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  • Catégorie principale: Partitions Musicales
  • Instrument: Percussion
  • Lettre: T
  • Page: 7

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Partitions Musicales

Livres / Théorie

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Cadeaux de musique

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The Sound of Brushes - Ed Thigpen

The Sound of Brushes - 

A step by step guide that develops total mastery of the art of brush playing. This new edition is updated and revised with a section on rock applications plus additional brush stroke techniques. Ed Thigpen's thorough approach includes all patterns shown with full-size diagrams and accompanying ...
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The Studio / Touring Drummer - Kenwood Dennard

The Studio / Touring Drummer - 

Learn the techniques that have made Kenwood Dennard one of the most in-demand drummers around. Sharing knowledge gained from playing with Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Jaco Pastorius, Sting and other giants of jazz, funk and pop, Dennard teaches how to: get the most out of every practice session, ...
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The Techno Primer - Tony Verderosa

The Techno Primer - 

The essentail reference for Loop-Based Music Styles. Drum'n'bass, Electro-breakbeat, Trance, Ambient, Progressive house, Loop remixing and more. Book and CD.
The package includes:
- An enhanced CD with Techno music tracks in a variety of styles as well as video clips and a ...

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The Total Blues Drummer - Scott Bihlman

The Total Blues Drummer - 

Percussion method. The Total Blues Drummer is an exciting journey through the diverse world of blues drumming. It covers many of the styles that make blues drumming so rewarding---from the blues sounds of Chicago, Memphis, and Texas to funky blues, jazz blues, and blues-rock. You'll learn ...
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The Total Jazz Drummer - Jain Sunny

The Total Jazz Drummer - 

The Total Jazz Drummer is an exciting journey through the diverse world of jazz drumming. You start with basic lessons in grip and rhythm and end up playing solos in the styles of Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, "Philly" Joe Jones and Max Roach. This wide-ranging study of jazz drums is for ...
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The Trances - Frank Nuyts

The Trances - 

Percussion quartet. Duration 14'. Score and parts. Dedicated to Prof. Dr. Mark Delaere.

Four Drumsets.

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The True Heartbeat of Hip Hop and R&B - DVD - Kick Snare Hat, erald Heyward, Nisan Stewart, Cora Coman-Dunham, Aaron Spears

The True Heartbeat of Hip Hop and R&B - DVD - 

The heartbeat of hip-hop and R&B comes from the streets. It’s a dream that never dies and a lifestyle that only a few drummers will get to live. From the inner cities to the churches, and from the woodsheds to the arena stages, the drummers that play this music all have a story to tell—and ...
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The Ultimate Beginner Series: Drum Basics: Steps 1 & 2 - Sandy Gennaro, Mike Finkelstein, and Joe Testa

The Ultimate Beginner Series: Drum Basics: Steps 1 & 2 - 

This book & CD package is designed to help aspiring musicians take the first step toward experiencing the fun of playing music, and is packed full of tips, lessons, and practical knowledge. Topics include the drumset, how to hold the sticks, how to play basic beats, note values, song structure ...
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The Ultimate Drumset Reading Anthology - Steve houghton

The Ultimate Drumset Reading Anthology - 

This book is designed to provide the drummer with a diverse collection of real drum charts that are representative of those found in the workplace. Because each chart looks different, it is important to understand the reading format of each specific chart. Performances areas covered are Big Band ...
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The Ultimate Guide to Cymbals - Nick Petrella

The Ultimate Guide to Cymbals - 

The Ulitmate Guide to Cymbals composed by Nick Petrella. For Percussion. Text. Standard notation. 80 pages.
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The UnReel Drum Book - Marc Atkinson, Colaiuta Vinnie

The UnReel Drum Book - 

Musicians and teachers alike will love the analysis, transcriptions, and great music this book offers. The UnReel Drum Book/ contains a detailed and clear analysis of the playing of one of the greatest drumming legends ever, Vinnie Colaiuta. The opening exercises help to build a solid foundation of ...
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The Visual Drumset Method - Matt Adrianson

The Visual Drumset Method - 

Percussion method. Beginners book. The concept behind The Visual Drumset Method is to use pictures instead of normal music notation to illustrate how to play basic drum beats. Practice along with the individual drum beats on the CD, then move on to the song tracks later on the CD, and play any of ...
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The Weaker Side - Dom Famularo/ Stephane Chamberland

The Weaker Side - 

This book addresses the common problem of proportionally unequal abilities between a drummer’s dominant and weaker muscle sets in drumming technique. The strategic exercises are designed to develop the under-used muscles to cultivate a more balanced ability for controlled movement and a fluid and ...
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The Who - Authentic Drums - The Who

The Who - Authentic Drums - 

Take over from Keith Moon and become a member of the British rock modsters The Who!
8 classic songs, transcribed from the original recordings for drums, with drum charts, melody line and chord symbols. A specially recorded sound-alike CD includes stunning backing tracks to play and sing along ...

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The Winner - Mitch Markovich

The Winner - 

Snare Drum Solo, level 4.
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Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Small Spreken en Zingen - Eldar Pop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1 - Jo Mahieu Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon
Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - SmallSpreken en ZingenPop en Jazz Analyse Deel 1Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon