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'Ike Ia Ladana (Queen's Jubilee) - George Winston / Queen Lili'uokalani, Dennis Kamakahi

'Ike Ia Ladana (Queen's Jubilee) - 

Piano solo, 5 pages.
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"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 1 KV 6-9 - Wofgang Amadeus Mozart / Wolf-Dieter Seiffert

"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 1 KV 6-9 - 

Piano solo, urtext edition.
As astonishing as it might sound, Mozart was already composing piano sonatas (K. 6–9) at the age of seven. It is wonderfully fresh and varied music. We have already published Urtext editions of these four sonatas in the version for piano and violin (HN 1077). As ...

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"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 2 K. 10-15 - Wofgang Amadeus Mozart / Wolf-Dieter Seiffert

"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 2 K. 10-15 - 

Piano solo, urtext edition.
In 1764 the eight-year-old Mozart wrote the Sonatas K. 10–15 in London. Leopold Mozart was only able to understand his son’s musical genius in terms of it being a God-given wonder: “That my boy […] knows all of this with his 8 years that could be expected of ...

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"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 3 K. 16-31 - Wofgang Amadeus Mozart / Wolf-Dieter Seiffert

"Wunderkind" Sonatas Volume 3 K. 16-31 - 

Piano solo, urtext edition.
The Six Sonatas for Piano K. 26–31 that can also have a violin accompaniment were composed in The Hague. They were published in 1766 and were dedicated to Princess Caroline von Nassau-Weilburg. These jewels by the “Wunderkind” Mozart have only been known in ...

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... Couple Égyptienne en Route Vers l'Inconnu... - György Kurtág

... Couple Égyptienne en Route Vers l'Inconnu... - 

The two piano pieces were inspired by a statue which can be seen in the Egyptian Collection of the Louvre in Paris. The full-length portrait of the couple holding hands was carved in wood by the unknown master more than 4000 years ago (i.e. between 2350-2200, the time of the VIth ...

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A Bach Book for Harriet Cohen - J.S. Bach/ David Owen Norris

A Bach Book for Harriet Cohen - 

Piano Solo.
Harriet Cohen (1895-1967) studied at the Royal Academy of Music, London, before quickly gaining a reputation as a Bach specialist. She was also strongly associated with British music of the period and was the dedicatee of numerous contemporary works, including the last six pieces ...

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A Century of Piano Music (Grades 1-4) - Richard Deering

A Century of Piano Music (Grades 1-4) - 

33 British Piano Works Of The Twentieth Century, titles are: Thoughtfull (Iain Kendell), Fanfare (Michael Hurd), In Solitude (Felix Swinstead), Jack-Junior (Philip Martin), Jack Tar (Philip Martin), Prelude (Alec Rowly), Fugue (Alec Rowly), Piebald Circus Pony (Felix Swinstead), Quajira (Trevor ...
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A Century of Piano Music: Grades 1-4 - Richard Deering

A Century of Piano Music: Grades 1-4 - 

Piano, easy level.
A Century Of Piano Music contains pieces graded accordingly to difficulty, originally written variously for concert hall, class, festival or home: miniatures and more extended pieces that show off each composer at their best. Every major artistic movement can be discerned in ...

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A Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi

A Charlie Brown Christmas - 

Artist Transcriptions for Piano

Play the memorable “Christmas Time Is Here” and 7 more classics as presented by Vince Guaraldi in this Peanuts™ holiday movie that has been a favorite for generations in note-for-note transcriptions for keyboard. Other songs include: Christmas Is ...

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A Chinese Festival  - An-Lun Huang / Chan, Alaton

A Chinese Festival  - 

Intermediate Piano Solos, titles are: A Song, Great Wall, Mountain, An Old Castle, Wind, Streams Of Yang River, Little Path, Lulu, Pastures, The Southbound Train, Cradle Song, Saibei Dance no.1 "She Huo", Saibei Dance No.3 "Celebration", Sonatina.
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A Classical-Style Service - Faye López

A Classical-Style Service - 

Piano, late intermediate level.
A Classical-Style Service combines favorite hymns with excerpts from beloved masterworks by Classical period composers---Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Clementi. These medleys range from meditative to jubilant and can be used for various types of services. ...

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A Clockwork Orange Theme (Beethoviana) - Walter Carlos, Rachel Elkind

A Clockwork Orange Theme (Beethoviana) - 

Piano solo, 2 pages.
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A Creative Approach to Jazz Piano Harmony - Bill Dobbins

A Creative Approach to Jazz Piano Harmony - 

An approach to unlocking the limitless harmonic possibilities which are unique to the piano. This approach can be developed in a personal manner through a lifetime without ever exhausting the creative possibilities. Of course, it is also applicable to jazz composing and arranging. Recipient of the ...
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A Dance to the Music of Time - Carl Davis

A Dance to the Music of Time - 

Piano solo. Theme from the major Channal 4 series.
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A Different Forest - Hauschka

A Different Forest - 

Piano solo.
Volker Bertelmann aliasHauschka launched himself to the top of the instrumental composers, not least because of his oscar nomination he received for his soundtrack to the movie "Lion". In his latest album "A Different Forest" - released on February 8, 2019 - he ...

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