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  • Catégorie principale: Partitions Musicales
  • Instrument: Piccolo
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Partitions Musicales

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Album for Piccolo and Piano Volume 1 - Trevor Wye

Album for Piccolo and Piano Volume 1 - 

Piccolo with piano, intermediate level.

Titles are:
Le Roitelet (The Wren) (Damare)
The Mocking Bird (Brockett)
L'Oiseau du Bois (Le Thiere)
The Merry Linnett (Moore).

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Album for Piccolo and Piano Volume 2 - Trevor Wye

Album for Piccolo and Piano Volume 2 - 

Piccolo with piano, intermediate level.

Titles are;
Piccaroon (Green)
L'Alouette des Chaps (Le Thierre)
The Deep Blue Sea (Brewer)
The Linnet (Brockett)

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Basic Fingering Chart for Piccolo

Basic Fingering Chart for Piccolo

Fingering chart for piccolo.
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Chinese Dance (from The Nutcracker)  - Tschaikowsky / Christensen

Chinese Dance (from The Nutcracker)  - 

Picollo with piano, grade 5.
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Clowns - Éric Ledeuil

Clowns - 

Piccolo or flute and piano.
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Concertino for Piccolo - Allan Stephenson

Concertino for Piccolo - 

Piccolo and piano, advanced level.
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Dancing on the Barn Opus 439 - Giuseppe Galimberti

Dancing on the Barn Opus 439 - 

Original for flute and piano.
Piccolo part edited by Jean-Louis Beaumadier.
Grade : intermediate (4).
Duration : 4' 17"

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DC - Gary Schocker

DC - 

Piccolo and piano.
DC was commissioned by Nan Raphael (Solo Piccolo, US Army Field Band, ret.) who premiered it in an all-Schocker concert at the 2015 NFA convention in Washington DC, with Schocker at the piano. Schocker’s 3½-minute work is a study on the pitches D and C treated slow, fast, ...

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Diary of a Songbird - Gary Schocker

Diary of a Songbird - 

Piccolo and piano. Score and parts.
A 10-minute sonatine in three movements, Diary of a Songbird was composed for Sarah Jackson to premiere at the 2014 NFA annual convention. Musically inspired by both the "song" and the "bird" qualities of the title’s imagery, the ...

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Eliza Aria - Elena Kats-Chernin

Eliza Aria - 

Piccolo (flute) and piano, easy level.
A short charming vocalise which became a worldwide success on YouTube as music for a promotional video. Originally, the setting comes from the ballet 'Wild Swans Suite'.

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Explorations - James Christensen

Explorations - 

Featuring 5 selections from around the world. For piccolo and piano. Grades 3-5.

Piccolo Italiano (Funiculi, Funicula)
Piccol-Olé (Mexican hat dance)
Piccolo Americana (Traditional)
Piccol O'Reilly
Picolo Française

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Flautino Concerto in C Major RV 443 Op. 44 No. 2 - Antonio Vivaldi

Flautino Concerto in C Major RV 443 Op. 44 No. 2 - 

Piccolo (Also suitable for the Sopranino Recorder or Flute) with piano, Urtext edition.
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For Piccolo - Jean-Michel Damase

For Piccolo - 

Original contemporary work for piccolo and piano.
Commissioned by the National Flute Association, Inc.
Premiered on August 12, 2011 at Charlotte, North Carolina, by Jean-Louis Beaumadier.
Grade: advanced (8)
Duration: 6’30’’

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Hillsongs - Six Appalachian Vignettes - Gary Schoker

Hillsongs - Six Appalachian Vignettes - 

Piccolo and piano.
This compilation contains delightful settings of songs from the Appalachian folk tradition, balancing simple charm with the composer’s fresh imagination, creating a unique collection in the piccolo repertory. For advanced players.

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Im Memoriam C.D.H. - Martin Amlin

Im Memoriam C.D.H. - 

Piccolo and piano.
Carl David Hall was piccoloist of the Atlanta Symphony for 32 years and a dear friend to all his colleagues. In 1999, the NFA commissioned Martin Amlin to compose a piccolo concerto for Carl to premiere at their annual convention. Today, Amlin remembers Carl Hall with this ...

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Noligraph Staff Writer Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon Bekende Hits Uit Vlaanderen en Nederland Deel 1 - Ivan Smeulders Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition - Shinichi Suzuki
Noligraph Staff WriterBow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbonBekende Hits Uit Vlaanderen en Nederland Deel 1Suzuki Violin School Volume 8 - Revised Edition