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A Complete Guide to Learning The Irish Mandolin - Padraig Carrol

A Complete Guide to Learning The Irish Mandolin - 

Mandolin, book and CD. Beginner level.
The mandolin is an integral part of the Irish music scene. This book and CD package is a comprehensive introduction to this exciting instrument. Learn the basics of playing, music reading and a variety of jigs, reels, polkas and more.

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A Guide to Octave Mandolin and Bouzouki - John McGann

A Guide to Octave Mandolin and Bouzouki - 

Mandolin, bouzouki, beginner level. Book and audio online.

Twenty tunes in styles from Irish to American, in a variety of tunings, melody and accompaniment, presented in standard notation and tablature, with a stereo audio download (left channel melody, right channel accompaniment). ...

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A Smokey Mountain Christmas for Mandolin - Steve Kaufman

A Smokey Mountain Christmas for Mandolin - 

This wonderful collection gives the mandolin player a wide variety of material from which to choose. Well-known soloist Steve Kaufman includes beautiful, meaningful carols arranged specifically for mandolin. The book includes both a simple melody edition and an intermediate advanced solo version, ...
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Absolute beginners: Mandolin

Absolute beginners: Mandolin

Mandolin Method, The Absolute Beginners award-winning method has been designed to make learning the Mandolin easier than ever before!
Step-by-step pictures take you from first day exercises to playing your first complete songs. Absolute Beginners Mandolin gives you:
-An ...

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Anthology of Mandolin Music - Bud Orr

Anthology of Mandolin Music - 

Mandoline, TAB, intermediate level.
A master collection of mandolin music in notation and tablature. Contains classical, early country, bluegrass, fiddle tunes, blues, gospel, and ragtime music. A great source book for mandolin repertoire.

After Hours

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Aphorismen - Marlo Strauss

Aphorismen - 

Mandoline Solo.

Titles are:
• Huckleberry Walk
• Traum
• Danza
• Irish Folksong
• Meditation
• Milonga
• Marcia funebre.

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ASAP Bluegrass Mandolin: Learn How to Play the Bluegrass Way - Eddie Collins

ASAP Bluegrass Mandolin: Learn How to Play the Bluegrass Way - 

Mandoline, standard notation and tablature. This book/2-CD pack delivers the meat & potatoes of bluegrass mandolin way beyond just teaching fiddle tunes! Players will discover how to find their way around the neck using common double stops, develop creative back-up skills, play solos to vocal ...
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ASAP Irish Mandolin - Doc Rossi

ASAP Irish Mandolin - 

Mandolin, book and CD. Intermediate / advanced level.
Designed for Mandolin players who want to improve their technique quickly, Doc Rossi's ASAP Irish Mandolin contains a series of tunes that will help you to master the style whilst expanding your repertoire.
Starting with the ...

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Bach For Mandolin - Bach/ Oliver Waitze

Bach For Mandolin - 

Mandoline solo. Standard notation and tablature. 68 pages. LAnguage: German.

Die Mandoline ist ein sehr altes Instrument und als Soloinstrument außerordentlich geschätzt. Der Mandolinen Virtuose Oliver Waitze nimmt diese Tradition auf und bietet uns mit dieser Ausgabe einige ...

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Baroque Music For Mandolin - Robert Bancalari

Baroque Music For Mandolin - 

Mandolin, book with online audio.
A collection of 17th and 18th century music transcribed for solo mandolin with selections from Couperin, Handel, Baltzer, Biber, Reusner, Marais, Gallot, Rameau, Weiss, Torelli, Telemann, Pachelbel and Vivaldi; 25 in all.

All pieces are in standard ...

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Beginning Mandolin - Greg Horne

Beginning Mandolin - 

Mandoline. Book & DVD.
Comprehensive instruction for the serious mandolinist. One of America's leading schools for contemporary music-The National Guitar Workshop-teaches you the concepts, techniques and theory you need to become a virtuoso performer. 96 pages each.

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Bluegrass Breaks - Mandolin - Dix Bruce

Bluegrass Breaks - Mandolin - 

Mandolin, intermediate level. Book with online audio.
This book by Dix Bruce contains a collection of Mandolin solos that span a range of styles and levels of difficulty and are aimed at advanced beginners to intermediate-level players.

Extensive notes are included about the breaks ...

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Celtic Mandolin - Andrew Driscoll

Celtic Mandolin - 

Mandolin, book with online audio.
This book explores Celtic styles for the Mandolin. It is a great addition for musicians looking to begin learning Celtic music or expand their repertoire. Traditional Irish and Scottish music as well as contemporary Celtic compositions are presented. The book ...

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Chords For Mandolin, Irish Banjo, Bazouki, Tenor Mandola, Mandocello - Loesberg

Chords For Mandolin, Irish Banjo, Bazouki, Tenor Mandola, Mandocello - 

Easy chords in all keys, with sections on tunings, capos and chord-relations.
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Classical Mandolin - Joseph Weidlich

Classical Mandolin - 

Mandoline, TAB.
The focus of this book is on American mandolin music that was published circa 1900 during the “Golden Age of the Mandolin” in the United States (1885-1920), referred to by Mark Twain as The Gilded Age. After a brief overview of period mandolin techniques, a variety of ...

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Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition - Shinichi Suzuki Korg Chromatic Tuner CA50 Noligraph Staff Writer Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon
Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised EditionKorg Chromatic Tuner CA50Noligraph Staff WriterBow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon