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  • Instrument: Piano à quatre mains
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Partitions Musicales

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A Cowboy's Tale - Karl Vanneste

A Cowboy's Tale - 

Piano, 4-handig, boek en CD.
Muzikale wereldreis voor 4-handig piano. De lonesome cowboy trekt er met zijn
trouwe viervoeter op uit en is er vooral op gebrand in alle uithoeken van de wereld
de lokale drankgelegenheid te leren kennen.

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A Little Concert Book 1 - Carse Adam

A Little Concert Book 1 - 

One Piano, Four Hands. Very easy duets for small pianists.

Titles re:
Do, do, L'enfant Do
The BArley Break
Folk Song
J'ai du Bon Tabac
Geluckig Vaderland
Les Cloches
Death and the Lady
Toy Soldiers
Over the Water ...

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A Little Story in Blue - Mathias Rüegg

A Little Story in Blue - 

Piano four hands.
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A Spaniard for Elise - Michael Proksch

A Spaniard for Elise - 

Piano Duet , one piano four hands, titles are: First Advances, BirthdayParty, On the Ocean Floor, In Seventh Heaven, High Spirits, Seine Scene (Pont Neuf), Erik Satie, Surprised by the Fresh Country Air, Gag-Time, Lesor, Breaking Coconuts, Tango Sambo, A Spaniard for Elise. Book with CD, easy to ...
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A Treasure Chest of Duos - Monika Twelsiek

A Treasure Chest of Duos - 

Original works from the Renaissance, Baroque and Modern eras for piano four hands.
‘A Treasure Chest of Duos’ contains original piano duets by classical composers as well as contemporaries.
The earliest works date from the 18th Century and styles range from classical works to pieces from ...

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A Tuneful Duet Album for the First Year - John Thompson Jr.

A Tuneful Duet Album for the First Year - 

Tuneful Duet Album for the First Year (Early Elementary Level). Composed by John Thompson Jr..
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About Love - Steve Anthony (Bart Vermeirsch)

About Love - 

One piano, four hands, 3 nice pianoduets about love, titles are: Love Cocktail, Transient Pleasure, Your Charming Smile. Intermediate level.
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Adante unfin symp - Schubert

Adante unfin symp - 

Arranged for two pianos by Patrick Williams.
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After Hours Duets Book - Pam Wedgwood

After Hours Duets Book - 

Piano duet. Contents: Fascination, Blue yonder, Shop-a-holic!, Nowhere man, Centrepoint, Just another day, Jack the lad.
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Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 BWV 1068 - Johann Sebastian Bach

Air from Orchestral Suite No. 3 BWV 1068 - 

One piano four hands.
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Alfred's Basic Adult Duet Book level 1 - Dennis Alexander

Alfred's Basic Adult Duet Book level 1 - 

One piano four hands, level 1. Contents: Ballad, Dreaming, The entertainer, Hang gliders, Jazz waltz, Mountain melody, Some day, Sonatina in C, Sonatina in F, Spanish intermezzo, Sunset, Toe-taping-rag, Uptown waltz, When the saints go rockin' in!
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Alfred's Basic Adult Duet Book level 2

Alfred's Basic Adult Duet Book level 2

One piano, four hands level two. Contents: Alla rarantella, Autumn serenade, Easy does it!, Maybe baby!, Imagine this, Nocturne, Reverie, Time and space, Waltz in D minor.
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Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Duet Book Level 3 - Dennis Alexander

Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Duet Book Level 3 - 

One piano, four hands, Each duet is arranged for student-teacher (parent or older student) performance. These charming Duet Books increase motivation and add fun to practice time and lessons.
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Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Duet Book Level 3

Alfred's Basic Piano Library: Duet Book Level 3

One piano, four hands,
The motivation this music provides is outstanding! Playing duets is important to the musical growth of young pianists. And with Alfred's Top Hits Duet Books, students get twice as many benefits. In addition to learning how to develop steady rhythm, listen for ...

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Allegro Brillant - Felix Mendelssohn / ed. Maurice Hinson and Allison Nelson

Allegro Brillant - 

One Piano, Four Hands, advanced level.

Felix Mendelssohn's Allegro brillant, Op. 92, for one piano, four hands, was written in 1841 and dedicated to Clara Schumann. The expressive Andante theme alternates between the Secondo and Primo, segueing into the virtuosic Allegro assai ...

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Mighty Bright Duet2: 4 LED Music Light K3 Hits - K3 / Studio 100 The Original SwirlyGig - Drink Holder Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition - Shinichi Suzuki
Mighty Bright Duet2: 4 LED Music LightK3 HitsThe Original SwirlyGig - Drink HolderSuzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition