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  • Catégorie principale: Partitions Musicales
  • Instrument: Percussion
  • Lettre: Z
  • Page: 1

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Partitions Musicales

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Z Concerto - Minoru Miki

Z Concerto - 

Percussion Solo.

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Z Concerto - Minoru Miki
Ziggadabuzz - Pro Mark Artists

Ziggadabuzz - 

Percussion, this book of 15 rudimental and concert snare solos is divided in three sections: easy, medium and advanced. Titles are: Stick to It, Go!, Syncho de Mayo, The Matrix, Isle Of The Drum, Flams Buzzes and Other Old Stuff, 7 Flam Tap-a cue, Marillion, Journey, Invision, Kiwi, Ramma Jamma, Rhytmic Incantation, Lancer, Igidibick.
Book and CD.

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ISBN: 978-1-933001-27-2

EAN: 9781933001272

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Ziggadabuzz - Pro Mark Artists
Zoku - James Campell

Zoku - 

A multi-percussion solo, medium level.
Instrumentation: Bongos, 2 medium concert toms, small impact bass drum, cowbell, headless tambourine, jam block, (woodblock), medium suspended cymbal.
Mallets: Yarn mallets, multi-percussion or SD sticks.

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Zoku - James Campell
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