika Book - Bib Ekkel

Complete Balalaika Book - 

Balalaika, intermediate level. Book with online audio.
The Balalaika is most often associated with Russian folklore. In The Complete Balalaika Book, concert and recording artist Bibs Ekkel shares his extensive knowledge of the Balalaika as taught in Russia today. This 160-page book is divided into four sections: an extensive Foreword, the Tutor, A Brief History of the Balalaika, and a Repertoire Section.

Unlike many method books, The Complete Balalaika Book does not begin with the rudiments of music notation. Rather, the 20-page Foreword offers insights on the tunings of all the instruments in the Balalaika family, hand positions, string sources and height adjustment, and chord shapes. The author even describes how to make a bass Balalaika pick from shoe leather. The Tutor or instruction segment is written for the 'prima Balalaika' which is correctly played with the fingers only rather than with a pick. The Tutor jumps right in with exercises and tunes in quarter, eighth, and sixteenth-note values with occasional dotted notes and syncopation.

Perhaps half of the music in this section is shown in both standard notation and tablature. A glossary of musical signs and Russian musical terns is included. A Brief History of the Balalaika is well written and nicely illustrated. Very few method books contain such a comprehensive historical overview of the subject instrument. The Repertoire Section offers a valuable resource of Eastern European folk tunes. All but two selections in this section are written in both notation and tab with suggested guitar chords, the exceptions being an arrangement for Balalaika and Piano, and a Balalaika orchestra score.

More than simple melody chord leadsheets, these are the author's own arrangements of tunes for solo Balalaika and Balalaika orchestra. Access to online audio with selections performed by the author completes this highly effective instructional book.

A Cossack Crossed the Danube
Akh, Nastasya
Baa-Baa Black Sheep
Dance, Dance
Dark Browed, Dark Eyed Lad
Do Not Scold Me
For Czar, Motherland and Faith
Go Home You Gossips
God Save The Czar
Goin' Home
I Loved You
I Shall Go Down To The River
I Was In The Garden
In the Field a Birch Tree Stood
It's Not The Wind That Bends The Branch
Leaf from an Album
The Post Troika Hastens
The Slender Rowan Tree
The Ural Rowan Tree
Two Guitars
Under The Apple Tree

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Complete Balalaika Book - Bib Ekkel
Elementary Method for Balalaika - Alexander Dorozhkin

Elementary Method for Balalaika - 

Translated from Russian by Simeon N. Jurist. An elementary method in one volume consisting of four parts. Part One introduces all the fundamentals including note reading and chordal accompaniment. Each succeeding part advances the player through the positions. Part Four contains supplementary repertoire.

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Elementary Method for Balalaika - Alexander Dorozhkin
25 Russische Volksweisen - Michaïl Ignátieff

25 Russische Volksweisen - 

Balalaika Solo.

Titles are:
Auf der Petersburger Landstraße 2. Die Nachtigall (A. Alábieff 1787-1851) 3. Der rote Sarafan (A. Warlámoff 1801-1848) 4. Kalinka 5. Auf glattem Wolgaeise 6. Auf der Brücke 7. Nichts regt sich im weiten Feld 8. Womit hab’ ich dir Verdruss bereitet? (D. Káschin 1769-1841) 9. Die gepflasterte Straße entlang 10. Ach, du Winter, du langer Winter (W. Pogoréloff 1884-1951) 11. Ach, du Seelchen, mein schönes Mädchen 12. Lieber Gevatter, besuche mich 13. Warum blickst du voll Sehnsucht auf den Weg? 14. Unter dem Fenster der Faulbeerbaum 15. Die kleine Waldwiese 16. Wie der Nebel fiel (M. Wyssotsky 1791-1837) 17. Nicht nur ein Weg führt durch das Feld (J. Melgunóff 1846-1893) 18. In dem lieben Garten mein 19. Du mein grünes Weidenbäumchen (W. Nassónoff 1860-1917) 20. Ach, mein Garten, du mein Garten (nach N. Fomin 1864-1943) 21. Ein Eichbaum steht im Tal 22. Hell scheint der Mond (nach W. Andréiff 1861-1918) 23. Geh’ ich hin zu dem hellen, schnellen Flüsschen 24. Abenddämmerung, Abendrot 25. Die gnädige Frau (Variationen von B. Troyanovsky 1883-1951).

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25 Russische Volksweisen - Michaïl Ignátieff
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