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C'est L'amour - Tango - Astor Piazzolla

C'est L'amour - Tango - 

Piano Solo.
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Cadences du Concerto No 21 de Mozart K 467 - Marc Monnet

Cadences du Concerto No 21 de Mozart K 467 - 

Piano solo. Intermediate level.
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Camp Rock - Easy Piano - Lovato Demi, Jonas Brothers

Camp Rock - Easy Piano - 

Easy piano solo.
A dozen songs arranged at an easier level from this latest Disney Channel sensation starring the Jonas Brothers and talented newcomer Demi Lovato.

Features four pages of great colour photos from the movie!

2 Stars
Gotta Find You ...

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Can You Imagine Book 1 - Timothy Brown

Can You Imagine Book 1 - 

Piano Solo, early intermediate level. Vivid imaginary adventures that help students develop a colorful approach to learning new literature.

Titles are:
Desert Mirage
Circus Star!
Drums At Night
Jazz Dancer
Castle In The Clouds
Riding The Tail Of A Kite ...

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Can You Imagine Book 2 - Timothy Brown

Can You Imagine Book 2 - 

Piano Solo, intermediate level. The pieces in this collection may be used as starting points to discuss aspects such as mood, style and texture.

Titles are:
Summer Song
The Golden Mountain
Jazz Street
Moonlight On The Lily Pond
Dance Of The Spiders
Calypso ...

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Cancan From Orphee Aux Enfers - Jacques Offenbach/ H.G. Heumann

Cancan From Orphee Aux Enfers - 

PIano Solo, Extrait de 'Orphée aux Enfers', transcription pour piano H.G. Heumann
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Canciones y danzas - Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8 - Federico Mompou

Canciones y danzas - Nos. 5, 6, 7, 8 - 

Piano Solo, intermediate level.
Cancion Y Danza 5
Cancion Y Danza 6
Cancion Y Danza 7
Cancion Y Danza 8.

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Candenzas and Lead-ins for Piano Concertos - Ludwig van Beethoven / Friedhelm Loesti

Candenzas and Lead-ins for Piano Concertos - 

Piano solo, urtext edition.
This volume contains all of Beethoven’s surviving cadenzas and lead-ins for piano concertos: both for his own concertos nos. 1–4, for his piano arrangement of the Violin Concerto op. 61 as well as for Mozart’s Concerto in d minor K. 466. They were in all ...

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Canon and Gigue in D Major - Johann Pachelbel / Jerry Lanning

Canon and Gigue in D Major - 

Piano solo, intermediate level.
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Canon Fantasy - Johann Pachelbel / Lee Galloway

Canon Fantasy - 

Piano solo, intermediate level. Based on Pachelbel's ever-popular Canon, this solo gives the intermediate-level pianist a chance to shine with flowing arpeggiated figures, soaring melodies and full-sounding sonorities.
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Canon In D - Pachelbel / Dan Coates

Canon In D - 

Piano Solo, easy level.
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Canon In D Major - Johann Pachelbel / Fred Kern

Canon In D Major - 

Piano solo, intermediate level. Arranged by Fred Kern.
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Canone Degli Spazi - Roberto Cacciapaglia

Canone Degli Spazi - 

Piano Solo.

Titles are:
Atlantis Garden
Canone degli Spazi
Lux Libera Nos
Michael Angelus Pacis
Universal Dance
Wild Side

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Cantabile: Promenade, Als Donkere Duivels - Hans Aerts, Geert D'hollander

Cantabile: Promenade, Als Donkere Duivels - 

Piano solo, pianowedstrijd voor de jeugd 2006. Promenade (Hans Aerts), Als donkere duivels dansen... (Geert D'hollander).
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Cantique de Jean Racine - Gabriel Fauré / Martin Setchell

Cantique de Jean Racine - 

Piano solo.
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The Original SwirlyGig - Drink Holder 1/2" Noligraph (Pen voor het trekken van notenbalken) K3 Hits - K3 / Studio 100 Pure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large
The Original SwirlyGig - Drink Holder 1/2"Noligraph (Pen voor het trekken van notenbalken)K3 HitsPure Tone: Choir Folder / Choral Folder - Large