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  • Catégorie principale: Partitions Musicales
  • Instrument: Percussion body
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Partitions Musicales

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Body Beates - Ollie Tunmer

Body Beates - 

An easy and fun guide to the art of body percussion. Book with video online.
Immerse yourself in the world of body percussion with this fun and enganging resource from the Beat Goes On founder Ollie Tunmer. Build confidence, develop coordination, boost your well-being and have loads of fun ...

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Body Percussion - Johan Bodin Eriksson

Body Percussion - 

Four pieces writen for the human body. Stomp your feet, snap your fingers and clap your hands – and the music is right there! Suitable for any ensemble that are willing to try something new, why not as a spectacular encore?

These compositions were written around a simple teaching idea, ...

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Body Percussion: Sounds and Rhythms - Richard Filz

Body Percussion: Sounds and Rhythms - 

A comprehensive training system. Book and DVD.
Body Percussion: Sounds and Rhythms is an innovative, comprehensive folio of practice material for anyone interested in discovering his or her own body as a universal rhythm instrument. Contents include basic sounds, warm-ups, grooves in varying ...

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Bossa Nova Without Instruments - William J. Schinstine

Bossa Nova Without Instruments - 

Body Percussion Series. Features body percussion Quartet.

Great for teaching rhythmic precision and ensemble balance, this popular Latin number issued by Kendor over 35 years ago features knee slapping, finger snapping and hand clapping sounds for four musicians or a larger group of ...

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Clapping Music - Steve Reich

Clapping Music - 

Two players, performing score.
Late in 1971 I composed Clapping Music out of a desire to create a piece of music that would need no instruments at all beyond the human body. At first I thought it would be a phase piece, but this turned out to be rather inappropriate since it introduces a ...

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Groove Games - Ulrich Moritz

Groove Games - 

Rhythm Action Songs and Arrangements for Bodypercussion. Language: English. 140 pages. Code for Video Access included.
Set a clear course with rhythm games and arrangements for body percussion in English in every music and English lesson for children aged 6 or 7 years up to the advanced level. ...

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Kino-Klap - Pascal Zavaro

Kino-Klap - 

Original contemporary work for hands. Grade: intermediate (5) Duration: 1’25’’
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Rock Trap - William J. Schinstine

Rock Trap - 

Body Percussion Series. Features body percussion Quartet. Score and Parts.

Great for teaching rhythmic precision and ensemble balance, this popular rock-style number issued by Kendor over 35 years ago features knee slapping, finger snapping, hand clapping, whistling and vocal sounds for ...

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Têta Clap - Spiesser

Têta Clap - 

4 percussionist and 4 chairs, easy to medium level.
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The Ultimate Body Percussion Workout - Murray Houllif

The Ultimate Body Percussion Workout - 

Body percussion, This new grade 3-4 collection of 8 body percussion quartets teaches basic musical and ensemble skills in a variety of styles - rock, jazz, Latin, flamenco, march, country, hoedown, Gaelic and funky. Useful in band, orchestra, chorus, and general music activities and readily ...
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Vous Avez du Feu? - Emmanuel Séjourné

Vous Avez du Feu? - 

4 performers with 4 lighters. Score. Easy level.
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6 Bagatellen for Body Percussion - Martin Junker

6 Bagatellen for Body Percussion - 

Body Percussion solo, the player should sit on a chair and take care of a good sounding floor (like parquet or a wooden platform). Besides this he should choose clothing with enchances the wiping and rubbing sounds. To perform this piece a small chamber music venue is most fitting to present the ...
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Noligraph Staff Writer Bekende Hits Uit Vlaanderen en Nederland Deel 1 - Ivan Smeulders Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition - Shinichi Suzuki Korg Chromatic Tuner CA50
Noligraph Staff WriterBekende Hits Uit Vlaanderen en Nederland Deel 1Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised EditionKorg Chromatic Tuner CA50