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  • Catégorie principale: Partitions Musicales
  • Instrument: Saxophone soprano
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Partitions Musicales

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Adagio - Heinrich Baermann / David Hite

Adagio - 

Soprano Saxophone and piano, intermediate level.
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Airs - Philippe Leroux

Airs - 

Original contemporary work for soprano saxphone and percussions (marimba and vibraphone).
Duration: 11'

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Allegrasco - Gavin Bryars

Allegrasco - 

Soprano Saxophone or Clarinet Bb with piano, this wonderfully expressive piece for clarinet or saxophone with piano requires good control and a large variety of sounds of both performers, advanced level.
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As Light as Bird from Brier - Mendelssohn / Dan Welcher

As Light as Bird from Brier - 

Soprano saxophone in Bb and piano. Fantasy after Mendelssohn.
Dan Welcher’s fascinating work for soprano sax is both a refraction of Mendelssohn’s music for A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and his own incidental music to Shakespeare’s comedy. The work’s title, As Light As Bird From ...

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Ballade En Forme De Coeur - Philippe Geiss

Ballade En Forme De Coeur - 

Soprano Saxophone and piano. Easy level.
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Bigger Swop - Sopraan- of Tenorsaxofoon - Fons van Gorp

Bigger Swop - Sopraan- of Tenorsaxofoon - 

Boek met CD, gemiddeld niveau.
Na het overweldigende succes van Big Swop is hier Bigger Swop: een uitgave met lichte muziek in dezelfde – steeds wat oplopende – moeilijkheidsgraad. Verschillende stijlen komen weer aan bod, zoals R&B, bossanova, swing en latin rock. Met de live ...

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Breathless - Kenny G

Breathless - 

Complete score songbook (includes separate pull-out saxophone part). Full score notation, chord names and drum notation.

Titles are:
Alone Soprano Saxophone
By The Time This Night Is Over Soprano Saxophone
End Of The Night Tenor Saxophone
Even If My Heart Would Break ...

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Cantilène Pastoral Op. 15 - Alexandre Guilmant/ Manfred Wordtmann

Cantilène Pastoral Op. 15 - 

Soprano Saxophone (also suitable for alto Saxophone) with Organ.
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Caprice - Soprane or Tenor Sax and Piano - Karel De Schrijver

Caprice - Soprane or Tenor Sax and Piano - 

For soprano- or tenor saxophone and piano. Intermediate level.
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Caprice Op. 80 / Fantaisies Op. 89 et 102 - Jean-Batiste Singelée

Caprice Op. 80 / Fantaisies Op. 89 et 102 - 

Soprano saxophone and piano, intermediate to advanced level.
Titles are:
Caprice Op.80
Fantaise Op. 89
Fantaise Op. 102.

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Coltrane For Solo Saxophone - Dave Heath

Coltrane For Solo Saxophone - 

Stunning jazz-influenced work for solo Soprano Saxophone. Coltrane was written in 1981 and is a musical tribute to John Coltrane. The first half is blues-based while the second half is rhythmically and harmonically influenced by North Indian music.
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Conca Reatina - Ruban de Möbius - Philippe Leroux

Conca Reatina - Ruban de Möbius - 

Original contemporary work for soprano saxophone.
Total duration: about 14' 

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Concertino for Soprano Sax - Paul Harvey

Concertino for Soprano Sax - 

Soprano saxophone and piano.
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Concerto en Do Mineur - Benedetto Marcello

Concerto en Do Mineur - 

Original for oboe and orchestra.
For soprano saxophone and piano.
Arrangement: Daniel Gremelle.
Grade: advanced (8).
Duration: 11' 05''

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Concerto en La Mineur - Vivaldi / Kynaston

Concerto en La Mineur - 

Soprane saxophone (or clarinet SiB) and piano.
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