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"Mobile" Movements on a Theme - Hans Ulrich Staeps

"Mobile" Movements on a Theme - 

Soprano (Descant ) Recorder and piano. Easy level.
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A Banyának Három Lába... - Hungarian Folk Songs  - Daroci Bardos

A Banyának Három Lába... - Hungarian Folk Songs  - 

Soprano Recorder and Piano. This publication contains Hungarian folk song arrangements; these pieces intended for music school students can be performed separately or may be grouped together in selections of variable size.The soprano recorder may be replaced by a clarinet, an oboe or perhaps a ...
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A Baroque Ornamentation Tutor for Recorder - Janos Bali

A Baroque Ornamentation Tutor for Recorder - 

Recorder and piano. 112 pages.
The author of this volume, the outstanding Hungarian baroque flute and recorder player János Bali, has undertaken no less than to provide a guide for bewildered recorder players, teachers and students, amateurs and professional musicians alike faced with the ...

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A Christmas World - Ronald J. Autenrieth

A Christmas World - 

Recorder Ensemble (SATB), A Christmas journey around the world. Score and parts.
Titles are:
Italien: Canzone det Pifferari
Schweiz: Dorma, dorma, o Bambin
Österreich: Licht in der Nacht
Deutschland: Lieb Nachtigall, wach auf
Spanien: Zumbale, Zumbale al ...

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A Connemara Ceily - Ronald J Autenrieth

A Connemara Ceily - 

Soprano (Descant) recorder with piano.

Miss McLeod's Reel,
The Star Of The Country Down
Haste To The Wedding.

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A Day in the Country for descant recorder - Ridout, Alan

A Day in the Country for descant recorder - 

Descant (Soprano) recorder and piano, titles are: Starting out for a walk, Lingering by the wayside, Up and down hill, Whistling to the sky, Strolling through the woods, Stepping out along the road, Resting by a lake, Crossing a bridge, Exploring a stream, Running round a field, Lazing in the Sun, ...
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A Purcell Collection for Recorder Consort - Henry Purcell/ Arnold Reed

A Purcell Collection for Recorder Consort - 

Fifty Solos, Duets, Trios and Quartets for recorders. Score.

Contents: Solos: Love has a thousand ways • Trumpet Tune from King Arthur • Hornpipe from Lessons and Pieces • Minuet from Lessons and Pieces • 'Tis not my passion makes my care • Take not a woman's anger ...

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A Selection of 100 English Folk Dance Airs - Maude Karpeles/ Kenworthy Schofield

A Selection of 100 English Folk Dance Airs - 

Recorder solo. A Selection of 100 English Folk Dance Airs edited by Maude Karpeles and Kenworthy Schofield. For recorder. Recorder - Soprano or Tenor Recorder Solo.
Ca. 22 x 15 cm.

Apley House
Askham Richard Sword Dance
Bacca Pipes jig
The Banks of ...

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A Set of English Pieces - Dolmetsch

A Set of English Pieces - 

For Bass or Treble Recorder and Piano, titles are: Nowells Galliard, Tower Hill, Spagnoletta, Fortune My Foe, The Lord Zouche's Masque, Wolsey's Wilde, Wooddy Cock.
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A Solo Book for Treble Recorder - Barbara Hintermeier

A Solo Book for Treble Recorder - 

175 Solo pieces from eight countries. Treble recorder. Easy to intermediate level.
A huge collection of solo pieces from the 14th-21st centuries. With a wide range of styles and moods, this volume has something for everyone. The pieces are all at a moderate level of difficulty and are ...

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A Third Set Of Theatre Tunes - Henry Purcell

A Third Set Of Theatre Tunes - 

Soprano (Descant) Recorder with Piano. Intermediate level.

Titles are:
The Married Beau: March in G major 
Bonduca: Air in D minor 
The Double Dealer: Hornpipe in F major -The Double Dealer: Air in G minor
The Gordion Knot Unty'd: Air in D major
The ...

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A Treasure Chest of Duos - Flute - Gefion Landgraf

A Treasure Chest of Duos - Flute - 

Original works from the Renaissance, Baroque and Modern eras. Two Flutes.
Anybody who opens this 'treasure chest for duos' will enjoy valuable gems of the literature for two treble recorders. This volume contains original compositions from the Renaissance, Baroque and modern eras. ...

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Abracadabra Recorder - Book 1 - Roger Bush

Abracadabra Recorder - Book 1 - 

Recorder method.
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Abracadabra Recorder - Book 2 - Roger Bush

Abracadabra Recorder - Book 2 - 

Recorder method.
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Abracadabra Recorder - Book 3 - Roger Bush

Abracadabra Recorder - Book 3 - 

Recorder method.
26 graded songs and tunes.

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Spreken en Zingen - Eldar Mighty Bright Duet2: 4 LED Music Light Bow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbon Noligraph Staff Writer
Spreken en ZingenMighty Bright Duet2: 4 LED Music LightBow Brand Harp Snaren - speciale bestelbonNoligraph Staff Writer