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  • Catégorie principale: Partitions Musicales
  • Instrument: Harmonica
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Partitions Musicales

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Absolute Beginners Harmonica DVD with Subtitles

Absolute Beginners Harmonica DVD with Subtitles

Now with subtitles!
This easy-to-follow harmonica DVD will take you step by step from first day exercises to playing along with a professional backing track!
In one great DVD you get:
Clear demonstrations and jargon free demonstrations about:
Basic music notation
Your ...

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Basic Blues Harmonica Method Level 1 - David Barrett

Basic Blues Harmonica Method Level 1 - 

Basic Blues Harmonica Method is geared toward getting you playing blues Harmonica as fast as possible. The songs and exercises have been designed to get you comfortable with moving around the instrument and allow you to take full advantage of the great sounding patterns available on your Harmonica, ...
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Basix Harmonica Method  - Steven Manus, Ron Manus

Basix Harmonica Method  - 

Method for diatonic and chromatic harmonica, special note-reading system will have you playing instantly. Blues, rock, pop, country and folk licks in the styles of famous performers. CD includes accomaniments for songs and exercises. Book with CD.
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Ref: 18668  Prix: € 14.95  Ajouter à votre commande

Basix Mondharmonica Methode - Ron Manus / Steven Manus

Basix Mondharmonica Methode - 

Methode in het Nederlands voor de diatonische en chromatische harmonica, met speciaal notenleessysteem waarbij u meteen kunt spelen. Blues, rock, pop, country en folk loopjes in de stijl van beroemde artiesten. CD met de begeleigingen voor liedjes en oefeningen. Boek met CD.
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Ref: 35586  Prix: € 20.95  Ajouter à votre commande

Beatles Greatest Hits - Beatles

Beatles Greatest Hits - 

Harmonica. 22 classic tunes arranged for C diatonic harmonica, including: Across The Universe, All My Loving, And I Love Her, Because, Don't Let Me Down, Eight Days A Week, Golden Slumbers, Hello, Goodbye, Help!, Here Comes The Sun, I Want To Hold Your Hand, I Will, If I Fell, Let It Be, ...
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Ref: 48200  Prix: € 20.95  Ajouter à votre commande

Beginnerscursus Harmonica - Peter Gelling

Beginnerscursus Harmonica - 

Harmonicamethode, boek met gratis online video & audio.

Een fantastische inleiding tot de basis van het mondharmonicaspel. Alle oefeningen klinken geweldig en zijn leuk om te spelen. Behandelt vele verschillende muziekstijlen zoals folk, blues, rock en klassieke muziek, en een ...

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Ref: 82264  Prix: € 19.95  Ajouter à votre commande

Beginning Blues Harmonica - John Sebastian

Beginning Blues Harmonica - 

A complete guide for beginners, book and CD.
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Berklee Chromatic Harmonica Method - Thaddeus Hogarth

Berklee Chromatic Harmonica Method - 

Harmonica, book with audio online.
Foundations for Jazz.

Learn to play the chromatic harmonica! This method will help you to develop the foundations of technique and tone on the instrument, along with sight-reading. You will learn scale/chord construction and licks used in jazz, ...

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Ref: 99070  Prix: € 24.95  Ajouter à votre commande

Bluegrass & Country Music For Harmonica - Philip Duncan

Bluegrass & Country Music For Harmonica - 

Suitable for Diatonic, Cross-Harp and Chromatic Harmonica, titles are: All the Good Times Are Past And Gone, Arkansas Traveler, Banks Of The Ohio, Big Rock Candy Mountain, Cripple Creek, Bile 'Dem Cabbage Down, Careless Love, Cider Through A Straw, Cindy, Crawdad Song, East Virginia, Foggy ...
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Ref: 23172  Prix: € 23.50  Ajouter à votre commande

Blues Harmonica - Steve Guyger

Blues Harmonica - 

Harmonica, book and DVD.
Learn authentic blues harmonica styles and techniques from master bluesman Steve Guyger in this special instructional book/DVD pack. Steve shares many valuable playing secrets, concepts, and insights into the rich and timeless traditions of blues harp.

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Ref: 73801  Prix: € 24.95  Ajouter à votre commande

Blues Harmonica Accompaniment Playing - David Barrett

Blues Harmonica Accompaniment Playing - 

Harmonica, book with online audio.
As a Harmonica player, only around twenty percent of your playing time on the bandstand is spent soloing - have you studied how to play during the other eighty percent? Blues Harmonica Accompaniment Playing teaches the important skill of providing ...

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Ref: 94854  Prix: € 20.70  Ajouter à votre commande

Blues Harmonica Collection

Blues Harmonica Collection

Over 40 classics from blues greats Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin' Wolf, James Dalton, Elmore James, John Brim and Lester Davenport complete with an extensive introduction on how to play the pieces in this book.

Ah'w Baby
All ...

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Ref: 6671  Prix: € 24.95  Ajouter à votre commande

Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks & Soloing Concepts #1 level 1 - David Barrett

Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks & Soloing Concepts #1 level 1 - 

Harmonica, book with online audio.
In Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks And Soloing Concepts #1 David Barrett teaches the principles and techniques utilized in the creation of phrases and explains how these concepts can be incorporated into your own Harmonica performance.

Written in ...

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Ref: 20155  Prix: € 19.30  Ajouter à votre commande

Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks & Soloing Concepts #2 - David Barrett

Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks & Soloing Concepts #2 - 

Complete blues harmonica lesson series. Intermediate level. Book and online audio.
The audio that accompanies the book contains nine new jam tracks. These songs range from slow to very fast, and they demonstrate common deviations from the standard 12 bar blues, including one in a minor key. ...

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Ref: 20156  Prix: € 15.20  Ajouter à votre commande

Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks & Soloing Concepts Volume 3 - David Barrett

Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks & Soloing Concepts Volume 3 - 

Harmonica, easy level. Book with online audio.
Blues Harmonica Jam Tracks & Soloing by David Barrett covers a variety of subjects including heads, hooks, bridges, unison playing, harmony playing, instrumental song construction and comping. The jam tracks present songs just as they would ...

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